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Why are Trump supporters falling for the new social media game?  The game where you won’t watch the news so they bring it to you in social media?  I don’t like reposting all the media lies…to me they are sliding their Main stream garbage in our social neighbor hood. I am sick of people reposting the msm junk like a wall full of KKK lies that never happened.

Isn’t it time to start deleting obvious junk – obvious CRUZ – RUBIO OVER AND OVER that makes no sense?  The lies?  It is ridiculous now.  One is enough….filling a wall on the same story is crazy and creates negative vibes.

Just my opinion.  I, for one, am done with that.

Dianne Marshall



  1. On Friday & Tuesday, he disavowed. the KKK. David Duke even called them & told them he was not endorsing Trump. The only thing they did was play on Sunday’s conversation over skype where Trump denied knowing David Duke which he had not seen since 2000. At that time, Trump didn’t disavow bc he told the reporter he was not going to disavow a group he didn’t know. So harped on that bc Trump did not say yea or nay.

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  2. Shela says:

    When they discovered we were no longer believing or even watching media news they hit our face books. They are dirty to the core.
    But now we’re are warned and no more believing Facebook news on political candidates.

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  3. 😦 IS TRUMP LOSING the nomination …? There is a total of 2,472 delegates ( ) Apparently, in order to AVOID A BROKERED CONVENTION Trump must win at least more than 50% (i.e. at least 1237 delegates).

    According to – as of March 2, 2016, 8:56 AM ET – it seems that of the 595 delegates at stake in Super Tuesday, 440 have been designated for the various candidates. In any event, according to – as of March 2, 2016, 8:56 AM ET the total delegate count (including the states from prior to Super Tuesday) is as follows:

    Trump – 285; Cruz – 161; Rubio – 87; Kasich – 25; Carson – 8

    So far that’s a total of 566 delegates. That’s approximately 50.35 % for Trump – just 2 delegates over 50%. However, according to 11:28 of (“Roger Stone Reveals the Koch Bros Plan to Stop Trump”) “In the Iowa State Convention they have already stolen delegates that Donald Trump won fair and square in those caucuses.” If so, it would seem that DONALD TRUMP IS CURRENTLY LOSING THE NOMINATION 😦 .

    Indeed, from a momentum standpoint, it seems that Trump’s momentum has slowed down. Trump lost in Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Alaska. In Minnesota, Trump came in third. I also expect that Thursday night’s debate moderated by Megyn Kelly will be vicious.

    Donald Trump needs to spend more money to effectively advertise both highlighting his positions and positives (to counter the falsehoods spread by his opposition) and highlighting the weaknesses of his opposition – as well as investing in opposition research. I listened to the speeches of Tuesday night of Cruz and Rubio; what I heard was an abundance of horrific falsehoods against Trump. “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth” (— General George S. Patton via ). Maybe the media is worse. Trump has to deal with this problem. This is a war.


    1. phil fan says:

      Delegate loyalty is being monitored by a group loyal to Trump. They are taking names of pledged delegates with home and work addresses, etc and vow there will be Serious consequences personally on disloyal delegates. Sorry do not have the link but it exists. Good Stone publicizes but this is known to Trump campaign.

      Trump is ON TRACK to secure the needed delegates needed. Yes the vile lies are intensifying but now Fox is having second thoughts. I would prefer Trump skipping the next debate but he may have to attend to keep the lies at bay. God Speed Mr Trump


  4. phil fan says:

    Must attend to face the jackals Cruz and Ruby especially after the loser Romney insults US THE GOP VOTERS. My goodness what are these E clowns thinking? The GOP is being overtaken by us with Trump and they are officially SUICIDAL.

    Prayers for Donald


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