America loves listening to a real conversation on what is happening in America and that is what they get with Trump – the real truth on what’s going on.  Political correct speech is in the trash.  It’s time to call an onion and onion and a horse a horse.  Trump does that and he minces no words.  It’s about time someone spoke what the people have all been thinking and shouting at their TV sets!

Only one candidate is not owned by lobbyists, and donor money – that one is Trump!  Only one is loved for not being politically correct – that one is TRUMP! Only one is the voice of the people….and you guessed it…that one IS DONALD J. TRUMP!

Dianne Marshall


7 thoughts on “LET TRUMP BE TRUMP!

  1. phil fan says:

    Trump being Trump is right in the Center politically, the middle and the great majority of Americans call this their natural political home. Many of the left are finding Donalds positions and commonsense solutions very attractive indeed. Favors America first, a strong military we won’t need to use, a Wall, rational immigration, fair trade, etc? They love it and are taking a look. And the Neo-Con right is seeing their “all war, all the time”, America the bully, open borders, deficit spending big government program has been rejected. The phony whining of Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Bill Kristol, National Review and hundreds of other mouth pieces are seen to be traitors to making America Great.

    I’ll follow and the vast coalition he is leading. The extreme right- neo-cons- and the extreme left- collectivists- are destroying America in their pursuit of personal gain and their bowing to globalist goals to break America our Nation.


  2. Shela says:

    I loved Donald Trump in the debate! Wonderful job!
    Now my comment along with a question. Maybe one of the posters here could reply and clear up my confusion. I’m new to this really finding out what’s going on in the world. I’m guilty of being one of those people that drive me nuttie now. One who listens to the evening new read the morning paper and truly believe They know exactly what’s going on in the world. Ok question….
    Jeb Bush states he would not bomb and kill in Syria because we along with Russia are harming not helping. Donald says we don’t even know who they are. He would destroy them and he does not object to Russia helping. He feels he can get along with Putin. With That said…
    I read in Global Research News that Russia has just about got the bad guys encircled and Obama & Kerry are having a jumping fit trying to pause fighting To have a meeting with Putin to talk. Last I heard Putin was agreeing to talk but he wasn’t going to stop fighting b/c he knows it’s a plot to reorganization and restructuring the plan. I also believe Putin says there’s no such thing as moderate rebels. He says Rebels are Rebels. In fact Putin said, “What do moderate rebels do cut off fewer heads than Those that are not moderate rebels?”
    Now my question is does Jeb Bush read Global Research? Does he know what’s happening? Are maybe Global Research is wrong. Another thing.. If Jed Bush is…. as we say in the South, ” just shooting off a bunch of shit” why don’t some of these other candidates call him on it? The American people that get their information from the half brain main stream media need to know the truth . So what’s the real truth? Somebody please tell the people. They don’t know how desperately in trouble this nation is in! They don’t know just how desperately wicked and evil our leaders and those canididate running really are!…. I have a idea Mr. Trump… I know it would be expensive but as you say so far you’ve spent very little money compared to what you expected to spend. The people I talked to and tried to tell what’s going on just today, the best I know how to tell them roll their eyes at me and say I haven’t heard anything about what you’re talking about. I say you want either. Our News doesn’t tell the truth. Then they say it’s not been in the paper either. I try to tell these people who have gotten their News from radio & T.V all their life that they all lie. Eye rolls ( get the tin foil hat) they think I’m nuttie……
    So listen Mr. Trump. You know those 30-45 minute commercials about vacuums, weight loss products. Exercise equipment that we see on T.V? Those 30-45 minutes of paid advertising. You desperately need to make one of those and run it everyday till the people get a understanding of what’s going on in America! Oh I pray this gets to Mt. Trump!


    1. Shela, the fact is Putin is winning with ISIS, the US and Western foreign policy is bent on toppling Syria, and moving forward with their plans. ISIS was created by Obama and Hillary, Putin called them out in 2014 and 2015 on their nation topline and failed foreign policy and what we hear on the news are lies. At the last debate the same failed foreign policy garbage was brought up – why? They all have the same CFR foreign policy advisors telling them what to say. Only Trump knows the real facts and he and Putin both are against the new world order western globalist goals. The refugee program is a United Nations mandate of nations designed to do what it is doing, that is create chaos on a world level that will lead o WWIII and a merging of new world order. It will not happen on Putin’s watch. The BRICS are also looking at the mess and tired of western ideas that leave them in a less than leader position. Venezuela is broke and rethinking this nwo thing. China is devaluing their currency to manipulate the markets, the oil has been manipulated to crush Russia’s economy and all is not what it appears to be. Putin is not the enemy, the globalists are. Turkey’s leaders want a world Caliphate and Saudi is against that, they want what they have been promised – more money for oil and now they control all the world trade with the ports in DuBai. What will happen is on the horizon and can very well mean a world war very soon. ISIS has our top military equipment because Obama has given it to them. It is a mess by design and out of control. They had not anticipated Russia to enter into the mix. Putin is protecting Russia’s interest and has exposed the NWO the same way Trump has exposed the establishment here.


      1. Shela says:

        Thanks for the briefing. I understand better now. I wish this could some how be broadcast for more Americans to hear. Told plainly. I see Now Trump is careful what he exposes at the right timing. I always felt he was not just emotionally blasting out his thoughts with no proof, He looks like he’s helter skelter and the canididate enjoy homing in on that perception. Do you think Trump and Putin are already talking? I felt like Trump didn’t say on National T.V just the other night (might have been during the debate can’t remember now) once again that he could get alone with Putin. I didn’t feel he said that just to be talking. In fact you know as well as I do Donald didn’t make 8 billion or more by being the dummy Ted Cruz & Jebra Bush (just love that name 🙂 Mario bro. Likes to tell the American people he is. I have always felt if we listen really listen to what he’s saying he is telling us information. We the people are not listening but the politicans are and their running scared. It seems the people are not getting what the North America thing really means? Nor all them alphabets like TTP really mean. Do you feel that? Much of the population is still asleep and trusting. I have been totally surprised at the number of people I’ve talked to that won’t believe the media is lying to them. Not all of them there are Fox, CBS, NBS, ABC CNN they say not all of them. In fact I been told over and over it is rumors that Cruz and Rubio are not eligible to run. Because if they were not they wouldn’t let them. (I wanna scream at that point) now these are school teacher, insurance agents, nurse practitioners, people with educations. Then when they say well the newspaper are not saying what your saying. When I tell them they are all in it together lying. Well I’m lucky not to be in a padded room. Right then I lose them. They believe nothing else I say. They refuse to read alternative news saying it’s tabloid news. There you have exactly how Brack Hussin Obama got elected a second term.
        Once again I say, ain’t this just a dandy mess?
        Thanks again for your reply.


  3. Shela says:

    What I meant by Trump and Putin talking was…
    Putin is very much aware The Donald is the author of the Art Of Ghe Deal… He called him a brilliant man.
    Lots of strategy know how. In fact 8 billion or more dollars worth of strategy. Just thinking out loud…


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