There is one awesome and marvelous sign that God’s people have to see that Trump is one who is doing good works.  It is found in Ephesians chapter 5 verses 11-14. It doesn’t matter how one pronounces God’s scripture, nor how others may scoff at things like 2 Corinthians or second Corinthians. What matters are the works of the person, for it is by those works we shall know them.

Ephesians 5:11- 14 KJV  11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (or expose) them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all thing that are reproved (or exposed) are made manifest by the light; for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead,and Christ shall give thee light.

One of the things that all who now support Trump have been grateful for and talking about is the secret information he has shared with the people.  Things like how donors own their candidates; hidden trade deals, how the establishment works.  He feeds the people a dose at a time.  We process it, see it and get it.

When Trump is attacked he counters by exposing truth.  Truth that has been swept under the rug or hidden by design. He exposes the secret things by not playing by the politically correct rules.  He exposes the things to the people that no other candidate would dare.  I haven’t seen ANY CANDIDATE expound on Trump’s revealed truths.  They are too afraid to dare agree.

Cruz will never agree, he may later steal the truth nugget and shine it up to make it his own….but never agree when the heat is on and Trump is defending the truth.  Never then.  For he is a vulture who will go in after the kill.  Then he will pick at and grab what he likes and use it after the kill.  Never before.  It is then, that he says it was mine all along.

Well, Trump and his supporters are exposing these (not so secret anymore) wrongful actions of Cruz. The Cruz camp have been very deceitful to many candidates now.  It has been ghastly to watch. In so doing they have exposed their true hearts and created confusion for all the world to see.  For what is made manifest by the light is seen by all.

No man can be faulted for the truth.  It is only bearing false witness and lies that are faulted, and when they are made manifest by the light, and there is no repentance…it is written down in the heavenly tablets.

I am grateful and thankful that a man such as Trump has been sent to lead a people and open their eyes in this most  dangerous age of deceit.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Karen says:

    This is most excellent and I am grateful that you are spreading this word as well. I have been praying for a strong person to come and open the eyes of us all and here it is happening. Gracias a Dios!

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  2. Shela says:

    The Lord has used you mighty to explain what is going on in our world at this time. Donald Trump slips a short message to us and you fill in the rest of the story. You give us links to news articles. To research what people in power said and did when they tried to lie to the people (when their tails were in a crack). You also are exposing and shining light on things done in darkness. Waking up the population. You have hearing ears, not allowing anything the news media, or Politicans speak that is false slip by on your watch. We thank you for your determination and presaverance, enduring Many sleepless nights to get the message out. Our heavenly Fathers always finds just the right person for his assignments. You are appreciated!

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  3. Like everyone else, especially me, Donald Trump is far from perfect. But he has caught America’s ear. And the reason he retains and gains supporters is simply because he’s sincere. He doesn’t alter his message like every one of the other candidates in both parties have done repeatedly. He truly is a man of the people, and he doesn’t feel the need to manipulate people. I think that’s perhaps the biggest reason I support him, and will be voting for him.

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  4. I’ve said all along that God has sent us another very special carpenter. He doesn’t just build big, beautiful things, he also restores existing properties, so many of them, very lovingly. He cannot stand to see the beauty of these properties go to waste.

    Growing Up Trump: Inside The Family’s $19.5M Estate
    by Erin Carlyle, Kirsten Taggart, & Will Sanderson, Forbes Staff


    This is also why he wants Death Taxes KILLED. It is destroying the families rights to pass on the family farm, property, etc.

    “The Trump Tax Plan Ends The Unfair Death Tax

    The death tax punishes families for achieving the American dream. Therefore, the Trump plan eliminates the death tax.”

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  5. As to your comment on Trump being a leader; I agree, however i revise your comment as: ” I am grateful that God sends us an honest ,truth teller in regards to our country.” I agree that in the event he is quite likely unfamiliar as to politics, this is more likely to be a blessing and NOT a hindrance. Out with the “Old ,worn out garment’s. Time to replace with something new. Not my revisions: “Give God’s things to God. Give Ceasar’s things to Ceasar.” Let Trump lead the people as to their country. Let the Christ lead us in God.

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  6. mrailslider says:

    the fact is the presidency is more of a hindrance to Trump, as he does not need the clout of presidency, Trump profess’s to make America great again he has a lot of cleaning that going to have to be done to accomplish that, so that is a threat to many career politicians holding office to day and many that are running for the first time. He said many things wrong but the guy has no political correctness and that needs to washed out of Washington DC
    At this point I give him my support unless he says or does something completely out of line he has a lot to lose being our president and he does not respect failures what really funny is both him and sanders are not old time party members their both breakout independent’s who have lite party ties

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  7. Shela says:

    I agree we need new leaders in Washington. I would say probably ALL new from top to bottom. In the Bible when God sent the troops in to battle He would tell them wipe all out men, women., children, cattle. Remember hearing Trump when talking about illegal immigration? He said the family had to be deported also. (The families gotta go too Trump said. And the news media took that sentence and ran with it. On the gall of that man yadda, yadda, yadda.) He knows you got to clean out totally to start new. Even one bad Apple can destroy the whole barrel. Seems every last one in Washington is crooked. . I was up till morning just one of those sleepless nights. On those occasions I read. I was reading of the proxy wars the U.S is doing in Syria, Africa and several other small countries over in that region of the world. The writer of the article explained the U.S is destroying those people’s homes, schools, churches, hospitals places of work because we want regime change. We want to kill there elected leaders and put in puppet leaders that Washington can control. Washington wants leaders there like they have in Germany. Germany answers to Washington. ( I was reading a tweet from Bill Mitchell a Donald Trump campaign worker. He said he travels over the world a lot. He went on to say that in a survey he took little to no one here in America knows of the horrible rapes, murders, fear that is going on in Europe due to the refugees.
    I know you can’t believe everything you read. But this is not my first time to read this. In fact when reading off a indepentant news site Global Research ca. I read daily disturbing articles of this nature. Folks it mades me real proud of the U. S. When I read we are going into these countries and causing misery that cannot be imagined. We are taking away childrens mommies, daddies, homes, school, churches, their hope. These people are truly on the mercy of Russia to help their country fight for what belongs to them. The U.S they write has NO mercy for these people. What is strange is The U.S has NO business over there. That is not our country! We were ask to leave. But we won’t. We continue to destroy the country they love. In that region there are many Holy sites spoken about in the Old Testament. (I realize I don’t know my very own country. A place that I thought believe in freedom life, liberty and pursue of happiness of every man, woman, and child world wide. The media outlets are in on this evil scheme. I have no idea what’s been promised to Murdock, and company. Why would Levin, Beck, Megyn fight so hard on the side of evil? For what? To destroy the U.S so their children will live in bondage? It’s all so science fiction and unbelievable. That is why Donald Trump is running for president. Washington can not shut him up!
    The problem the U.S is having is Syria won’t topple. Syria has ask Russia to help them save their county from these madmen. Russia agreed and now the U.S is fixing to butt heads with the Bear! Of course the U.S says it Russia’s fault. Exactly how Russia is being blamed is just Washington double-talked politics. It’s all about our flipping moderate rebels. Aka mercneries. Putin say moderate rebels be dam. No such thing. A rebel is a rebel.
    When I read about this it reminds me of fiction movies about a bunch of evil wicked madmen that have devised a plot to take over and control the world. In the movies it is a group of evil wicked people that the desires for money and power have turned them into mad men. Is that what Washington has become? . But Russia and China ain’t having none of this taking over their countty. So the plot thickens……Sounds like a Walt Disney box office sell out. But folks it’s real.
    We need a total house cleaning in Washington D.C. And I’d bet money Donald Trump could get er done!

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  8. Trump has a super ego, no doubt about that. It would be a life long dream for him to be remembered as the President to turn America around. He is having so much fun in this campaign and that makes him far more energetic to his campaign. He would love to leave a legacy such as this…No, he is not perfect, but look at all he’s done over the years.

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  9. Dianne Marshall, very beautifully put, thank you for such a wonderful post and I’m really happy to see you in support of someone who could very likely save our great country. The lies, deception and political correctness must stop and must stop now. I tend to believe something divine is happening here, a powerful movement. America is coming alive and waking up, G.B.A.!! TRUMP 2016 – WIN !!

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  10. Hello there, just become aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m going to be careful for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you proceed this in future. Numerous other people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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  11. Amen. It is not just obama, it is also the government as a whole. Especially Senate, Congress & the House of Legislation who did nothing to protect America by impeaching & charging obama for treason before it went thehis far. They have let Americans down and for this, they will pay for it. That is also including the state officials starting with the Governor on down the line in every government office.


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