Franklyn Graham Speaks Up About Trump and The Pope!


Franklyn Graham has his own opinions of what is and is not Christian…but more important he cautioned the Pope that maybe he needs to build a bridge between himself and Trump.  I say, Amen to that!

“The Pope has suggested that Donald J. Trump is not Christian because he wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. He said, “A person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not Christian.” I agree that as Christians we should try to build bridges with everyone that we possibly can, but that doesn’t mean that we should compromise our national security. Donald Trump isn’t the only one who wants to build a wall—other Republican candidates Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, and John Kasich as well as millions of Americans, also want to build a wall—in order to protect America from enemies who want to use the U.S./Mexican border as a way to enter our country and do us harm. Are they not Christian either? My advice to the Pontiff—reach out and build a bridge to Donald Trump. Who knows where he may be this time next year!”

It is rather curious don’t you think that no one other than Trump was singled out for wanting to build a wall?  Perhaps there is a reason.  I believe, Trump is the only one not owned by establishment donors that will actually build it!  The others are merely going through the allowed motions to win votes.

Only trump has put his life on the line to make America Great Again and BUILD A BIG WALL – A BEAUTIFUL WALL – A WALL OF A NATION WITH A BIG DOOR TO ENTER LEGALLY!

Dianne Marshall

Franklin Graham SHATTERS Pope Francis’ Feud With Trump!!! What He Said…AMEN!!!



4 thoughts on “Franklyn Graham Speaks Up About Trump and The Pope!

  1. Shela says:

    Rev. Graham,
    I’m just gonna vent. Right or wrong here goes. I will leave it up to Dianne’s wisdom if it should be posted. Dianne if you never post that will be no problem. You know sometimes you just gotta say something! So here’s my something.
    Can I start out with a question? You Trump haters, yes y’all . What the devil you standing on politically? (Quicksand?) what do you want for you future for your children, grandchildren, your beautiful U.S.A? What is it your after? Now in case your so busy being negetive and against a man simply because he’s not a smooth talkin, lying son of the devil I got a few words for you.
    Ok … We got a honest man running for president on his own money. He’s never smoked, a non Drinker, never did drugs. He knows exactly how to develop relationships with foreign leaders, he knows how to negotiates deals. He has created thousands of jobs so he knows how to bring jobs back to U.S.A he is totally qualified. These things that he can do the U.S.A desperately needs. He can manage money. Example.. He is the front runner presidential candidate yet he’s spent very little money compared to the millions spent by those that are now admitting defeat and dropping out. … Besides all those things does anyone know if Cruz, Rubio get elected we will no longer be U.S.A we will be singing I’m proud to be from the North American Union where at least I know I’m controlled. I will be watched and told what I can and can’t do. Has any of you people fighting so hard to get theses non American elected bothered to see what is in the TTP. The agenda 21 and all the other alphabet bills they pasted with Congress not even reading them. Buy the way….. Did you not get a funny feeling in your gut when all our Republican Congressman and Senators voted for these redicules Bill? Did anyone not think what the hells going on here. And what about simply bringing in your birth certificate? How hard is that I ask? I can walk into my bedroom and hand mine to anyone in less than 5 minutes . Ok I ask you people one more time……
    What the hell are you smoking? Because you can not be thinking. You lose control of your childrens education. You lose control of raising your own children for goodness sakes. Have you completely lost all sence or reasons. You got a honest man, he might not come in a politician package but folks I’ve really had my share of them sliver tongue double talking non answering political packages. So his package is different. But what really counts. What really is important is he wants to make America Great Again! He wants to give our kids education back to the States. He thinks parents should raise their children. He doesn’t care a thing about money, popularity none of that! Just want to make America Great Again! And the biggest thing “He’s not a man of war” he’s sick of the U. S.A Being a part of the destruction of foreign lands. That is the homes of other children, granny’s. Schools, hospitals. The fear them people live in. We have a man that can negotiate peace. Don’t you think those people have the right to life, liberty, and happiness? Don’t the whole world have that right? And what do you do? What tell me? What do you do? You try to destroy him! The most pitiful, ignorant, UnAmerican thing I have ever seen or heard of the year of 2015-2016 when many Americans lost their minds!

    Let’s make 2015-2016 when ALL Americans woke-up and took America back with Donald John Trump 🇺🇸 The year we took America back, brought jobs back, made peace with world leaders, their nations along with ours everyone living without fear. Borders were put up. And religious freedom once again. This is America we speak English. We have religious freedoms, freedom of speech. Marriage is man and woman. We were founded on the Holy Bible!

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