Matteo Salvini, the leader of  Italy’s far-right Northern League party stated that presidential candidate Donald Trump was ‘heroic’ while addressing the annual Northern League party in Lombardy, north Italy.

“I would like to meet Donald Trump and shake his hand,” Salvini said to his supporters. “He is a heroic and colourful person and we are on the same wavelength when it comes to many things.”

Trump has gained international popularity for his brave, bold, stance for standing up in what he believes is right for the people. Northern League supporters in Italy are attracted  to Trump due to his strong anti- immigration and anti-Muslim stance.

“I like people who have an idea and stand up for it,” Salvini added.

Trump has also been recognized by Vladimir Putin for his genius and strength, noting recently that Trump is the true leader in the presidential race. Trump also received notoriety from the Camelot Castle in England for his nobleness and humanitarian efforts for the people and presented their Excalibur Award of knighthood.

The people in Germany have raised banners touting that Trump was right, as they battle for their own rights demanding for Merkel to reverse the refugee program that has turned their homes into a battle zone and a nightmare of rampant rape for their women.

While other candidates are pushing for RINO legislative endorsements, Trump has won international acclaim as well as the hearts of the American people!

Dianne Marshall




  1. If anyone is undecided between Trump’s cautious and intelligent immigration policies and Rubio’s liberal and ‘reasonable ‘ immigration policies then I strongly encourage you to see (unless certain graphic images tend to offend you) The Vicious Snake ( ) (Note: YouTube has apparently recently put a WARNING on this video … ; I’m amazed – this is getting close to censorship!!! suppression???) FOLKS – THERE ALSO SEEMS TO BE AN ATTACK AGAINST THE FIRST AMENDMENT … – THE HOME OF THE BRAVE??? (If someone is hesitant because of the warning, the following link didn’t yet yield me a warning “Donald Trump reads “Snake” poem to a crowd of supporters in Cedar Falls Iowa on January 12, 2016″.)

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  2. gellieba says:

    Mr. Salvini and other foreign common sense conservatives will support Mr. Trump’s endeavors to change the course and tackle problems created by decades of failed policies by corrupt politicians.

    When Mr. Trump becomes the new POTUS, the NWO will be replaced by a New World Leadership to implement:.


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  3. Matteo Salvini and the lega nord party (northern league party) are not “far right,” but actually center-right and not extreme at all. The Northern League is the same party of the president of Lombardia (Roberto Maroni) which includes Milan. There are far right parties in Italy but Northern League is not one of them, they are actually considered quite normal in North Italy. The American media adds “far right” because they want to make Trump look like he is associating with radical groups. 🙂

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