Donald Trump

The Trump presidency will be one of public participation where the voice of the people is finally heard. There will be so much accomplished to clean up messes in the first 100 days the people will be over joyed and filled with hope.  What will be so exciting to see is an administration filled with America’s finest and most brilliant minds, each one participating in a YUGE rollout of action to make America great again – ahead of schedule and under budget!

Trump is going to clean up the corruption and bring honor back to the office of the president.  He needs each one of us to make that happen!   Let’s do our part and get out the vote!  Remember when voting, each person must double check to insure their vote is cast for Trump and let no machine switch your vote to another candidate!

Dianne Marshall



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    Reply to tdmoeller – – You wrote “Could anyone here tell me, in clear and honest terms, why I should trust Trump based on his past performance?”

    Donald Trump appears to be our only hope with at least almost 30 years of consistency (in terms of the economy – especially trade) as evident from “Donald Trump Teases a President Bid During a 1988 Oprah Show” ( ) (Also observe Mr. Trump’s expert testimony approximately 25 years ago ( (before the “House Task Force on Urgent Fiscal Issues met on November 21, 1991”))) Also Donald Trump is self funding. Also almost 30 years ago Donald Trump described himself as a taxi driver, worker Republican (1:10 of (Donald Trump Interview 1988 Republican convention)). In a nutshell: Trump gets it, Trump’s not corrupt, and Trump relates to We the People. Trump also has stood his ground against illegal immigration despite an avalanche of ‘politically correct’ pressure. It’s also good that he is currently conservative in terms of the second amendment, pro-life, against common core, and relentlessly advocates for our military and veterans. (Btw, Reagan also evolved). I also believe he will be a good friend of Israel ( ) and extremely pragmatic in terms of foreign policy in general. Besides Trump’s extreme intelligence, Donald Trump seems to be a caring person (who now wants to apply his ability to amass wealth and desire for a high standard of living on our behalf). That’s a summary of why I support Donald Trump and pray may G-d please bless and protect Donald Trump.

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  2. Tsoni Hansen says:

    I hope one of the first things you do is to outlaw lobbying! This is the most destructive thing in our government! It turns good men and women into money grubbing self serving idiots! And thank you for your service in advance!


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