When I walk into a CVS Pharmacy and see the Enquire headline stating- “Scalia Murdered” and know it is true, but hear nothing of the same from my TV so-called news….I know there is no more thing called journalism and reporting the accurate news and especially not a thing called unbiased.

Think what you want.  Do and say what you will….the citizens of America know the difference and they are ANGRY AS HELL ABOUT ALL THE LIES.

YES THEY ARE.  So belittle all you want, lie all you desire….the people are awake and they are taking their country back.  You watch.  They know the lies, the games, the propaganda and the hell you want  us to swallow.  We are choking on it and coughing you all up!

One wad at a time you are no longer in our bellies to digest.  You are spewed out in broad daylight for all to see!   LOOK AMERICA LOOK – SEE WHO AND WHAT IT IS THAT IS DESTROYING YOU! LOOK AND SEE!

Dianne Marshall




  1. doubledenvy says:

    I heard Alex Jones interview Hagman , of Hagman & Hagman/ Northeast Journal. That his sources tell him that Scalia was probably murdered and their is a back channel investigation ongoing. But , he also revealed to watch for a another Supreme Court Justice to be retired ( for health- Ginsberg) allowing Obama to announce / propose 2 nominees ; And Ryan/McConnell to go forward because of Constitutional Crisis. Hmmm. Takes Congress focus off Clinton, once again mis-direction. Hopefully, people realize Donald J Trump is our only way of saving this country , when appoints bulldog Christie to prosecute these traitors. Trump2016

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    1. Yeah , I saw it. The travesty (and I am not defending Duke) , but the liberal media took out of context. Dukes whole spiel was not a endorsement , but basically explaining why Trump was the best of the candidates running, which is true. Duke has a program on Rense , and I heard this episode , and was taken completely out of context. That being said , the word Conservative has been hijacked by the GOPe , because , what have we had 11 / 12 debates and has there been a question about T.P..P and it’s previous incarnation T.P.A. , or in other words ObamaTrade , that answer would be “NO”. There is nothing conservative about unfair trade , there is nothing conservative about not looking after what is best for American workers. There is nothing conservative about shipping American jobs overseas. There is nothing conservative about open borders and amnesty for 11 to 30 million people who have come into this country illegally or overstayed their visas. I have a question for Rafael Cruz , what was the reason for being at the border with Beck and handing out teddybears and soccer balls , just wondering ? Donald J Trump , don’t change , “Let Trump Be Trump” and let the GOPe wallow in their conservative mud puddle , because they are being exposed everyday for being the frauds they are. Fox and friends hijacked the Teaparty , as did Beck and Levin , they would be nothing without “We The People” , they have been exposed. And they will find out , as more and more “We The People Tune Out”. There is a “Day Of Reckoning” coming and that pendulum is going to wallop those not on the TRUMP TRAIN hard. You are part of the solution or the problem , time to choose. TRUMP2016

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    The murders & so-called accidents and deaths keep rising don’t they? The circumstances surrounding this death are very troubling considering all that is involved and the people surrounding this event.

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