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A new low for American politics.  The GOP knows that Rubio and Cruz are toast.  They can’t push their ineligible noodles up  the ladder.  So they have Romney come out and slam the frontrunner?  The world watches as he stands there stiff as a board, reading from a teleprompter like a mechanical robot from the left to the right- all the same lies and rhetoric the cabana boys have unsuccessfully shouted with the liar media.

It was shameful and only served to anger the people who are tired of the games, the lies, the absolute scam that is taking place in this so- called  fair election.  Will the GOP ever learn that the people are watching and they don’t like what they are seeing? No.  To them this is all about their progress and the world they are molding.  The little people and their idea of a constitution with a bill of rights are simply in the way.

It is obvious beyond any shadow of a doubt, the establishment elite have grown fearfully weary of the peoples idea that they have the power to elect their own president.

Stand strong America…Donald J. Trump and the will of the people are in the battle of the century.  All things are being exposed for what they are, and all things based on a lie are on display for the world to see.

Stand by Trump – do not be shaken by the games.  The establishment is desperate to have their way.  America is winning!  One state at a time!

Dianne Marshall



  1. Steven Young says:

    I haven’t heard what Romney said during his press conference but I heard on the radio that he bashed Donald Trump, hard. So, I really can not respond to what he said, but I am really disappointed that the GOP would allow him to hold a press conference for the primary purpose of negatively attacking the frontrunner for the party. Does the GOP not realize that Trump’s view points align with how today’s conservative feels and do not want the same business as usual, political establishment candidates, and Romney is one of those establishment representative. Why is the GOP so dead set on tearing the party apart? Quit pulling bonehead stunts just like the one today and let the process work and stand up behind Trump, or who ever it may be. GOP, if you haven’t heard what is being said, you are dividing the party even more everyday. STOP!!!!

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  2. Bill Staunton says:

    It makes me wonder why so many celebs are so adamant about keeping a Self-Made, Self-Financing Candidate who appeals to the people out of the Running for President while remaining silent about other boneheads who want that office.

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  3. Tim says:

    Romney is a sore looser as he lost the Presidential election twice. And now he is being a piece of shit to slam the candidates. He is a dirty crook and a fake with the his presenting himself such a perfect person, well Romney we all know you have plenty of skeletons in your closet too, so you might want to zip-it and go home and look in the mirror and look over your own past…And stop being the piece of shit that the establishment is paying you to be…And the piece of shit you are for being the establishments Bitch… You are the sucker for falling into the establishments CORUPTION and you have said in the past that you are so in-depth with your Christian Faith…. What ever Christian faith you claim to be I will be sure to stay away from that one if you are any example of it… I want nothing to do with your Corupt kind you sore looser..

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  4. I think the establishment is using Mitt Romney and it is sad. Romney is and always has been an establishment guy, hand picked for the presidency…same as with JEB and MARCO, it didn’t work out….I truly believe it is the establishment who has kept us from having great leaders like Mike Huckabee in office and, though I don’t like Trump, I do agree with the movement and will support him if he is the nominee.

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  5. Wake up people. Mitt Romney / Karl Rove / Koch Brothers. See what Paul Elliott Singer = Marco Rubio did to Argentina , after 15 years. If you do not think it can happen here , you are fooling yourself. Singer did to Argentina , what Soros did to Bank of England. The Wall Street Vultures have no allegiance to this country , only to extract more money out of the Golden Goose , which is the American taxpayer. I am sick of it. They are desperate. Keep it up and our children will inherit a dystopian American Road Warrior Fury Road. For more clarity , read Lame Cherry Blog today , titled “What Little Romney’s are Made Of”. Romney was a democrat that supported Tsongas over Reagan. Romney and his ilk have some ‘splainin’ to do. I for one are tired of these fools and charlatans , re-inventing or not remembering history.

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  6. Rick Teasle says:

    GOP u work for us asshole”s we don”t work for u!!! If Romney does this he will have destroyed the part. I and millions of others will vote for whoever it is the hell running against the winner of the republican party if it is not done fair and you try and have Trump lose!! WARNING!!!!!!

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    1. 2010 / 2012 / 2014 / If the GOPe pulls any shenanigans in Cleveland at convention , we will not let it slide or go quietly , Be advised , there are no bunkers that you will be able to retreat to , without being called out for your treason. Elections have consequences , for every action there is a reaction , is D.C. ready?

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  7. Discerning This Time says:

    Dianne, we voted on Tuesday in my state and Trump was the winner. Today (after Romney’s speech) I received in the afternoon mail a state Voter Exploratory Republican Presidential Preference Polling Ballot!!! The remaining candidates were listed on the ballot plus JEB BUSH! I have 14 days to return this ballot. I am hoppin mad! What are they up to?!?

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  8. The ‘establishment’ is a TRAIN WRECK! We need that shiny new TRUMP TRAIN that is whistling down the tracks! Thank you Romney, this insured many new voters for Trump in your failed attempt to dismantle the guy that is best suited for this job! I have seen many many comments today saying that you made their decision easier and they are going with Trump! That’s a big ole thumbs up! Thank you people for seeing the truth! The GOP is laying it right out for you before your very eyes!

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  9. Americans know why Mitt Romney was a 2 time loser. For the GOP to bring someone like to try deter American voter is hilarious. Nothing he said made any difference. He stabbed Trump in the back just like he would America.


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