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Trump slam dunks Super Tuesday and the loser Cruz goes on the news acting like he is the winner?  He seems to be the only one that still believes his cheating fiasco in Iowa made him a clear winner against Trump.  He also believes that winning three states  on super Tuesday makes him the one that can win the election?    Does anyone else’s head hurt on that one?

When dealing with establishment elite who have found their puppets are falling off their hands …you will notice that things get very sloppy as they bring out their old puppets like the Romney one. It is then that the people go….that is just an old sock!  An old sock indeed, for even one of the button eyes is missing and the other is hanging by a thread.  Yet, the puppet masters keep making the hand motions and the supposed mouth keeps flapping.  All the while the people shout – “IT’S JUST AN OLD SOCK!”


Dianne Marshall


  1. More validation regarding the horrific strategy of the establishment: 4:42 (of – Romney’s speech against Trump March 3, 2016) “Frankly the only serious policy proposals that deal with the broad range of national challenges we confront today come from Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich. One of these men should be our nominee” … [5:09 of ] “but the rules of political history have pretty much all been shredded during this campaign. If the other candidates can find some find some common ground I believe we can nominate a person who can win the general election and who will represent the values and policies of conservatism. Given the current delegate selection process that means I would vote for Marco Rubio in Florida and for John Kasich in Ohio and for Ted Cruz and whichever one of the other two contenders has the best chance of beating Mr. Trump in a given state.” THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR against Donald Trump and We the People who support him with a strategy to deny Trump the nomination via a BROKERED CONVENTION. More importantly SUPPORTERS OF CRUZ, RUBIO, AND KASICH MUST REALIZE (FROM ROMNEY’S SPEECH) THAT THEIR VOTE IS CLEARLY BECOMING LESS AND LESS AN AFFIRMATIVE VOTE – AND MORE AND MORE JUST A SPOILER – A VOTE TO NOMINATE A PERSON ‘X’ – ‘X’ BEING NOT TRUMP – and they have the blatant hypocrisy to relentlessly slander our hero and hope as a con etc. Also this is further indication that CRUZ (PURPORTEDLY DESPISED BY THE POLITICAL CLASS) IS ALSO PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT. This is all out war!!! Trump needs to invest in more advertising to counter the lies to get enough delegates to win on the first ballot – 1 delegate more than 50% (Note: Currently, Trump is reportedly under 50%). WE NEED MORE LANDSLIDES in proportional states and WINS in winner take all states. Also my recollection is that Roger Stone said that given the bias Trump needs to actually win 54% of the delegates. Donald Trump in his speech ( – “Donald Trump Rally in Portland, ME (3-3-16)”) seems to have indicated that Romney wants the nomination. There also should be consequences for any power / puppet that went over the line such as Ben Sasse, et al. Also: Trump you are right in your speech today – for now never mind the ‘presidential’ – ‘hit them hard’ – too much ‘incoming’! Also from Romney’s speech it seems the establishment including the Republican establishment would prefer Hillary over Trump. The traitors must be held accountable.

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  2. Anna says:

    Trump has been chosen by the people of USA! Not the media or the establishment or the big money players. He talks to the people and listens and we all want to here his message of hope and strength. The world will be a better place when all countries work out their own economy, globalization isn’t working every country wants to keep their own culture and identity.

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  3. Billy S DuBose says:

    Yea Trump! The only phonies are the ones attacking!We must stand in steadfast character as an “American Citizen” Populous, and not let this propaganda that is being hurled at “our” only Representative , in this race, stick! It is an all out war on the average American Citizen. Not Just Trump! DC, obviously intends to continue the same policies , that only acknowledge immigrants, while ignoring American Citizens….Military Superiority…..Veterans……and American Sr.s. They obviously are trying to keep us lowly Americans as their new “slave class”, with heavy taxes, and no representation. We can not stand , as an independent Nation, if we fail, in this task. The fact that Trump would even consider stepping forward to save this Nation, is a MARVEL , in itself. He has to be a brave soul to face war on all fronts, knowing he is putting his life in such danger. I do not know what all DC is hiding, but it must be even a heck of a lot more than even we feared. In my opinion,we need Trump, even more than we thought…….if only to find out what all is really going on. We know Donald Trump will bring back businesses and monies to America, that will offer new jobs for our nation., and get it back on sound footing…..and that Trump will take measures to protect this Nation, inside and out. He is the only one looking after Citizens……..What is not to love about Donald Trump.?! With Trump’s vast Billions as testimony of his experience in negotiating agreements, treaties and trade agreements are sure to improve in America’s favor. I have a feeling the reason America is loosing hundreds of billions ,now, in trade, is due to pay offs in personal accounts. All of the corruption will be over……that is what is scaring DC……..that, and getting found out as being corrupt. We have not a thing to loose with Trump……We, the American people, have everything in the world , to gain. We must remain steadfast in our resolve. ……..We must gather even more tightly, around our Candidate , and reach out to other Patriots to join us in this historic moment. It is a moment that , “We The People” will look back on for decades , possibly Centuries, as the moment , We either lost or saved our American Independence! Go Trump! Go Americans!

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  4. Brenda Stacey Lundberg Casella says:

    TRUMP IS WHO I HAVE VOTED FOR SINCE DAY 1′ How Obama has gotten away with all t hat he has, and Hillary should not err Ben be allowed to Run for president. We are all behind Donald. I have been posting for him, and defending him ever since day one. Romney today as well. I worked and raised my girls, and bought our own home. I ended up living in a rv trailer, and Medicare and the new treatment is unacceptable. The rules, a nd changes are awful for . People in pain, and many are going without because of what t hey have turned our Dr. And neurosurgeons who say you need three spinal cord operations and at each a different time. But you cannot get pain medication anymore. Many err elderly people are in the Same scenario. Mine is the neck, and two on my back. My mom had the same thing only just her neck and was paralyzed when I was 17′ I am not having the surgery, the pain is hard e enough, if it is worse when they are done. I am not going to take the chance. These politicians don’t have to deal with these changes because of who they are. AMERICA NEEDS DONALD TRUMP WITH GOD WALKING WITH HIM IN THIS GOVERNMENT GAME THEY HAVE BEEN PLAYING.

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  5. Mark Lindkvist says:

    No Matter What!!!

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  6. The GOP just sent their hail Mary pass and lost the game. Now everybody knows the GOP is full of RINOS and ill be stoped at all cost. I have not seen one item on Trumps campaign that I am against and will vote for him even if he turns into an Independant… He is our last best chance to sraighten out beyond the beltway… Go TRUMP 2016 and 2020…


  7. Ronomundo says:

    Cruz must have had poor grades in math. He should be sent back to college and when his math gets better, he can try out for president again.


  8. Jeffrey Neva, says:

    Donald Trump you have my vote,Thank you for being tough enough to stand up to those liers in your own establishment
    you will uncover what D.C. is hiding ,Donald Trump President 2016-2020 American let us stand up and show
    the establishment just how much we want Trump Not Hillary for President


  9. paul whilden jr. says:

    ok!!! all you ( not so intelligent people) that women in atlantic city who held out to sell her house to Donald T.. I would loved to have gotten the the money she held out for!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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