The Bush versus Trump Thing – Is It Over?


bush best_buddies

Jeb has suspended his campaign and all the millions Rupert Murdock invested went up in smoke – rumor has it that 80 million came from him. Rumor also has it that a lot of millions went to Hillary’s campaign from Murdock as well. It looks like he was padding both sides of the so-called parties. All together Jeb’s campaign spent 150 million, or so they say.

This got me to thinking…the Bush family all got out to campaign for Jeb and if the others are going forward, so could have Bush. I’m sure there were some millions left and a few more to be found. So, why did he bow out and so early?

It looks as though Trump was bringing up way to much information about 911 and the suspect day the towers fell. He raised to many questions on the Bush dynasty and it was getting heated. Especially how we went into Iraq and the failed weapons of mass destruction were never found, nor did they exist. Carpet bombing questions and how these methods led to full blown chaos in the middle east and started a massive failed foreign policy of “You are either with us or against us” that the western world was mandated to follow. Things were coming out that the Bush dynasty had all but buried.

It sure appears as though Jeb was told to end it now. Not for himself, but for those who are now hoping the Trump shuts up about the Bush years. It may have been Trump’s threat to expose unknown facts regarding that awful day when the towers fell and the Saudi’s? Maybe it was something else? One thing is sure, it was something.

So as the campaign goes forward the people are left to wonder…what will the next set of skeletons be that Trump drags out of someone’s closet?

Dianne Marshall


10 thoughts on “The Bush versus Trump Thing – Is It Over?

    1. Your accusation against Trump seems to only be based on conjecture – ; btw, if (and when) they were moved, then was the invasion still justified? Also if they were moved to Syria then why didn’t Bush try to invade Syria? The facts are we sustained huge monetary and human losses and the middle east situation seems to be worse. Trump has the guts to say it like it is regardless of which establishment toes he steps on.

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  1. Tony says:

    Well, I Think we’ve been buying into the narrative way too long. Hussein was an evil man, no doubt about it. But, As bad as he was, he kept Iran at bay. Iran is the worst of the lot. They want world domination! Now with Iraq defeated, it creates a vacuum . And Iran wants to now take over Iraq, and make themselves an even bigger and greater threat! I do not believe The Bush people have been entirely honest with public, to put it mildly. And it’s not just them. The Clinton’s as well. There is a whole web of deceit that runs through both party’s. But I’ll tell you, The Bush’s along with Republican Party have done more damage to the Reagan Legacy than The Liberals could have ever done. Reagan was The most successful Republican/Conservative we’ve had in the last 100 years. The republicans tried to stop Reagan, just as they are trying to stop Trump! Trump is the most popular Republican candidate since Reagan! These remarks are my opinion.

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  2. phil fan says:

    Furthermore why is Saddams possessing WMDs and using them against Iran a SUFFICIENT reason for us to INVADE Iraq? If this big WMD threat existed was it aimed at the US? NO.It’s nuts and was used as a pretext to drag us into WAR. Saudi attacked NY, DC and our response was to attack Afghanistan and IRAQ? Something smells here and I want the truth from the US government.

    I think Jeb quit because Donald knows the truth and was starting to talk about what really happened on GWBs watch. Plus Jeb was a lousy candidate.


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