What the heck was Rubio on last night?  I watched the debate again with fresh eyes and I swear both Rubio and Cruz looked so childish and immature.  I thought….do they really think that views well with voters?  It looked like two grade school kids throwing snow balls at the adult neighbor.  Very unbecoming.

At other times their adolescent behavior reminded me of two drunken teens sitting on the hood of the car believing they are now kings of the hood.  Smirking and whining how bad ass they are while chugging a beer – did I mention underage?rubio hip%20hop%20rubio%2022

I think this will do them both in.  Does anybody know why Rubio sweats so much?  I heard someone say that could be a street problem?  One that runs in his family.  A kind of brother in law problem.  Maybe he was just reverting back to his bath house bubble days.  The behavior was very ugly and I would think twice about hiring him to work at Walmart let alone be president.  From the chatter on social media – most all suspect he was high on coke.  And not the kind you drink from a bottle.

rubio mqdefaultMeanwhile, sniffle nose Cruz just may lose Texas over his unprofessional display.  I have a feeling they’ve all had about enough of the side shows.  The media eats it up because they are paid by the establishment and most have lost their bearings a long time ago.  I cannot even imagine either Cruz nor Rubio in charge of this nation.  From the chatter on social media most are saying he is a pathological liar and there is no cure for that.  Some are calling him a sociopath now, after he stopped a bill to fund the people in Michigan who have had their water supply poisoned.  I can’t believe he sent relief to those who had values he approved of but nothing for those he believes are less than.  Yes – there are several articles out there on this and people aren’t saying good things about the Cuban.

In ending, let me put it this way, if it were Kasich in the middle of the two last night and they were acting like uncouth Cubans to him – I would have the same opinion.  This is not about a favorite candidate – THIS IS ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU LET INELIGIBLE IMMIGRANTS AND ANCHOR BABIES TAKE CHARGE!!!

They just don’t give a damn about America – to them it is just one big burrito to bite away at and ride the free gravy train as long as they can.

Trump is the only presidential man in the race.  A big thank you goes to Chris Christy for seeing that and his high endorsement of Trump today.  That was great!

Dianne Marshall



  1. Peter stanford says:

    Watched the republican debate last night , or should I say the attack Donald Trump debate he has really got all these politicians worried,it makes you wonder what they have got to hide, makes you laugh accusing Donald Trump of all sorts of made up claims ,Rubio that is when his own cupboard is full of dirty linen, and as for Cruz who must have been reading some of Hillary’s emails on how to steal votes by fraud, how that man can hold his head up after sending out fraudulent emails amazes me,and this man wants to be President! The whole debate to me was like a scripted piece of acting, even where Mr Bush senior was brought in , although looking very ill , still they must have thought it was worth it just so he could be mentioned in one of there speeches and give it all a little more impact, to me the Republicans have made there minds up that they don’t want Mr TRUMP there at all,but because he is so popular they have no idea how to get rid of him ,and last night’s fiasco was what one would call the last throw of the dice , I don’t think they counted on the strength of MR Trump who showed he was no pushover and it will take a lot more than those two little wimps can dole out to ever effect Mr Trump .
    The war in Syria was mentioned but Mr Trump has more idea of what’s going on,than they will ever have,it’s been proved for ages that the ammunition drops by the U.S. have been dropping into Isis hands, the Kurds never got them,they are fighting with any weapons they can find.
    The Turks hate the Kurds therefore were quite happy with this happening, the Turks are no friends of ours and yet they are in Nato, as the Russians pointed out they have been supplying Isis with oil ,convoy after convoy, all caught on film, the Russians have done a good job in Syria
    And should be left to get on with it, we should all be concentrating on the destruction of Isis
    They are the ones who are out to destroy the western way of life, only MR Trump has come forward to say that all Syrians should be thoroughly checked out, however we have to get rid of them it must be remembered that they don’t fight cleanly,they hide behind kids,hide there weapons in hospitals and mosques so it’s not going to be easy, I feel confident that MR Trump
    Has the ability and strength to handle all these issues,and that he will make the USA great again
    The thoughts and speeches come from the heart when he speaks to the audience that’s what makes him special , come on AMERICA Mr TRUMP has put his neck on the line for all Americans against the politicians who have got us in this mess, let us show how much we appreciate what he has done lets get out and vote for TRUMP! VOTE TRUMP, VOTE TRUMP
    Best of luck, regards . Peter stanford

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  2. Martha Causey says:

    They are not good, sweating like a hog, definitely high on something,
    with ear bug, blinking like a crushed bug,
    Mr. Trump standing tall like a tower, just like the,Statue of Liberty with torch in his hands,
    They should be ashamed, disgraced them selves before the world,

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  3. I thought Rubio was very unprofessional and so was Cruze. Rubio had notes, because during the time he was yelling all the remarks at Trump, he would look down and throw out another one. I have never seen anyone act like they did in a debate, and I have watched many of them in my life. Trump is the only one who can save this Country. I pray daily for him and his family’s safety. The Washington idiots will do anything to get rid of someone. Yes murder. Rubio needs to be drug tested. Cruze is one of the lying Christian I have seen. I hope if Rubio is on drugs it is brought out.

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  4. Great article, on Christi endorsing Mr. Trump, the lame stream media, has for the most part, played it down. They seem to suggest that Christi has ulterior motives? One report even said, that Christi endorsed Trump because, and I quote, “I spoke with a prominent person in Washington just now-a name you’d recognize-who told me he thinks the Obama administration is behind this, with a threat to Christie that he’d be prosecuted for “Bridgegate” unless he endorsed Trump.” Can you, believe this, now this implies that Trump is a puppet of Obama? How ludicrous, or, should I say how ludiCruzious. 🙂


  5. gloria rider says:

    I think Rubio was on Herion the other night at the debate. When you take herion for the first time or few times you perspire a lot something he didn’t know. That doesn’t happen with coke.


  6. crossfitjaguar says:

    I’ve been watching Rubio speak closely since he caught my attention in his speech after the South Caroling primary. I think he’s on coke. The nervous sips of water, licking his lips, clenching his jaw, dilated pupils, rapid speech and other nervous tics.

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  7. Just saw BLM interrupt Trump’s campaign in Virginia. They don’t realize they are only making voters stronger to supporting him. American’s are angry & tired of this racism from the black community especially muslim/islamic just adds to our strength. Trump handled it really well. He said, “I am only going to say this once, All Lives Matter”.


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