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This was not a debate.  This was a reality show for Fox.  Let’s see now…show us the next slide please….Trump what do you have to say now?  Now show us the other slide please… Trump what do you have to say about Exhibit A?  What the heck was that about?

What I would like to see is exhibit A on Rubio and Cruz’s eligibility.  And a few on their records and lies.  Meanwhile…let’s open the remarks for the debate with Romney and his coordinated effort to trash Trump.  While we are at it…let’s show some anti-Trump attack ads from Kasich.  What the heck does any of that have to do with being president?

They all have the same establishment donors and advisors so – that’s all I need to know.  They will carry on more of the same and worse.



Dianne Marshall



  1. At the end of the debate ( “FULL FOX NEWS REPUBLICAN DEBATE PART 16 – CLOSING STATEMENTS GOP DEBATE 3-3-2016 HQ”) the candidates were asked if they would support Trump if he was the nominee. CRUZ SHOWED HIMSELF TO BE THE WORST SNAKE. Cruz answered “Yes because I gave my word that I would …” With that intro he signaled to all of his supporters if they did not give their word they need not support Trump. Kasich said yes but had the nerve to say he thinks he will be the nominee. [I guess Kasich believes via a brokered convention.] At least Rubio gave substantive reason to support Trump. Trump indicated whoever is the nominee he would support (Does Trump’s answer include even if he would get the most delegates or any delegates would dishonor their pledge? I hope not. This is more than about Mr. Trump; this is about We the People – We the People want Trump.)

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  2. Shela says:

    I am probably like the rest of the Donald Trump supporters. Now I don’t cuss but sometimes you just gotta say something. “I started out at about 11:30 a.m this morning pissed off as all get out! The nerve of Mittens Romney. Somebody Trump endorsed, gave lots of money to, supported, had 2 fundraiser for. Plus who knows what all he allowed the RNC (pay him I’m sure) for who would ruin his name and reputation with honest hard working Americans for nothing? Because for sure unless they give him a unelected position he will never hold another elected office again. Who would do that to anybody that had helped you as Donald Trump helped him? Who I ask you? A low-down-dirty-rotten-yellow-belly-scoundrel. I can’t think of enough adjective, verbs or nouns to decribe such a Judas. Betrayed him for money. These people must have a lot of prison time evil they are trying to keep hid. They have turned into worse than mad-scientists evil personified. Then the Debate? Was no debate for every question attacked Donald! Video clips! Where were the clips on the others. What about the sex tapes scandal on Mittens? I didn’t see it but husband said Rubio foam boy slipped something out of his pocket into his mouth again. And Cruz talked about giving his good word. The biggest lying person besides Rubio on the stage. So there gonna try to go with promoting John Governer of Ohio it looks like now. No matter what their gonna do their best to try to steal it away from Donald Trump! …. And then I read where Donald had the gall to speak of his penis. Excuse me but I believe Rubio foam boy started that. I kept sitting here saying with each cut/ each dig oh Donald don’t get mad, don’t answer, look at them like the idiots they are. But he couldn’t help but respond. In truth I would have also. In truth he probably handled himself better than I would have. ….
    Folks, I believe I’d probably say I’m not spending my hard earned money to get treated with absolutely no respect. But I’m glad Donald ain’t built like me inside.

    He’s up against the most wicked powerful me. Probably this side of hell. He needs our daily prayers. Oh Lord protect Donald and his family. Reveal every evil person involved and expose them to the world. Father God reveal Rubio, Cruz, Kasch. Father these men are not being vetted as Trump is. Lord lay it upon someone who can get through to the channels to vett them b/c people as evil as they are have lots & lots of dirty laundry.
    Well folks I’ve vented and typed out my rage. Thank you for allowing me to get my blood pressure down a few points. Blessings In Christ Jesus
    And Lord sorry for the bad word and the lots of almost bad words! Oh yeah Lord, I can handle it if we lose. I just want it to be a fair loss.

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  3. Shela – a fair loss – what’s your definition of fair? Also, I suggest that you please read General George S. Patton’s speech –'s_speech_to_the_Third_Army

    May G-d please bless and protect our Donald Trump. Please G-d let Trump win; I don’t want to be in a cattle car – maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit but don’t forget the IRS under Obama was used against us and the establishment let it happen.

    SATAN IS APPARENTLY AT WORK: “Draft Speaker Ryan PAC files with FEC” –

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  4. phil fan says:

    Reposted from Conservative Tree House:

    Trump certainly wins the sympathy vote as SD notes above. That must be the reason he goes to these brawls/charades = to show his toughness and leadership abilities. But I and many others feel bad for him. Millions will be impressed. Following the Romney smear and tonight’s carnival many will go to the Trump Train in sympathy if nothing else. Trump unlike Cruz and Rubio gives no reasons to avoid him. Once you accept his NY Tough exterior he is a very appealing candidate. And as the attacks continue people will be seeing that we NEED his toughness.

    But do we need this spectacle? Is Trump trying to teach us how corrupt the MSM and the political process is? If so I’m convinced

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  5.; At approximately 5:15 of (“FULL INTERVIEW DONALD TRUMP TALKS TO BILL O’REILLY POST FOX NEWS GOP DEBATE 3-3-2016”) Trump came close to indicating not running as an independent – even if shafted at the convention. It’s noteworthy that Sarah Palin made it clear that We the People must help Trump in two recent posts ( : ) But what can we do? I just keep hoping Trump will spend more money in advertising to counter the lies. The circus that describes this debate is an attempt to take away from the seriousness and truth of what’s at stake. The establishment is trying to stop Trump from getting enough delegates and using a brokered convention to get an establishment RINO – as clearly indicated from Romney.


  6. Paula Himmelwright says:

    I am very proud of Trump for not punching Cruz in the face for saying I know its hard Trump but breathe breathe. Hold your ground Trump do not give in to their insults, stay focused on what you can do to America an we the people. Ignore their insults, point out to the people that we know what they are trying to do but we are not stupid to fall for it and in return answer the question with what you will do for the country. The calmer you get the more foolish they look. You go Trump, stay the course we can see right through their bullsit. They are not giving we the people enough credit for knowing bullshit when we see it.

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  7. Shela says:

    Something is beginning not to feel right. I almost feel sinful for suggesting but come on Fox new I can’t stand but their not just plum dumb. Megyn Kelly knew she would get caught in that University lie. Trump tried to tell her even gave her paperwork proving it was a upgrade error. Nobody especially Megyn likes to be made a fool of. Then Romney knew what he said would be fact checked. The attacking Donald last night. It was no debate. The unfair questions. Ted knew he would get caught lying again, Rubio every time he cut Trump he gave a shit eating grin to his doners and pulled out a pocket pill. I even commented to my husband how calm Donald was talking to Bill ORilly after the debate. Megyn, Cruz, Rubio knew it would be all over social media they were lying this morning. Even the previous debate with WH Bush Sr. Caught on camera doing the hand slice off head motion to Trump. Come on with several hundred phones in that room of course he would be got on camera.
    Now this all is begin to feel staged! Tell me I’m wrong. I mean come on a Putin commercial against Trump played at a debate. This ain’t debating. What is going on? Are we being played for fools again like the Obama election?

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  8. Shela says:

    The build up started about 11:30 with the Mittens Romney show. Now Americans are good and spit-firing-mad. Now we have muttered, mumbled, stewed all day to get hit with that joke of a debate. I ask you praying people. Will you pray with me. Rubio, Cruz, Megyn might not mind being played for a fool but I do. You see this is a country we served 25 yrs. proudly I might add. I saw NOTHING that made me proud of the USA last night. I have children, grandchildren and one day great grandchildren that live in the USA. It is no Dam joke to me. We have had 7 years of a joke that has nearly destroyed us. If the players are not serious then get them off the stage. If I want to be entertained I’ll watched The Big Bang Theory.
    What do you praying people think after a day to seek the Lord?


  9. Shela says:

    I didn’t say who lost or won. That was not my issue. I saw lying from Cruz. I saw pill popping again from Rubio, I saw a commercial with Putin In It, I saw film clips. For goodness sakes maybe I’m behind on what a debate is about. A persons platforms on issues. How they think on foreign policy? Ect…I saw attack dogs. God this nations in trouble. Do the moderates ask questions then argue with the one being ask as though we care about their opinion? Ask a question follow up a question if needed but they all jeared, was disrespectful, little children. I said ALL…
    Not win or lose. Nobody won that mess!


  10. I fully agree with this article. However there were also two lies in the so-called trash Trump Faux News show…One was that the Chamber of Commerce ever gave a D minus to Trump University, they didn’t, and there was another one that was very important, and now I can’t find it and need it for an article…grrrrr, anyone remember?


  11. Shela says:

    Robert Plichman, I am a Donald Trump supporter warts and all. Everyone has a wart or two. I am angry. The debate day as I said started out stressful with mittens news conference. Then I had prayed the debate fighting would stop. You see I’m concerned & with good reason. Now this is the truth. Some people are entertained by what is taking place but many republicans are conservative in every sence of the word. .There is a time for heated debates and discussion on the debate stage but as many conservatives feel this fussing, fighting, bullying and name calling if childish. My very on husband a Trump supporters because of the issues he’s running on voted for him Super Tuesday. He doesn’t like his personality but he’s from New York were from deep South so his brashness it different than were used to. He and I agree we are not seeking a buddy/friend were seeking a president. To make a long story short Donald Trump lost my husbands vote 3/3/16 now Cruz nor Rubio got it, Karach (can’t even spell his name) he got his vote. He called the others the three stooges. None of them are fit to be president his opinion. Then he went to bed before it was over. No it is not all Trumps fault. Because of his personality it is easy to bait him and everyone including the moderators are in on it. It is also that very personality that will make him a good president. To late, his mind is set. He’s had enough. That is my anger and concern. I’m sure Trump didn’t just lose my husbands vote either. No matter how much I tell him Karach issues we don’t agree with he says well at least he can talk with sence. Those other three are idiots. Trumps issues are forgotten. All that’s remembered is his behavior.
    So there you have it. I am concerned for Trump and we all know you got to let Trump be Trump. So forgive my venting. I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch anymore. I’ll pray a lot though.


  12. Shela says:

    And Sarah Palin. I read Sarah’s books the establishment was throwing law suites on her left and right. She was winning or they were getting thrown out of court. But still she had to pay all these lawyers fees. When the establishment started throwing all these law suites on her staff she had no choice but to resign. Her staff could not afford all the lawyer fees and court costs. They forced her out!
    I tried to Kindly explain to Bill Mitchell that the fussing, fighting, bullying, name calling could lose some of the very conservative voter. Maybe Trump could stop. I’m so sorry I said anything about it. One of those things you really want to help but he suggested they were really Cruz supporters to start with. In my husbands case he voted for Trump Super Tuesday & has changed to that Kiach man. Well sometimes you feel like you just need to try. Touché’ subject. Lord help us all You Father know my heart!


  13. Shela says:

    I was just reading the political update on The Last Refuge. It appears that Rubio is doing exactly the plan that Murdock of Fox News has planed out. He is using Rubio probably Cruz also to do to Donald Trump exactly what they did to him in the debate. Object destroy Trumps credibility and any other damaging thing that can be done to his character . Then as of now the plan is to bring Romney In as a candidate. Don’t feel sorry for Rubio he’s being paid very good. …….
    I don’t think if I were Donald Trump I’d do anymore Fox debates. Chris Wallace , Megyn Kelly, there were two other anchor people in the meeting. You know folks I’m sick of debates . Do more commercial or Town Hall events. Skip these debates to try to take Donald a Trump down. Set-ups

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