Beck in another desperate attempt to move society makes another blunderbuss  announcement…he is now calling for a fast for Teddy.

“I would like to ask you to join me and my family Monday in a fast for Ted Cruz, our country and the Nevada caucus,” wrote the Beck on his Facebook page. And he didn’t stop there. He went on to condemn a large segment of Americans.

“So I had to look up the definition of what Evangelical means tonight because it is counter intuitive when I hear that Evangelicals support a fake/pretend Christian like Donald Trump.

Evangelical: Of relating to, or being in agreement with the Christian gospel especially as it is presented in the four Gospels. Emphasizing salvation by faith in the atoning death of Jesus Christ through personal conversion, the authority of Scripture, and the importance of preaching as contrasted with ritual.

Glad I found the definition because I was beginning to think that Evangelical meant: Hypocrite, liar, deceiver and take it or leave it believer in God. I am so Glad I am a devoted Christian adhering to God’s laws and not an Evangelical. Now I know why atheists and agnostics think so poorly of Evangelicals.

Please just call me a Christian and follower of Christ from here on out. And to my friends who call themselves Evangelicals that didn’t drink the Trump Kool Aid, I strongly recommend you stay as far away from the title Evangelical as you can. God Bless everyone and God Bless the United States of America.”

Did anybody else’s head hurt on that one? What Glenn just described was typical of how labels failed to produce what he and his campaign were pushing. The very same argument many Christians were making on why not to use faith and religion as a campaign tool has now come back to haunt him.

The same argument was made regarding the label “conservative”. If being a conservative means being like Beck or Cruz or any of the so-called conservative talk show hosts and writers of the National Review… the term ‘count me out’ has been the consensus of the silent majority.

The fact is- labels aren’t working and no matter which tag Beck sticks on Cruz the point he made regarding it looking like : “Hypocrite, liar, deceiver and take it or leave it believer in God”, is in fact exactly the reason the Cruz Beck campaign strategy has failed. You see bearing false witness in the name of any usually ends in an epic fail.

So now Beck has decided to go the way of the Pope and question any and all whose faith is not for the political agenda he is pushing. Now he condemns all who do not see things his way. What happens when Christians don’t follow? Will he then try a new label?

Sooner or later Beck will run out of insults and titles. Maybe then he will use the term others use. It’s called Cruzbots. In the meantime, since the Bible is clear to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is Gods… I am calling myself an American voter out to make America great again, and I happen to be a follower of the way – the way of the Lord.

I believe Trump has been called to lead all the people out from the bondage of those who are of the mindset to merge humanity into a globalist society. If God be for him, who can be against him? No matter the outcome, it is clear God is moving among men at this very moment. The sifting of what is good and what is not is being performed and the world is watching.

Dianne Marshall

Glenn Beck Calls for Nationwide Fast for Ted Cruz – Trashes Evangelicals After Trump Win



  1. -|

    Regarding Beck:

    Regarding Trump: I think this is the second Sunday show within 24 hours of the South Carolina Republican primary, that Trump was asked a WEIRD QUESTION something like “So If you win is it a hostile takeover of the GOP?” (— George Stephanopoulos approximately 4:07 of (“Donald Trump on His South Carolina Primary Win, the GOP, and the Cruz Campaign Tactics”)). OMG: The media is starting to try to create a ‘moral’ equivalency for stealing the nomination ! This is outrageous!!! We the People have been hostilely taken over by the establishment so now the media in some sick moral equivalency is trying to reverse it! Donald Trump was also asked about his retweet ( ) regarding the ineligibility of both Cruz and Rubio (— by George Stephanopoulos approximately 1:30 of (“Donald Trump on His South Carolina Primary Win, the GOP, and the Cruz Campaign Tactics”)) ( ). You know, how could the RNC allow this to become a 3 person race where 2 of the 3 are ineligible according Vattel’s elucidation of natural born Citizen??? This is another reason to suspect the Republican establishment wants a brokered convention and intends to select some RINO establishment member like Paul Ryan … They would rather have a Democrat win than Trump.

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  2. Shela says:

    After watching snippets of the worst news reports in my life last night as the presidential election made history I was saddened. It was a first! We the people have found our voice and spoken. Loud and clear! We’re the anchor men and women excited to be a part of history? Well not from what I saw. You’d think they didn’t want America saved from the North American whatdoesthismean? Union.
    It tells us what’s ahead…
    We will be taking this Trump Train up hill all the way to the top. Every super pac’s will start hitting hard. Negetive advertising right & left. Nothing will be fair, honest, or Christian. We Donald Trump supporters will have to grind our heels in and double down. What a time to be alive! To be a part of history!
    We got truth, honesty, freedom, Constution, bill of rights on our side. But we have on our side the most important person of all ……
    We got the Lord. The creator of this universe!
    Oh I’m excited. I can’t wait to watch my Heavenly Father show his power against a evil establishment.
    We win! 🇺🇸 Donald Trump 2016 🇺🇸

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  3. Another thing is they believe in prophets which the Bible stated will none after Jesus Christ. The same ones that gives you dates & times the world is coming to an end. Now, do you think if the Almighty God states in the Bible that “no one will know the day nor the time, not even the Son”, if He doesn’t tell His own Son, He is going to tell someone a lot less worthy. However, I have seen a lot of people saved in those times. God turned it around for His own Glory. Just ignore Beck. God will deal with him.

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  4. Talk about labels and Christians. It was just a few years ago (in my lifetime) that Christians refused to call Mormons Christians due to their non-biblical, extra-biblical beliefs. Glenis laughable as a staunch Mormon to decide who is or who is not a Christian. God only knows for sure about anybody what His plams are for them. Nrbuchadnezzar was a pagan and while he was King, God turned his life around and had him help the Jews who were despised at the time.

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  5. I use to like Beck but I truly believe he has gone off the rail. I won’t listen to radio broadcast anymore because all he and his team do is make it Comedy Central!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP 2016 and beyond!!!!!!!! Besides I’m always for the dog that people like to kick.

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    1. I still, sort of, like Beck but have had him turned off for a few months now while he is off track. I am hoping that once the primaries are over he will return to being more in line with the way he used to be. His anti-Trump fixation is so inexplicable and off-putting. Time will tell.


  6. Don’t you just love it. The government, establishment, the parties & the media are panicking on they can stop Trump. No one knows. God & the Lord Jesus Christ is in the midst of America dealing with all this chaos. I believe obama is at the point now, that he has no power.


    1. I am praying for a Great Awakening to take place in America. In my own opinion Trump is the person God can use to turn this country around in the secular realm and to a certain extent the spiritual as well. Primarily the responsibility falls to each and every one of us Christians to be praying 2nd Chronicles 7:14 at the core of our prayer.
      Lord, You said: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Lord, help me. Lord, help us who follow You.


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