Top Bilderberger Declares War On Donald Trump – The World Elite Are Scared!



Regular Bilderberg attendee and associate editor of the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, insists that the “global super elite” must stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

According to a New Republic profile, Wolf is “staggeringly well-connected within the elite circles he is writing for” and counts amongst his close friends many influential central bankers.

In an editorial entitled The economic losers are in revolt against the elites, Wolf writes that economic “losers” have rejected “the elites that dominate the economic and cultural lives of their countries” and that “the potential consequences are frightening.” He’s talking about you, people!

Asserting that “it may already be too late” to stop the wave of populism that Trump has spearheaded, Wolf notes that elites have become, “detached from domestic loyalties and concerns, forming instead a global super-elite.

This in turn has left ordinary Americans “alienated” and “abused,” with discord over high levels of immigration…

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19 thoughts on “Top Bilderberger Declares War On Donald Trump – The World Elite Are Scared!

  1. -|

    Dianne Marshall : “The Real Glenn Beck Exposed” ( ) seems to be an excellent video showing Glenn Beck for a horrific fraud – Good Work! Also, Rush lost it on Tuesday 2/16/16 (“It’s not my job to get votes for people, damn it! It’s theirs! What more do you want me to do?” (— )).

    In any event, I’m concerned about the possibility of Trump getting shafted via a brokered convention; BEWARE OF THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE! “Campaigns secretly prep for brokered GOP convention” (— )”

    Please see In particular, is it me or could you almost sense the smirking of the former governor of Utah (Mike Leavitt) – as he anticipates that Trump may be be denied the nomination – despite receiving more votes than his closest competitor???

    (Note: , )

    In a nutshell, do not underestimate the establishment to deprive Trump the nomination. Also, besides Michael Savage and Alex Jones I haven’t heard much talk about the suspicious nature of U.S. Supreme Court Scalia’s death… I mean think about it: Justice Scalia reportedly died with a pillow over his head and was there any autopsy … ??? ( )


  2. iampatrickhenry says:

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies, If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around(these banks) will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” – Thomas Jefferson


  3. Doesn’t make any difference who this guy is. We have to pray the power be taken away from every evil act of their true god. That includes the rich, elite, all government power in every parts of the offices. I already see all this weakening. I thank the Almighty God & the Lord Jesus Christ for working in the camps.


  4. Elitist are worried because Donald Trump loves America and the elitist don’t give a tinklers damn about America. They also know they can not control Donald Trump which is a great thing for America. Oath Keeping patriots will be glad to guard Donald Trump at no cost upon his request because i know about the elitist and their tactics but we are good at what we do and we will protect him so that he can lead America back to Her foundation therefore making America great again!


  5. -| ; ( ) “The ranch owner, John Poindexter, later tried to clarify his comments, telling “CBS This Morning” Scalia had a pillow over his head, not over his face as some have been saying. The pillow was against the headboard.” (Notice: Donald Trump apparently commented about it on two radio talk shows.) Question: If this is simply a misunderstanding (i.e. the pillow was not in contact with his body) then what is the likelihood that the ranch owner would mention anything about the pillow when commenting about the death of Justice Scalia??? Also did Justice Scalia usually sleep/rest in bed without resting his head on a pillow??? Also how long did it take for the owner to attempt to “clarify”???


  6. Jack says:

    The Super Elite are going to face super defeat. Your only elite in your heads to me your a piece of shit scum like a murder! You think your tough and have connections with people or animals who own the bank! you will be defeated your out numbered. And when one fights for a righteous cause he puts all he has because it’s survive or dissappear. Where not going no where whether you have F-16 or or stealth planes. You can never plant intimidation in the hearts of the people. Fuck all the zionists on the planet!


  7. It was said his nght clothes were not wrinkled. Perhaps after changing for bed, he suffered a heart attack before reclining in bed, fell upon it, and stayed there with his clothes unwrinkled, and the pillow in its place….


  8. If the pillow was “in its place” (according to your scenario) then what was meant by it being above Justice Scalia’s head (and in the ‘clarified’ version near the headboard)? Also it seems from the report that Justice Scalia’s position in the bed was deliberate – not via collapsing (“”He was lying very restfully. It looked like he had not quite awakened from a nap,””). Sorry, but your alleged scenario doesn’t fit with the initial report ( ) or with the subsequent report “to clarify” ( ; ( )). DO YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT A REASONABLE INVESTIGATION WAS PERFORMED? DOESN’T THAT ALSO INVITE SUSPICION? ALSO GIVEN THE SERIOUS POSSIBILITY (IN THIS ELECTION) FOR ONE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE TO LITIGATE THE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN REQUIREMENT OF ANOTHER PRESEIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, WASN’T IT REASONABLY POSSIBLE THAT SCALIA WOULD HAVE ISSUED A 5-4 DECISION THAT WOULD ALSO RESULT IN INVALIDATING THE PRESIDENCY OF OBAMA AND ALL HIS LEGISLATION AND APPOINTMENTS (IF VATTEL WAS FOLLOWED)?


  9. Marilyn Turner says:

    Trump is the only billionaire I have seen who is willing and able to use his own money to make America great again! He is putting his money where his mouth is and can run this country. He will run it better than any politician who is so busy paying back favors to the elite who have dictated their agendas. GO STAIGHT TO THE WHITEHOUSE MR. TRUMP!!


  10. Evelyn Graham says:

    Mr Trump, only you can put these egos in their place. Only you!! Don’t be bluffed. You Got This!!! put nothing above them to try to stop you. Do whatever it takes to protect your life and family. Prayers with you always.


  11. Btenda says:

    I pray God Almighty protects Trump and his family, and that Trump also knows Our Lord and Savior. That the elites gets what’s coming to them 4 all the harm they caused the children and all of us. God Bless.


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