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All honest polls have Trump leading by a lot.  So now, we have a big head game going on – one they think will get to Trump since he loves polls so much.  They are skewing numbers on purpose.

One such national poll was done with 400 people.  That is more than Cruz or Jeb can get out of a town hall combined, but to meet the overflow numbers that get turned away  from an average  Trump rally, after 10 to 15 thousand are inside, you would have to add a zero to that 400 number! (4,000)  In one case in Vermont 15,000 were turned away that wanted to hear Trump! We all know the record breaking crowds that Trump draws – some as large as over 30,000!

If you are all sick of the lies you have two choices.

Choice #1 – Convert to the 7 mountains theology and drink the Cruz snake oil.


It is imperative that each voter check the Microsoft skewed machines to make sure your vote is correct.  Howbeit that will only go so far – as most tricks are done later with app smoke and mirrors.  We really need to demand hand ballots and manual counting.


We the people are going to have to be diligent and not allow the establishment to bulldoze us and definitely allow none of their gaslighting tricks!


Dianne Marshall

Here are the real polls and numbers:




  1. Dianne,
    Well? I’m back from France (for a week or so, anyway), and not surprisingly I’m watching the continual fraud and misinformation being perpetuated by the American msm. While working on a relatively international jobsite (major cruise line dry-dock, with WORKERS from all countries, I was pleasantly surprised by the ability of the WORKERS to see through media BS. I met several people of Slavic descent who admire OUR candidate for his courage and patriotism. Some character traits just transcend political parties, don’t they? Next week, off to another job in Germany, where I intend to ask the locals just how that “rapefugee” thing is working out for them.
    I want to share with the good folks here, a link to a website that I actually WELCOMED (instead of the ted cruz data mining tricks that hit me up for as little as 3 lousy bucks!) It’s a site that is recruiting poll watchers. While ANYTHING “google” makes me cringe ( is my search engine of preference), I bit the bullet on this one.
    I probably have already told you that my bi-lingual Mrs. is an election worker, but this year especially I am going to try to be more tenacious in my involvement of the actual election process. We should ALL at least walk our neighborhoods, to try to get out the vote!
    Thanks again for the site. You and CTH are the only ones I spend any time on, anymore.

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    1. sggreer6673,
      I absolutely agree with voter ID but, I would think another valid form of (Federal?) government document (that required your BC) i.e. passport? should be acceptable, as well. Not only are BCs faked, but people who have their original BC if they are like me, don’t like to take that document out of the safe for ANY reason.!


  2. Shela says:

    What’s the deal with politicos saying South Carolina polls Cruz 28%
    Trump 26%
    Rubio 24%.
    Have we did anything in South Carolina yet? Except a debate. Which Trump won!
    What kinda crap they trying to pull now? Cause it’s already stinkin to heaven. We ain’t voted yet in South Carolina folks. Now if we can keep the cheats chained up, the liers gaged, & the stealers chained & gaged we might have a honest election. Let the people’s man win! Can we say let’s keep it honest! Amen!

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  3. Hi Shela: They went out to first graders to ask them to pick out a numbers for the candidates. That is all it is. Pay no attention to these polls. They are all fake. You may remember these polls came out the day after Obama said Donald Trump will not be President. Obama has failed at everything else so he is trying to put into the minds of American people these false polls to turn American into voting for other candidates. You can see the one he is endorsing is Cruz.

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