Donald Trump

What the establishment underestimates is the silent majority.  This time around we see the fraud and yell out FRAUD as it happens!  This time around we see the lies and yell back liar!  This time around we know the establishment is pushing crap at us and we are throwing it back where it came from!  This time it isn’t politics  as usual and the silent majority isn’t going to sit down and behave as they play their dirty political war!

This is definitely not a case of FAIRNESS – the world has taken note of the breech of contract the GOP has prominently displayed.  TRUMP will win be it by the way it is supposed to be won….or by an independent run!

THE GOP PARTY IS OVER!  They have been exposed as the frauds they are.  There is only an establishment elite owned group of pawns.

The people are the rest of the chess pieces and we are in it to win!

Donald Trump is our next president!

Dianne Marshall



  1. Take it to convention and if they jack with us , then whatever , you get the government you vote in. In the meanwhile I am unpacking my new Tactical 556 , 18 in. super light. Makes me proud to be an American.

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    1. phil fan says:

      Double I think there is going to be a Yuuuge rally in CLE during the July GOP convention. The way games are being played by the E against our front runner Donald Trump this idea seems to be spreading. We want a fair shake for our man. Thousands gathering outside the Quicken Loans Center will help reason to prevail I think.

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  2. Gerald Fata says:

    I’m a strong supporter of Trump the establishment our corrupt to the core if it was there boy Rubio they would be backing him now it’s time we take our Country back


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