Cruz’s entire campaign has went south to the border way past Cuba, took a few spins and is now sitting in the Bermuda Triangle – somewhere out there with other lost souls.

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The Cruz campaign has now pulled another “Doc Carson” only this time it is TREY GOWDY who supposedly isn’t showing up to endorse Marco Rubio – but now proudly endorsing Ted Cruz. I’m surprised they didn’t also claim that Rubio encourages others to vote for Ted as well.

When will these guys stop? When will they get a clue as to how horrible they are looking? Needless to say, the South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is not happy.

“In the last week, we have seen a systematic effort by Sen. Cruz and his allies to spread false information and outright lies in the hopes of winning votes by appealing to our lowest common denominator. Now, it’s been reported that a fake Facebook page has been used to fool South Carolinians into thinking that I no longer support Marco Rubio and that I’m instead supporting Ted Cruz.”

My, my….how the Rafael snake slithers no matter what Christian state he is in.


“Nothing could be further from the truth and I’m demanding that Senator Cruz and his campaign repudiate these dishonest and underhanded tactics,” Gowdy continued. “We can have a debate about the future of our party and our country. But we need not leave our integrity behind.”

Trey, I’m afraid it is too late for Cruz, for you cannot leave something like integrity behind when you never had it to begin with. This campaign is proof positive there is none in his entire camp, nor any he is surrounding himself with.

The Face Book page in question is called “Trey Gowdy Prayers,” and has Trey supposedly stating that at the recent debate revealed Rubio’s total lack of integrity, intellect, and foresight and he was switching his endorsement to Ted Cruz.

“To all my Christian and Conservative friends in South Carolina, I hereby formally endorse Ted Cruz for President of the United States.”

A spokesman for Cruz, Rick Tyler smugly touted that Congressman Gowdy was ‘throwing around wild accusations without any evidence whatsoever,’ and claimed the Cruz campaign had nothing to do with the Facebook page.

“This is called a smear campaign,” Tyler said, “And it’s beneath the dignity of a sitting member of the House of Representatives. Does the Marco Rubio campaign really believe it’s going to smear it’s way to victory?”

Wow, is my comment, spoken just like Cruz has recently mocked Trump for accusing the same type of underhanded tactics. Snipping such similar quips. Now we know who is writing all this psyop script. Gas light them and watch them go crazy seems to be the plan. The truth is, people are wide awake and everyone knows exactly what is taking place and who is orchestrating the entire show.ted cr12654288_1708996379324379_1845978214056446083_n

CRUZ IS RUNNING THE MOST DISPICABLE PUBLIC DISPLAY OF FILTHY DEVILISH ACTS EVER WITNESSED IN PUBLIC. He simply is unfit to run for any office and should very well be disqualified from the entire GOP presidential race for fraud and ethics violations.

What will he and his like do next? I believe God is allowing him to do so much so the people drunk on his lies will finally open their eyes. I am sitting back and waiting to see how many will?

Dianne Marshall








  1. Shela says:

    It is true all minds do not see things the same way nor think alike. I think you are correct in what your seeing but I also saw a little different. 1.) it is very plain Ted Cruz campaign is lying. 2.) these super pac’s are not stupid. It appears their ruining their campaign on purpose. 3.) so now why? I smell a rat!
    He is drawing attention to himself b/c we are wondering what outrageous lie he will come up with next. For even his own supporters have to be confused. They know these lies are ruining his campaign. While all eyes are on him what are we missing else where? I still feel he knows he’s not going to be allowed to run. The ineligible issue. My husband said he heard Donald Trump was going sue him over it. My comment was Donald shouldn’t have to. The ones in charge of that part of getting on a ballot should tell Ted Cruz you have so many days to being your papers to me in correct order with State seals on birth certificate. End of it. If he brings them ok if not let’s move right along. Why are we making everything so hard. Some grown up needs to take charge. Now, what is Ted Cruz R.E.A.L.L.Y doing? If he’s not going crazy b/c he’s just realized he has no chance of ever being president unless someone changes our constitution (and I pray with my whole heart that never happens) he might of cracked up. I hear he’s a very ambitious man. He’ll stab anybody in the back that gets in his way. Maybe the pressure was to much for him? Or maybe him and Beck have been drinking out of the same glass?
    This will end the election for Rubio also. The birth issue for him also. Could it be the super pac’s are saying after all this Jebra Jane Bush will look mighty darn good to them conservatives. Ted Cruz & Jebra Jane do have same super pac’s. I heard Jebra Jane was their man all along. They just been trying to figure out a way to raise him in the polls. This just might do the trick? Gotta watch them super pac’s.
    Nevertheless, Ted Cruz is lying right out in the open. No sneaky business. What in the devil is that ole’ boy up to? Time will tell! And I don’t think it’ll take to long.

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    1. phil fan says:

      I think you are right Shela = the crazy crazy stuff started w/Beck and Ted AFTER Trump was asked about the NBC issues. Then Cruz went nuts and is not stopping even tho he will never get nominated much less elected Prez. But none of the issues have been resolved, none will go away. Cruz must still answer the questions. BTW I think he gets blown out in the SC primary this Saturday by 20 points behind our man Trump

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  2. Tom says:

    This is fishy. If the Cruz campaign was going to try to pull this off they’d do it on Friday or Saturday, so Gowdy wouldn’t have a chance to deny it until after some votes had been cast. Doing it on Tuesday gives Gowdy plenty of time to deny it, and plenty of time for Cruz to be damaged by it. This timing benefits Rubio and Trump more than Cruz


  3. Cruz’s dad is a lying criminal that is running from the law when he defected from Cuba to Canada to keep from being persecuted I mean really Cruz is desperate to lie and go after Trump and a gentleman like Carson stealing his votes and now Cruz is lying about Rubio trying to steal votes from him

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  5. YOU MUST VOTE FOR MARCO RUBIO TO SEE WHAT HE STANDS FOR RAPE VICTIMS SHOULD AND MUST BE IN CUSTODY IF THEY ARE PLANNING ABORTION OR PLANNED PARENTHOOD. ANY PERSON OR ORGANISATION INVOLVING THEMSELVES IN IDENTITY OR ADOPTION FRAUD TO CHANGE A CHILDS OR FAMILIES RELIGIOUS BELIEFS CULTURE, IDENTITY, GENDER, FOR THE PURPOSE OF FINANCIAL GAIN OR LEGAL STATUS MUST BE EXPOSED AND SUFFER THE FULL FORCE OF THE COURTS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AND MUST BE IN CUSTODY. AS THIS IS THE MOST INDICTABLE OFFENCE ONE CAN DO IS TO USE A CHILD OR ANY PERSON TO SEPERATE FAMILIES AND HARM CHILDREN IN THIS MANNER .as a rubio team member volunteer i can 100 percent vouch for marcos honesty integrity and religious values. he has all the PROOF AND EVIDENCE to back up any RELEVANCE OF THESE TOPICS . marco must be given all rights on immigration welfare and citizenship social security issues and voting rights. i voice the conventional wisdom that guides much horse-race commentary about the GOP campaign: “Part of the dynamic up to this point,Donald Trump has been, you know, in the mid 30s to low 30s, high 20s, in most of the polls, and then you have 70 percent of the Republican electorate that says, ‘We’re not voting for him.’ But they’re divided up among five or seven people. So as that five or seven people continues to narrow down, I think it’s going make the race clearer and clearer.When there is cash on the table, VOTERS are not going to be swayed when a candidate receives attention from the fickle media, which might momentarily inflate numbers from polls. On the other hand, bettors who are prepared to put their money on a candidate might be more familiar with that candidate’s strengths before the general public is aware of them .WE ALL KNOW AS VOTERS THE MEDIA FABRICATE STORIES WITH NO EVIDENCE OR PROOF FOR A VARIETY OF REASONS. MARCO RUBIO HAS BOTH EVIDENCE AND PROOF ON EVERYTHING HE STANDS FOR HE HAS THE RELIGIOUS AND FAMILY VALUES AND INTELLIGENCE AND HEART TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL OF US SO OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS CAN COME INTO A WORLD OF LOVE AND GREAT MORALS.


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