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Rubio and Cruz both believe they know the secret to getting elected and that is to kiss up to donors and promise to do exactly what they are told, of which they both have promptly done. The games and disgraceful public acts of lies, deceit and suggested vulgarity, which seems to be old hat with bath bubble Rubio, don’t matter to either for they have been promised the carrot they are chasing.

What they fail to realize this time around is – the public is awake and they have chosen their next president.  It is not an establishment pick.  It is the choice of the people – Donald J. Trump.

The media, pundits, Rubio, Cruz, and establishment elite donors all know that their behavior is beyond uncivilized, way past anything a western world would deem presidential.  It is obvious to all who are watching that none involved in these disruptive antics have any respect for the people, nor the office up for election.

America, it is up to you to stand up and push past all the crap being slung.  There is no other word for it that I can print.  Stand up and get out and vote for Trump!  It’s all about saving America and making her great again.

Dianne Marshall



  1. bkarma7 says:

    America is tired of the same old lie, followed by the same old shenanigans and excuses why RepubliCONS could not get the job done! Business as usual is unacceptable! Cruz and Rubio hardly voted on anything! My money’s on Donald Trump!

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  2. I Pray our Heavenly Father hears our pleas for I too believe this is our Country’s last chance for pulling out of this deep dark place the Obama Administration has successfully put us in–I pray Trump does not feel abandoned by the ones that know he is the one we ask for —Like a Moses or Paul I do not think this is something he necessary wanted but took it because he loved his country—-We love the Trump—& May God Bless Him—

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