CRUZ  Andy Marlette

Beck has gone from town crier to the wailing false prophet – now crying and begging for you to vote Cruz on his campaign trail of fears. To hear Beck one would believe he is the only man who has a past that was ever worthy to be forgiven…and because of that you must all now follow him and what he says or you WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN, at least not by him, or Cruz. (As though that matters one teeny bit?)

Has anyone slurping at the Beck/Cruz  well of lies ever stepped back and even thought about what this “come to the light” road show looks like to those who aren’t slurping the snake oil? To me it looks like I am watching Syndrome vs Mr. Incredible.

This entire Cruz revival for America is a constant reminder of why Beck is losing his audience and why Cruz must never be elected. Watching backstabbing, pathological liars who continue their attacks with no conscience is very scary.  Especially when they truly believe that God would have them do it. My question is what happened to them?  Or were they born that way? Either way the only hope for America is to pray they be born again.

I’m not listening, and not bidding them farewell at all.  I’m sending them away for they are knocking on my door with another doctrine.  One I NEVER want to know more about. I HAVE SEEN AND HEARD ENOUGH.

Dianne Marshall


  1. We should pray all people repent & turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. In this evil time where the good vs evil, we know who will come out on top. The Almighty God & the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone should have a change of heart, mind & get down on your knees to pray to the only true & living God & the Lord Jesus Christ.


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