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Trump wins big in South Carolina and takes 38 delegates.  The interesting thing, that I find troubling is the fact they called this race with only 1 percent of the votes in.  I thought votes needed to be counted before a race was called….unless enough votes were already in to insure it was a win.  I don’t trust the way they do these things – but for tonight I will just say WAY TO GO SOUTH CAROLINA!  YOU ONE PERCENT VOTERS ARE FANTASTIC!


Dianne Marshall

UPDATED: Now that the votes are all in – Trump has been awarded ALL 50 delegates!



    1. phil fan says:

      Conie I think instead Cruz is now a very damaged candidate after Iowa, NH and the SC primary. Trump pointed out his many flaws and it hurt him going into the vote. We see the result in his poor showing. Yes he won’t change but the damage is already done to his campaign. He won’t hurt Trump much, rather his lies will increasingly hurt himself. He’s a liar you know. Trump should just keep it positive and ignore Cruz for the most part. Then as he fades we will pick up many of his supporters going forward. In a few weeks he will be history

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  1. So very happy Trump won,And hope more people will start listening to him and not the negative comments of the media and hateful .Now Trump has 50 delegates from South Carolina.Thank You South Carolina.A victory for Trump and the people.


  2. -) / 😐

    1) According to (as of approximately 2:35 AM (Eastern Time) Feb 21, 2016) 44 delegates of 50 delegates (of the South Carolina Republican primary) are pledged to Trump. Note: My understanding is that in the Republican South Carolina Primary winner takes all; thus, I’m not sure what cnn means by hybrid. (Note: , )

    2) Reportedly, Trump received some criticism for not acknowledging Bush (Note: Trump’s victory speech from approximately 1:12:00 until 1:26:39 of (“Full Event: Donald Trump South Carolina Watch Party & Victory Speech”)). However, did Bush have the courtesy to acknowledge Trump? The closest to an acknowledgement was when Bush said “I congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island”. Moreover, Jeb Bush’s speech was laced with apparently veiled attacks at Trump. Not surprisingly, Trump (who apparently spoke afterward) also gave a generic acknowledgement (highlighting “Ted and Marco”) (1:16:50 of (“Full Event: Donald Trump South Carolina Watch Party & Victory Speech”)).

    3) APPARENTLY THE ESTABLISHMENT IS NOW PUTTING ALL ITS HOPE IN MARCO RUBIO. Indeed, I encourage everyone to see Marco Rubio’s ‘Victory’ Speech (Note: “FULL SPEECH: Marco Rubio makes speech in Columbia after GOP Primary” ( )). I say victory speech because WHICH AUDIENCE WAS CELEBRATING MORE – Marco Rubio’s or Donald Trump’s???

    Some points from the “FULL SPEECH: Marco Rubio makes speech in Columbia after GOP Primary” ( ):
    Approx. (at the beginning): Marco Rubio acknowledged Bush …
    Approx. (at 3:30): Marco Rubio acknowledged Nikki Haley – by his right hand side.
    Approx. (at 6:35): “Now practically speaking it’s down to three”

    4) “Larry Ellison gives another $1 million to boost Marco Rubio” ( )

    5) FOLKS THIS IS NOT OVER. Apparently, it is necessary to have 1237 delegates!!! So far Trump doesn’t even have 100! As I previously mentioned: I’m concerned about the possibility of Trump getting shafted via a brokered convention; BEWARE OF THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE! “Campaigns secretly prep for brokered GOP convention” (— ) Please see In particular, is it me or could you almost sense the smirking of the former governor of Utah (Mike Leavitt) – as he anticipates that Trump may be be denied the nomination – despite receiving more votes than his closest competitor??? (Let’s not forget that the Democrat establishment is opposed to Trump (as indicated by Obama etc.), the Republican establishment is opposed to Trump (as indicated by Nikki Haley’s Republican response to the SOTU (which attacked its own front runner)), “Top Bilderberger Declares War On Donald Trump – The World Elite Are Scared!” ( ), and even [ILLEGITIMATE] ‘pope’ francis is unleashed against Trump (Note: “Cardinal Danneels Admits to Being Part of ‘Mafia’ Club Opposed to Benedict XVI”; I believe that Pope Benedict XVI is still the real pope).

    6) Let’s not forget (quoting Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.) in which it states ““Our ruling establishment has been chanting a mantra: Rubio will be a strong third in IA, second in NH and first in SC and beyond.””. Although, the details didn’t come to fruition, this (i.e. Rubio ultimately with the nomination) is still apparently the plan of the establishment!!! (Note: New Hampshire is probably viewed by the establishment as a just an unexpected hiccup (Note: ))

    7) There was also a ‘Victory’ Speech by 3rd place Ted Cruz ( (“Ted Cruz Speech FULL Ted Cruz 3rd place South Carolina Primary GOP Primary”)). Unless ‘victory’ means the Cruz Camp’s hope that they are on a path to ultimately undermine Donald Trump then I don’t know what they are so happy about! At about 1:13 (of ) the Canadian born ‘snake’ gave Jeb Bush the brown nosing disingenuous acknowledgement that shows him yet again as the establishment politician that he truly is. At approximately 8:42 (of ) the Canadian born ‘snake’ stated “Only one strong conservative is in a position to win this race”. At approximately, 9:07 of (of ) the Canadian born ‘snake’ stated “we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat Donald Trump”.

    8) With recent polls the way they are in Nevada ( ), I anticipate Trump winning Nevada easily (although I’m not so happy about how things are done in a caucus (- as opposed to just simply voting)). In any event, what I am concerned about most for now is the numerous delegates from various states resulting from the many states with primaries on March 1, 2016 (-the SEC primary – aka Super Tuesday). Even if Trump would receive a higher percentage of the vote than his nearest competitor (in most of these states) that still would not necessarily mean that Trump would receive enough delegates to win the nomination. ( , )

    9) I’m glad to see that Trump may now be going after both Rubio and Cruz (as not being natural born Citizens) based on (“”@ResisTyr: Mr.Trump…BOTH Cruz AND Rubio are ineligible to be POTUS! It’s a SLAM DUNK CASE!! Check it! …””)

    10) However, as I previously pointed out, with the death (homicide???) of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia (who was reportedly found with a pillow over his head), I doubt that there would be a majority U.S. Supreme Court decision (upholding “natural born Citizen” in accordance with Vattel). (BTW: More on Scalia: , ; also note my prior comments regarding Justice Scalia’s death (homicide???) via ) Indeed, it’s ironic (and indicative of the deceitful aspects of our existence) that the Canadian born ‘snake’ (i.e. Ted Cruz) would be the candidate to observe a moment of silence for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia (approximately 5:00 of (of )) and seem to claim to appoint replacements to the U.S. Supreme Court like U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia when following the original meaning of natural born Citizen (Vattel) would mean that Ted Cruz is ineligible to be president! FOLKS – WAKE UP – HOW COULD CRUZ APPOINT JUSTICES TO THE SUPREME COURT LIKE SCALIA WHEN A MAJORITY OF SUCH JUSTICES WOULD MOST PROBABLY DECLARE HIM INELIGIBLE FOR THE PRESIDENCY??? Let’s also not forget Canadian born Ted Cruz’s contribution to getting John Roberts to be the U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice and it was John Roberts who administered the oath of office to Obama and upheld Obamacare!

    11) Yet again a recent Donald Trump tweet makes me so proud of our Trump ( – “I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad that he did not go!”)

    12) As I previously pointed out a “natural born Citizen” U.S. Supreme Court decision in accordance with Vattel (invalidating Rubio/Cruz) would also appear to invalidate the Obama ‘Presidency’ and all his legislation and appointments – talk about a motivation for foul play in the Scalia death! Thus, I find the following noteworthy – .

    13) Finally, Hillary seems to defy the odds; is the deck stacked? :


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