Trump Told The Truth Once Again! Listen To Bush From His Own Mouth At His Own Press Conference!

I am just letting everyone hear once again what Bush W. told the press when he was pinned down to answer for his going into Iraq on the basis that they had weapons of mass destruction of which he did not have. Here from his own mouth at his own press conference is George W. Bush admitting both that Iraq did not have them, and it had nothing to do with 911.  Trump told the truth.

Dianne Marshall

Also watch what was hidden from the media regarding the lies of Bush.



11 thoughts on “Trump Told The Truth Once Again! Listen To Bush From His Own Mouth At His Own Press Conference!

    1. The truth is they knew there were no weapons of mass destruction. The global elite wanted a war to make money. War makes money for those that make weapons and sell them to both sides.Americans did not make money the global elite did. The World Trade center had gold stashed there. Never accounted for where did it go? The buildings were insured for terrorist attacks about a month before the attacks. Silverstein made over 4.5 billion dollars. War allowed them to steal oil and make contracts for other businesses like opium in Afghanistan.So this inside job on 9/11 and the loss of lives was a false flag event that allowed them to scream terrorism and blame Sadam and Iraq when it was neither Sadam or Iraq that anything to do with it. The Al Qaeda were hired by Saudi Arabia and the demolition crews that wired the buildings prior to 9/11 were Mossad. Isaraeli special forces. The global elite were all involved in this false flag and the wars that followed.This was all about making money for the 1% global elite at the expense of American lives and American debt. And the number of Iraqi and Afghanis that were killed was sickening and all for the Global eilte to make money. These wars have never benefited America. Looking back at Korea and Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria I would hope Americans have learned war is not the answer. What the Global elite have done is played us like pawns on a checker board to their benefit. I think the bank accounts of the Bush family and Collin Powel and Rumsfeld and Cheney and Condi Rice and many others like Ford, and Raytheon and other companies owned by the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and others should be audited. Someone got all that gold that was in the WTC. And you can bet that these global elites made lots of money off these mid-east wars. The new agenda of the Globalists is to create the NWO and so Obama has gone in and created more vaccums to allow terrorism to grow and spread.Obama has armed and funded and recruited for and protected these terrorist groups to cause more chaois and more reasons for war. But mostly his main goal has been to drive the refuegees to invade Europe and destroy all of the sovereign nations. This allows for the NWO to also escalate the global financial melt down and economic meltdowns on a global scale. Then they will use all of this suffering and chaos to initiate martial law and police states under UN police forces. They will then start annihilating the European populations. Their plan is to do this on every continent and in every country until they achieve their NWO. Their plan is to take the total population of the world down to about 800 million. I strongly suggest America wakes up now. Trump is correct to stop the refugees and to close the Mosques and to deport the ones that are here. He is correct in wanting to close our borders and enforce them and deport the illegals. Obama is arming the illegals and he has Jihad training camps all across the USA. They are training every day on how to kill. The FBI says there are over 1000 terrorist cells already here in the USA and yet no one is arresting anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just like before 9/11. Our government knows we are in imminent danger and they know the danger is increasing daily as Obama is letting in unvetted Muslims from the mid-east that we already know a percentage of are radicalized Jihadist. We know that Obama is funding the Jihad terrorist camps. We know that Obama is funding the Mosques that also aid and train and recruit Jihad terrorists and we know that the Muslim Brotherhood and the CAIR are envolved as is Obama’s brother Malek who works directly for the Muslim Brotherhood. We know that the Mosques and the MB and CAIR have ties to the many terrorist groups. Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and the list goes on. And yet our FBI and CIA and NSA and homeland security and DOJ do nothing to stop this. If we do not take action soon we will not have a country left to save.


  1. The one thing we Christians know & are comforted by are all those children are with Jesus today. They are not accountable no matter what religion they worship. Even the muslim & islamic children will also be with Jesus if they were to die. The adults are a different issue.

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    1. As a Christian I’ve searched and searched and I’ve come up with this fact: no where in the Bible does it say all children will be with Jesus no matter what they believe in. You can’t say that. It’s nice to believe if it assaults your delicate sensibilities using the “age of accountability argument.” I’m not saying it doesn’t say it makes it true. I’m not saying it does say it makes it true. But you simply can’t draw this conclusion. My point? Only God truly knows. Period. Speculation and conjecture as a Christian is spurious and dangerous doctrinal teaching.


  2. It was not a mistake. It was an agenda that existed before they even entered the White House. 9/11 was their catalyst to create a reason for political consumption. If 9/11 had not happened, we would have been there any way just under a different pretense. The logistics alone, required preparation beginning before 9/11 happened.


  3. Not long ago they were telling how Saddam sent his Chemical weapons to Syria to keep them from being found in Iraq . People were even questioning if he sent nuclear weapons to Syria too .


  4. I don’t think America should have gone to war. But Hindsight is always 20/20. I do think that Bush and his admin. lied to the world and to the American public…very much so. Especially seeing all the evidence of 9/11. I do think it was an inside job. The evidence is just so overwhelming to support this. The real question is? HOW DID THEY get away with it? And still do to this day. It’s really the same reason why Bill Clinton and his evil wife and foundation are able to leave countless dead bodies in their wake with no investigation. It’s why they can launder money through their foundation with no investigation. It’s why she’s still getting away with so much dirt on her without any quesitons or indictments. It’s also why Obama..the worst and most evil of them all is getting away with so much evil and treason in the history of America ..period. It’s why there’s so much corruption in congress and SCOTUS. It’s why Trump is doing so well…good and decent people are waking up to the graft and greed and power hungry mongrels in Washington. Is Trump perfect? NO…does he have problems?yes…but ask yourself this?HOW MANY politicians run for president and do all that they can to appear perfect and charming and erudite to their voters? ALL OF THEM…but one. ONE…who makes blunders and goofs and even throws out his own supporters when they cause chaos in his meetings, Which he did. How many are self funded? How many aren’t afraid to piss off the establishment and media..even if it means a black eye potentially on himself? That speaks volumes and is a huge huge plus in my book.


  5. Rod says:


    Attention U.S. people…. Gov. appears to be utilizing loosely tied force of civilian commies…that stalk neighborhoods and collect intelligence ( see SNEAK AND PEEK ) Learn to patrol neighborhoods with notebook, camera, and binoculars. I have been covertly observing my own home. They started coming around when I voiced my opinion about 911, few years back. Suffice to say…they are your pastors, your neighbors, the homeless looking guy. Etc. They are in every neighborhood. Some are drug dealers. You read correctly. Police protect drug dealers. Drones are used to protect assets. Many agents are common criminals working with police. The racists you see on popular forums are agents sowing discord. Censorship abounds. See..PHANTOM CENSORING.

    I need not go into the entire tech. Ops thing. They are hacking it all. What amazes me is people do not seem to recognize the semi- stationary night surveillance drones. The are easy to identify in all urban areas…they look like stars. Aircraft deposit them in air while people are asleep…which…most are, even when walking about.

    You May copy this, save to notepad…and post strategically.

    Fellow freedom fighters…I SALUTE YOU.

    Please inform the good people in urban areas because THEY ARE SNEAKING INTO HOMES. I saw them attempt it at mine. No use telling police…they are in on it with NWO.

    All praise to Yeshua. Save to notepad…feel free to post EVERYWHERE…THEY CAN PULL A FAST ONE ON YOU SUDDENLY.


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