There are many American women who have married foreigners and had children.  Does that make all of these foreign born children eligible to run for president if they ever so decide to come over to the USA and run for president?  NO.

There is a reason that natural birth eligibility is a child of two citizens and born on USA soil.

Please open the link and see the historic record of American women who have married their prince charming from another nation.  Of course they got on the white horse and galloped off to foreign lands, but with a passport I am sure they will be just as willing to send their children to the states and claim their birthright to run for president. What?  It don’t work that way?  Then someone had better tell senator Cruz.

Americans Who Married Royalty

Dianne Marshall


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    In this topic, it’s key to not lose focus on what is the difference between a “born Citizen” and a “natural born Citizen”? Natural apparently is derived from Natural Law and indicates obvious/self evident (independent of any human law). If someone is born in the United States when both parents are U.S. citizens then this would be obvious (independent of human law). However, Ted Cruz was apparently born in Canada and Ted Cruz’s father was NOT a U.S. citizen when Ted Cruz was born. Such a case would not be obvious and thus while statute (8 U.S. Code § 1401 – Nationals and citizens of United States at birth‏ (https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1401 )) may indicate that Cruz is a “born Citizen” it would NOT necessarily mean that Cruz is a “natural born Citizen”. Thus, CRUZ CLEARLY DOES NOT SEEM TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PRESIDENT.

    Just to quote from http://www.cafeconlecherepublicans.com/is-ted-cruz-a-natural-born-citizen/#comment-172661 : “Is it reasonable to believe that one could be a “natural born Citizen” of more than one country? Is it reasonable to believe that someone like Canadian born Ted Cruz could be a natural born Citizen of Canada, Cuba, and the United States? What about Marco Rubio? In the movie Superman (1978 – with Christopher Reeve), Superman is faced with the challenge of saving two cities at the same time; which city (and people) will be his priority? Ted Cruz, until recently, was a Canadian citizen born in Calgary … If Ted Cruz could only save one city in Canada (example: Calgary) or one city in the United States (example: New York), then what would he do? Regardless of what Ted Cruz would ultimately do, to say that his background wouldn’t make the choice more difficult would apparently accuse him of being a sociopath. On the other hand, to admit that obviously his background would make the choice more difficult is exactly why he is not qualified and suitable to be the Commander in Chief. Indeed, it was reportedly George Washington who ultimately decided on “natural born Citizen”. Who better than a military leader, such as George Washington, to be extremely sensitive to the behavior exhibited by members of the military often under extreme duress with little time for deliberation – many of whom could have harbored mixed feelings about the revolution against Great Britain.”


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