The beauty of ousting out Rubio and Cruz is you don’t have to go back 30 years to find trash – they were just kids then…one an anchor baby and the other an illegal alien. We only have to look at what they have done in the senate.  Cruz had a Goldman Sachs/Citibank entrance with illegal campaign loans, and Rubio was all for being bailed out by his own sugar daddies in return for passing legislation and promoting illegal amnesty.  Rubio has taken the Obama side of pitting blacks against the whites and Cruz is busy writing poison pen amendments gambling with America’s future.  Both are for open borders and amnesty regardless of what they say today on the campaign trail. Both have a record of playing games to fool the public and push the Obama agenda 21.

It is what it is and as Rubio likes to say – GOOGLE IT!

Meanwhile Trump has a past of pushing through the establishment red tape to build America up and create jobs. In his early years (1983) he learned fast not to rely solely on the honesty of contractors who hire their own crew…they may be hiring illegals.  As was in the case of the Polish illegal aliens he was blamed for.  My question is, why so much attention on what happened 33 years ago, when right now in 2016 we have a Cuban, born in Canada with no proof of consular of live birth abroad documentation running for the presidency?  Right now – in our face the government has allowed an illegal alien to be in the Senate.  Let’s talk about that one!

Dianne Marshall



  1. 😐 In terms of your Chihuahuas posting of Feb 27, 2016, who’s wearing the pink dress and who’s wearing the white dress? This is also psychological warfare; let’s not get distracted. Focus: This is all about establishment vs. non-establishment (i.e. their interests vs. our interests). This is what’s most important for now: – “Friends: If you live in AL, AK, AR, CO, GA, MA, MN, OK, TN, TX, VT or VA, get out and VOTE on Tuesday! #Trump2016” . BTW: In approximately 1:45 of , reportedly Ted Cruz offered to drop out if Donald Trump commits to nominating Cruz to the Supreme Court …

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  2. Yes. And, please explain to me, #TedCruz how you could possibly be considered a natural born citizen, when you were born on foreign soil to parents who held #canadiancitizenship: re; yr. 1970 And, #MarcoRubio you were born 4 years too early, as your parents did not become naturalized citizens, until 4 years after you were born. Get out of the Presidential race, as neither of you are qualified as per the #Constitution of the #UnitedStatesOfAmerica.

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  3. Renee Blythe says:

    The Longer this OUT & OUT ATTACK on Trump from the Establishment the more it convinces me how scared they really are! The American people have been asleep for so long we have know clue what is really going on in DC. In fact Mr. Trump as briefed as he is will certainly find much more fraud and waste as well as conspiracy than he expects, but THEY KNOW! Oh believe me THEY KNOW and THAT is why they will DO or say anything to HURT TRUMP. These rich bureaucrats are running scared and threating to MOVE and turn Democrat!! It is almost comical. A few things I know. There are many trade deals in law NOW that allow open borders …a little thing Non-Reported by the media. Mosques have grown from 700 to 2200. Rubio is FOR Global laws (ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT). This is exactly WHY all of the other countries are speaking out about Trump. The Democrats have us on a track to WORLDWIDE GLOBALISM! This is why you hear “The Republicans will destroy everything WE have accomplished!” It all started with CLINTON & THE NAFTA DEAL. The United States Government including the DEMOCRATS are FOR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT & CURRENCY. Plus so much more 22 militia camps training in America to kill us. Common Core a back door to teach children Islam. Open borders NOW. Border Patrol being told NOT to do their JOBS! ILLEGALS schooling in America and returning home at night. Millions of H1 VISAS. How many times do you speak to an American on the phone? Now they are using David Duke and the media is twisting every word he says! He disavows his endorsement but they will scream racism for days! So folks if you care about this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and you don’t want to be forced to be on your knees praying five times a day or DIE…..VOTE TRUMP!

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