Donald J. Trump is the true winner of the people! In spite of all the voter booth errors, the attack ads, and the down right onslaught of lies – Trump is forging ahead and the people’s voice is being heard.

America stand firm and keep moving forward – we are almost there!

Dianne Marshall




  1. Shela says:

    I pray for Donald Trump his family & his team (which is YOU and me) every day. These are powerful groups of people he is boldly going against. Powerful! Can he win? Lord only you know. But without God’s help he hasn’t a prayer. We need to pray without ceasing. The Lord answers the prayers of his children. I don’t know if I can stress how wicked and powerful these people are. They have got away with murder and running this country way to long and will prevent anyone interrupting their plans at any cost. George Bush Sr. Did not make that motion with his hand at the debate, of slicing Donald Trumps head off to be funny. He was serious and he meant it! You and I don’t understand how deeply & strongly those involved in the control to take the power the people of the U.S have. To take control. Probably other countries are involved. Off the top of my head I would guess maybe Saudi Arabia, China, Mexico., maybe even Canada. Perhaps France has backed out as Germany would like to. The country the U.S seems to hate for a unknown reason I can see is Russia, and I believe they are not against us. (Of course they are not going to allow the U.S to over power them either) ……
    I said all that to say Donald Trump is up against the most powerful evil men & women the world over. Remember to keep him in your prayers. Call it what you want but Bible history is right now in the making. Will the people all rally around and pray for the David the Lord has chosen to fight this giant?
    *** Dianne, on a personal note. On Twitter there is a group TrumpTeamforRussia I have read some of their articles. Are you familiar wit them? Do you know if their liget?

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    1. Shela. You are so correct. These are horrific people. Some may be clueless, but many are simply brutal frauds without any sensitivity. The problem with good people caring is that the brutal are willing to attempt to exploit that as a weakness. In Genesis, we find Jacob employing a threefold strategy – prayer, gifts to appease, and preparations to fight. Appeasement doesn’t seem like much of an option. However, Trump is cordial / often shows undeserved class in dealing with his opposition. Trump’s speech / press conference the night of Super Tuesday showed a tremendous amount of class despite the horrific attacks by Cruz and Rubio. What I’m pressing for (is in terms of fighting) is that Trump also invest in substantial advertising to counter the lies. A certain propaganda minister once said something to the effect that if you lie enough people will believe it. (Note: “To win enough delegates to claim the nomination, Trump would have to win 52 percent of the remaining delegates — a difficult feat in a race with three or more candidates”.) May G-d please bless and protect our Donald Trump. Tomorrow is scheduled a debate …; please G-d help Donald Trump in that hostile setup – not showing up to counter the falsehoods and mockery is not an option. I also don’t trust Megyn Kelly’s motives in praising Trump ( ) I’m praising him in respect of his civility; she’s praising him to lull him into not fighting back.


  2. phil fan says:

    May the Light of God surround him
    May the Love of God enfold him
    May the Power of God protect him
    May the Presence of God watch overhim


  3. Bev Pepper says:

    We all need to pray for Mr. Trump & his family & America. I believe all these attacks are proof that he is God’s choice for the USA.


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