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In todays quest for truth and trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong, it is refreshing to see so many good people entering the field putting on their press caps and bringing a great big breath of fresh air filled with facts to the people on a world scale!

For today’s battle is not  about one nation and its’ dying super power ….it is a battle between all humanity against a handful of great merchants that desire to control all things from ones toothbrush up to how much toilet paper you can have. Look at Venezuela- then look at the refugee chaos in Europe!

We are watching evil rage it’s war against society.  We are watching the candidates Cruz and Rubio who are ineligible to hold office, being promoted as though they were beacons of conservatism.  The same conservatism that no longer exists, nor will it return with either of the ineligible Cubans in office. They are bought, controlled and neither one cares about making America Great again.  They live to serve their establishment donors who work their strings – they are willing puppets.  Why?  Because they both know that they are ineligible to run and the only reason they have gotten this far is due to the entire corrupt nature of this election fraud beast.

What we are witnessing, like the Donald so well wrote, is A CRIPPLED AMERICA.  The question is –  WILL THE PEOPLE RISE UP AND STAND AGAINST THE LIARS AND DECEIVERS? WILL THE PEOPLE WIN THIS ONE?


Dianne Marshall



  1. As for Rubio and Cruz , they are so desperate , that Rubio at the least has shown his true colors , no substance , just a terrible stand up comedy routine (he would be heckled off stage at the Laugh Factory). He is a clown. He is so ignorant , that he does not realize that whoever his advisors are have ruined any future political ambitions for Rubio , for people see him for who he actually is , shallow , unaccomplished , as Rick Santorumn artfully demonstrated when asked on Morning Schmo program a month ago. Rubio will be voted out in a primary in his home state , according latest Quinnieapac Poll question to Florida residents. Even the window has closed on re-joining his Chippendale Dance Troupe , for rumor has it they prefer fresh young men. Trump is good at exposing these desperate frauds. Cue the Doobie Brother’s “Taking It To The Streets” for Cleveland.


  2. Darya says:

    So now they are cueing up Romney to step in a steal things at the convention. If Rubio doesn’t win FL, he’ll be out and Romney will be in. Just watch!


  3. I am still for Trump. As far as I have from people in the media it doesn’t matter what Trump has done, from his finances or to whatever, they will still vote for him. Of course, when a citizen start to defend Trump they cut off the video right then.


  4. 😐

    I noticed in the last debate that Donald Trump seems to be the only one who raises his hand when he wants to respond … – “PLEASE GOD, NEVER LET TRUMP SAY, “He attacked me! I get to respond!””; Trump has guts … – “These Protesters Aren’t So Tough When Donald Trump Confronts Them” (Approximately 58:00 – 59:30 of (—Full Event: Donald Trump HUGE Rally in Oklahoma City, OK (2-26-16)) – “Roger Stone reveals Koch brother’s secret plan to bring down Trump” ( ; ) ( – “.#RogerStone was just banned by @CNN – their loss! Tough, loyal guy.”); – “Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump”. “WOW Interview – Understanding The Legislative Intents of ‘Wall Street Funded’ Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz…” ( ); – “I am self-funding my campaign and am therefore not controlled by the lobbyists and special interests like lightweight Rubio or Ted Cruz!”; – “Just watched lightweight Marco Rubio lying to a small crowd about my past record. He is not as smart as Cruz, and may be an even bigger liar”; ; “Tax experts throughout the media agree that no sane person would give their tax returns during an audit. After the audit, no problem!” ; “I unfairly get audited by the I.R.S. almost every single year. I have rich friends who never get audited. I wonder why?”


  5. Tony says:

    This thing about Trump’s Finances is a ruse! According to Roger Stone, The Establishment between the two parties master plan, is to get Hillary Elected. Cruz and Rubio are meant to take the fall. The latest according to Stone, Cruz is a Trojan Horse, designed to take votes from Front Runner, Donald Trump. Both sides are in panic mode! They know Hillary can’t beat Trump! And Trump will go after all of them, once he’s in office! Of course, Trump Winning Florida, gets rid of Rubio! And Cruz will be all but finished if Trump takes Texas! And I believe he will! That leaves Romney as a last ditch effort to stop Trump! Stone believes Trump will bulldoze him! That leaves the convention. If Trump can win more than 54% of delegates, it will be tough for GOPe to stop him. Look for dirty tricks from GOPe next couple of days! I think Trump Is Going To have a great day!


  6. There is no perfect man or woman on the face of the earth. However, Donald Trump shows himself to be a man worthy of consideration to be elected President of the United States of America. He has proven to have the business mind and the love of country to make America great again. He doesn’t need the high office to prove anything, but he says he loves America and wants to make it better.


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