I kept looking for the news on Trump is going to run third party that Fox news reported earlier today during the live press conference.  Cameron spoke almost in a whisper as he relayed the breaking news that was as broken and shattered falsely as fast as he whispered it. The fact is Trump announced the fact that the GOP had not honored their part of the loyalty pledge but did not say that he was running third party.

Yet, another skewed media message….I finally found the actual piece and listened and indeed MEDIA DID MORE FALSE REPORTING. Then I found a report by Dupree – see link below, that confirmed the media jumped the gun.

What he said was,“I signed a pledge, but the pledge is not being honored by them. … They are in default of their pledge.”

If Trump did decide to run third party – he would definitely still win the vote of America.  There is no such thing as the term “conservative” and there is no such thing as a “GOP Party”, not anymore.  It is all ESTABLISHMENT ELITE as it has been for a very long time.  The only difference now is – the people NOW SEE IT!

Just setting the record straight.  Trump voters know that if and when Trump announces a change this significant…no one will have to whisper it for he will do his own bold, announcement.  So, that being said- let’s make America great again and get out and vote for Trump!

Dianne Marshall

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  1. Shela says:

    Does this make anyone else tired?
    Now you listen here, as granny would say. You ain’t about to get us side-tracked fooling with the likes of y’all.
    Now I say, hey Fox tabloid News cut the crap out!
    It is giving Dianne a headache!
    Teasing you friend!
    gotta just laugh at them sometimes.
    One thing that has come of this whole charade is everyone nurse practitioner, teachers, insurance agents, EMS workers I’ve talked to all said I can’t stand Fox New anymore. I used to like them. No more especially that tootie Megyn Kelly or bawlbag Glenn Beck. Whooo hooo we got their career down the tubes for lying about the Donald. Hey! We’re ready to take the rest of you down. Just bring it on. Your in the South here. These Southerners won’t cut you no slack! Something tells me the North won’t either!

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  2. Shirley says:

    Trump we are with you to the Whtehouse,. Stay working just like you have been you have them running scared. You will win this son keep on telling them how bad they are. WE WILL VOTE DONALD TRUMP AS THEY DO NOT SCAREBUS.

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    1.Cruz started working for establishment in 1994. College: Harvard. Professor: Laurence Tribe.(same college and professor as obama)

    2. 1999-2003, Cruz works as the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission.

    3. Cruz worked as Solicitor General of Texas under Greg Abbott 2003-2008

    4. 2013 Ted Cruz joins the republicans at the NRSC to ensure establishment republicans stay in power

    5.Ted Cruz on His Wife’s Connection to the Council on Foreign Relations

    6. Council of Foreign Relations lists Heidi Cruz on website for North American Union as “Task Force Member”

    CFR: HEIDI S. CRUZ is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.

    7.Ted & Heidi Cruz and the North American Union

    8.Ted Cruz’s closest advisers work for the CFR

    9. Cruz pushes Agenda 21 wetland project:

    10. Cruz Supports Giving Fast Track Authority on Trade to Obama

    11.Ted Cruz proposes “Legal Status for 11+ Million Illegals, Double Legal Immigration”

    12. Ted Cruz says he will NOT deport illegals.

    13. Ted Cruz was for Anchor Baby Birthright Citizenship

    14.Ted Cruz proposes increase H-1B visas(foreign workers who take our jobs) from 65,000 to 325,000 annually

    15. Ted Cruz proposes minimum H-1B(foreign workers who take our jobs) wage increase from $100,000 to $110,000.

    16.Ted Cruz supports US taking more Syrian refugees

    17.Ted Cruz was against Ethanol subsidies but for Big Oil subsidies

    18.Ted Cruz Demands Federal Money For Texas Floods After Blocking Hurricane Sandy Relief

    19. Cruz voted with Democrats/establishment on spending plan

    20. Cruz voted with democrats/establishment for CISA

    21. Cruz refuses to attend Audit the Fed vote

    22. Cruz voted for Obamacare

    23. Ted Cruz top contributors: Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Lawyers..

    24. Ted Cruz gets money from BANKSTERS Goldman Sachs and Citibank.

    25. Cruz defends GMO’s

    26. Cruz sides with BLM and Feds on land grabs

    27. Cruz for Common Core

    28. Cruz Regulates Homeschoolers

    #Cruz #GOP #RNC #establishment #globalist


    1. phil fan says:

      I agree, Donald should not run 3rd party. It would cost him a fortune and a win is not guaranteed. He should beat the living daylights out of the GOPe fat cats and take over their miserable party for a much needed house cleaning. Then win the general and git going on reviving the USA


  4. VERY ODD they made this faux announcement the day before everyone MUST be registered with their chosen party for the SC Republican Primary, or they are SOL.

    No confusion tactics being used here. Move along folks, it’s just TainTed ToasTed Ted Cruz & Team at it again.

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  5. It is time we have a true American in the White House without political correctness (whatever that means). No one knows what that means anymore. Megyn Kelly hate for Donald Trump is humorous. Her ex has already told about her greed & selfish little tantrums. She apparently is jealous of Donald Trump’s wealth.

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  6. Shela says:

    I believe the establishment’s canididate is and was from the beginning Jebra Bush. They just didn’t know people really don’t like him. Plus they didn’t count on Trump messing up stuff.- Ted had a reputation in the Senate of being a nasty guy. Trump told us at the debate he was a nasty guy. Since the debate he has told bold faced lies and proved he’s a nasty guy. All this shanagen’s was Probably planned from the beginning. They probably all this worth while for Ted. Kinda like paid actors. Establishment knew he had the eligibility problem. Now he can lie and trash Trump and Jebra can look squeaky clean. Jebra won’t have to get down and dirty slinging mud. Let nasty Ted do it for him.- Rubio has eligibility issues and a first turn Senators who doesn’t show up for work. If the talking heads didn’t try to build him up he would not even be a consideration. -Establishment thought Jebra Bush would be a easy win. BUT Then Came Donald Trump. He has messed the plan up. I believe we will see some of the dirtiest Trump bashing and lies in the next few weeks. It will be a bombardment I believe. But then, I hear Roger Stones book…
    Jeb And The Bush Crime Family hits the book stores today. Wonder if that’s the surprise Donald Trump said was in store after the South Carolina debate? I Read the reviews on-line. True story by a investigative journalist best selling author Roger Stone. Can’t wait to read it. Interesting….


  7. Fox wasn’t the only one either. Newsmax reported not only that he had threatened to run third party, but that he was in part making the threat as part of his response to Ted Cruz’s lies. In actual fact, he spoke on the two issues (Cruz lying, and the RNC stacking the debate audiences) as seperate, and he did not, in his criticism of the RNC, threaten a 3rd party run. I know the news media as it exists these days is pretty horrible, but I couldn’t believe the Cruz level lying going on all across the networks today. Truly sickening. They can all screw themselves.


  8. You can certainly see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.


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