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Cruz has no idea how weak and pathetic he looked at tonight’s debate. That whiney voice, going over the timer, again and again because he has to do his drama speech pauses like anyone cares.  He can’t just talk.  I swear he is programmed with something and it’s defective.

Then he smugly talks to reporters in the post debate interviews like he is the frontrunner and the only one who can beat Trump.  Even though he is presently a far down number 3.  For him to say he is the only one who can beat Hillary while Trump is the only one who has ever in the history of the Clintons already successfully shut both her and Billy boy right up!

Cruz is a mess.  It is becoming laughable.  Tonight Trump smashed him and Rubio both….it was like watching a big bull with two nasty fly’s buzzing on each side of him.  It was awesome to watch the bull’s powerful tail smack them away.

Trump is the man!  The next president of the United States of America!

Dianne Marshall



  1. Also, in the debate, Israel was one of the topics that came up. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio apparently tried to portray themselves as more supportive of Israel. However, I trust Donald Trump. Besides what Donald Trump mentioned in the debate ( ), I have been continuously documenting Trump’s support for Israel in


    1. MR. TRUMP,
      You’ve called everybody out about everything, except the one thing that’s destroying middle class Americans, their families, and the communities they call home.

      That one thing is the DC establishment’s theft of 2.7 trillion $$ of our EXCESS Social Security retirement $$ contributions. All made possible when politicians found a “common ground” solution. Common ground be damned, what America needs is a good old fashioned red, white, and blue “SOLID GROUND” revolution.

      Remember this: America is not a right reserved for a privileged class of Americans, America is a right reserved for every class of Americans.

      Mr. Trump, You’re the man, and its time for the “ART OF A REAL DEAL” that brings Social Security tax $$ back to main street America. It’s time to BREAK FREE


  2. Cruz – that voice- I pray I don’t have to cringe for four more years. What are they judging the win by? The screaming buffoons they had planted in the audience? Another pathetic attempt at pretending they are going to get what they want Who can blame Donald Trump for skipping their useless debates? He has more financial knowledge in his little finger than they will ever have. Cruz and Rubio are part of this mess and WE THE PEOPLE do not want them !! Pathetic moderators also, letting Rubio scream all over everybody others trying to speak.

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