Donald Trump vs The Bilderberg Group –  Global Showdown Exposed {Videos}

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Meet the Bilderberg Group – an annual gathering of 130 of the Western world’s top financial, corporate, political, academic, media, military and policy elites, held every year since 1954.

To make sure you understand the Hillary connection in all this, here’s a condensed explanation of how Bilderberg works. For more info, just Google for yourself.

They meet behind closed doors, at five-star hotels, where participants are encouraged to speak frankly – meaning “off the record” and away from the prying eyes and piercing ears of the public. Some journalists and media executives are invited, but they don’t actually cover the meetings: they simply attend them as guests.

The famous exclusivity and secrecy of the Bilderberg Group, we are told, is designed to encourage frank and open discussions among some of the most influential people in North America and Western Europe. But unlike its portrayal as a place where powerful people…

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6 thoughts on “Donald Trump vs The Bilderberg Group –  Global Showdown Exposed {Videos}

  1. phil fan says:

    Good info. I have an idea I’m putting out at various places to counter these ‘masters of the universe’ Dianne:

    We need to assemble 1 million peaceful patriots at the convention site in Cleveland to encourage a fair outcome

    Been thinking about this, waiting for the right time to put it out there. Would love to see a million or more assemble in Cleveland to make known our support for DJT during the convention.


      1. phil fan says:

        If it comes to that, a close convention, it may be important for us to show up there and show our overwhelming support for Mr. Trump. It’s early yet so we will see if this will be useful. It will be obvious if it is needed. I’m sure of overwhelming turnout if so.


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