Something doesn’t sound right with Rubio.  I do not believe he had cold feet.  Something just doesn’t make sense. Rubio loves an audience.  Time will tell.

golam smeagol


Meanwhile it didn’t take Cruz and his camp long to make the filled arena appear that everyone came to see him, even though Trump supporters and all the other candidate supporters were there too, including Rubio supporters.  But, Cruz never lets a crisis for anyone go by that he doesn’t jump on it and try to turn a pumpkin into his own carriage.  Is there no integrity at all in the man?  None that I see. Yet, Rubio left a glass slipper on the stair….and Cruz’s big fat foot will never fit into it!  But, then again…it’s not about being Cinderella at the Rally, it’s all about the winning of  – “My Precious” –

Now you may be wondering – “I thought you were for Trump?”  Yes, I am.  I also hate cheaters, liars and vultures.  Of which…well ….I’m sure you understand.  Trump as integrity and he too dislikes the same actions that I am pointing out here.

So before anyone finds out what could possibly have happened to detain Rubio, the Cruz media has gnawed the bones down to the marrow and sucked them dry. (See Breitbart report below) Warning, have a bucket or a paper bag close by.  You may have an involuntary response to hurl.

I didn’t hear the Trump or Carson camp yet declaring Rubio voters needed to go to them because he missed a rally – CRUZ HOWEVER IS DOING ALMOST JUST THAT!  If you read the headlines he and his ilk are putting out, one would think Marco is in a fetal position in the back seat of his car.  I say quite the opposite.  I never saw a Cuban yet that was afraid of another Cuban…or shall I say Canadian born something? He isn’t afraid to account for his Gang of Eight either. He has memorized lines for that.  But, we have all come to expect that sort of rhetoric from the guess who camp now haven’t we?

Dianne Marshall



  1. I find it interesting that Ineligible Cuban Anchor Baby R1N0Rub10 tho’t he could get away with sending his surrogates, as long as he puled it off at the last minute. I think that once he had surrogates to do his heavy lifting for him, he would bail. It’s what he does. He knew the rules, but he thinks rules don’t apply to him. He is The Lightweight Boy in the Bubble.

    Even his new best friend, with connections at Faux News AND the R1N0Rub10 Campaign, is in a faux tiff with him over this.

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