Let the losers yelp, that’s all they know how to do!

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After watching the real time display of the GOP and it’s antics in the primaries so far, people are shaking their heads in shame of the idiots. No wonder they made Trump sign a loyalty agreement – he is definitely not at all like any of them!

So why were any surprised to watch two Cuban ineligibles on the debate stage going after the Trump like little angry Chihuahuas?  All they can do is squeal out something resembling a bark but sounding more like yelps….if you ever heard a Chihuahua…you know what I mean. It was beyond ‘Saturday Night Live’ and more like ‘Animal House’.  The one thing it made clear is this.  Neither Rubio nor Cruz need anywhere near the oval office, and both need to be removed from the senate.

People are waking up and turning off their TV’s in anger of the lies being told.  They know what needs to be done and it sure isn’t pushing establishment goals that are strangling America.  Common core and Obama care were not wanted, yet the establishment pushed it anyway. TTIP, and TPP trade acts aren’t wanted, but they are pushing both anyway.  North American Union is not wanted but they are working to advance this anyway.

Isn’t it time to vote for someone who is not owned and already wants the same as you want on the main issues that need done?  That is why America needs Trump.  He’s already fighting for what we want. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Again, let the losers yelp, that’s all they know how to do!

Dianne Marshall



  1. Along with Prince Rebus , reminding audience that the candidates will be debating and expressing themselves to audience and the electorate to (in a sense) see if they are worthy of being admitted to the Republican National Committee. When I heard that at the beginning and I hear Rubio say that Trump will never carry the mantle of Lincoln and Reagan , I have to say , that I have been a registered Republican for over 50 years and Lincoln and Reagan and Goldwater would be embarrassed by the people that call themselves Conservative / Republican / Constitutionists et al. Trump is creating a new Republican Party and these idiots that oppose him , better catch a clue or they will be left at the train station. This groundswell of whatever you all want to call it , Americanism , Nativism , comes down to Borders , Language , Culture. European Multi – Culturalism is a failed experiment. Don’t buy into the hype , just look at Europe “How’s that working out”. TRUMP2016


  2. Let them yelp. Gives Trump free advertisement. No one is paying attention to these losers. Rubio with less than his comedy remarks. I hope he doesn’t quit his day job bc he will never make it in comedy. And Cruz, no one can stand to watch his lips move.


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