It is no longer about being nice, it is about being right.  If you are tired of hearing the lies from the little candidates owned by big donor money – stand up and speak out. Vote for the only one who isn’t playing games. Vote for the one who wants to really make America great again.

I for one am not for North American Union, nor am I for sustainable development goals that will and are leading America into a new world order.

If you are not wanting to be a North American Union and a unit of a global order, then you need to get out and vote for Donald J. Trump and help him make YOUR AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

America there is a bottom line. If you want a Kasich to cut your social security and go along with a global agenda then give him your vote.

If you want a liar and Canadian shill who thinks if you do not vote for him you are a Nazi, vote for Cruz.

If you want another Bush to have his mommy push more of the global new world order ideals through a presidency along with a dad who is the father of New World Order, vote for Jeb.

If you want a boy who is trying to figure out what job he wants to be when he grows up and is trying to find out where he fits in government – a guy trying  to find a job where he preferably don’t have to show up to do anything, then vote for Rubio.

If you want to vote for a guy who needs a Trump to make him look good after major fails, vote for Carson.

If you want to make America great again vote for TRUMP!

You can listen to lies or listen to truth.  It is your call.  I smile for I know that God is separating the wheat from the shaft right now.  Where will you be found?  Among the wheat or the shaft?  No skin off my back….I am with the wheat.

Dianne Marshall




  1. -(

    Regarding I have two primary concerns: (1) Is there any substantiation for the allegation of anti-Semitism? (2) Does this justify an attempt to suppress communication?

    Regarding the first question, I observed ( ) (Note: ; )

    This doesn’t persuade me that the website is anti-Semitic. (Please also note: ; )

    Regarding the second question, I’m left aghast at the attempt to suppress communication. Sarah Palin is a staunch supporter of Israel (and Jewish people) and this seems like psychological warfare against Sarah Palin (and the rest of us) for linking to the website. I especially really feel for Sarah Palin; she has been subjected to unfair and terrible attacks since she was selected as the GOP running mate approximately 8 years ago and now this. (Note: )

    Perhaps the accuser feels he doesn’t need to care ( ; ); in any event, I have made it a point to AVOID LISTENING to the radio talk show host in question …. “Distance yourself from a false matter” (Exodus 23:7 ( ))


    1. phil fan says:

      Antisemitism is in the fond hopes of Levin so he can have a hope of silencing his critics. He merely smears his targets but provides no evidence. Because there is none. But hey it worked for Alinsky so why not for the totalitarian right? Levin and many of his ilk in talk radio are globalists who Do Not Love America. He loves Israel first. Others put a UN/globalist agenda first and the big bucks in their pockets. Levin is verging on being an Anti-America with his love of a foreign nation first and his duplicitous twisting of the “Conservative” message he hoodwinks his listeners with. Levin has a future step-son in the Cruz campaign staff (or is it his daughter). This has been concealed by Mark Levin and exposed by the Conservative Tree House. Mark Levin s an anti-American liar and fraud.

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    1. Carolyn Myers says:

      Dianne Marshall, I really enjoyed this piece that you wrote. I appreciate your comments on each of the candidates. Well done! I taught high school English for 37 years.

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      1. Visiting this page again after it was written in February 2016…I have to say…I really did not need to defend a dang thing. It was the Cruz bots that shouted the loudest I am sure…and they are a bubble off any way. Anyone can follow my style and see what I meant. Only trolls would pick apart a wonderfully orated piece. Screw them all. Today….which is July 14, 2016 I have no need to educate the dull and tyrant nor explain anything I say or write. Those with eyes to see do see and the blind….well, they are protesting with ilk groups.


  2. Apparently, today, Trump explained that he was NOT serious about appointing his sister to the Supreme Court (approximately 4:05 of (interview with George Stephanopoulos)) (Note: ). Trump haters (liars) give it a rest!!! Trump is pushing for [someone like] Diane Sykes [, Bill Pryor, etc.] (-approximately 6:34 of (last night’s debate)).

    Also let’s not forget Canadian born Ted Cruz’s record regarding Supreme Court nominations:

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    1. Yes. He clearly stated it would be a conflict of interest. That was very presidential….the type of presidential America needs…not what we have now or have had. Refreshing to see a real man of reason.


  3. I am really trying to understand the blind trust people have in Trump. He has no history of being consistent on major issues and his getting along with politicos to gain favor is troubling. So many very smart people are rooting for him and I just can’t find out the reason why. Could anyone here tell me, in clear and honest terms, why I should trust Trump based on his past performance?
    Thank you for your time.


    1. platypus says:

      It has to do with his record as a leader. Since he never has held elective office, his “record” is anything but a record because he had no way to implement any of those issues. Now he is running for the presidency and he has asserted certain values that unsurprisingly are the same values we the people want to be asserted. Yet you wish to use his record of prior utterings as if he was a politician who promised things that eventually were reneged. It doesn’t work that way.

      Fully 75% of all things a president says he’ll do are things he cannot do without cooperation with Congress. Yet somehow Trump’s prior statements made as a private citizen are taken as if he could impose them dictatorially while other candidates are given a pass for promising things they CANNOT deliver.

      Make America great again. I frankly don’t care how – just do it. Trump 2016.

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      1. So it is actually a case of leader with ideas and possibly the chutzpah to push congress to act instead of playing grab ass? Maybe.
        If Trump is to lead, how does his prior positions with regard to many important values issues hold up? He has not been pro-life. He is for trade tit for tat and that never ends well. What kind of cabinet would he favor? So many problem areas. I thank you for giving me a heads up on the broader issue of someone making the system work not necessarily working the system.


    2. Trump respects people, he isn’t going to give America the shaft like others have and will. He doesn’t call us Nazi’s, crazies, clowns or a side show. Look at the others and follow them to your little utopia with the other hate filled people who have proven they are evil and using labels to win votes. They are the ones who are the problems. Sadly, they are lost. And frankly, I don’t give a dang who YOU VOTE FOR – so go figure it all out on your own. Shaft yourself all by yourself.

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  4. I think Mr Crude Cruz, needs to read the Book of Numbers, in the Bible., I think he might just find the description of himself, Rubio and Clinton. It mostly talks about defiling people. The Lord was very specific when He gave these Instructions to Moses. I think Mr Cruz has avoided reading this Chapter, or maybe his Priest, ignored the opening to confession, ” Bless me, Fathe, I have sinned.

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    1. I think you need to get your eyes out of the book of numbers and return to the cross. That is where salvation is. The Bible is the word of God, not your personal political guide.


      1. Bearing false witness has not changed. The only one using the Bible as a political guide, actually a shameful political weapon that will boomerang back soon (if it hasn’t already) is Rafael Cruz and Beck. They have been foolish and very unwise in their ranting and condemning a good man and good people. You need to find their blogs. Quit trolling here.

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  5. “Are You Among The Wheat (good guys /Trump supporters) or The Shaft (Cruz bots and those screwing us over)”. The word shaft is a play on words as I am known for doing. As the article opens up, it reads, ” It is no longer about being nice, it is about being right. If you are tired of hearing the lies from the little candidates owned by big donor money – stand up and speak out. etc.” It goes on to warn who the shaft guys are what you will get – in tongue and cheek way. I end with ,”You can listen to lies or listen to truth. It is your call. I smile for I know that God is separating the wheat (trump good guys) from the shaft (establishment/Cruz bots liars etc.) right now. Where will you be found? Among the wheat or the shaft? No skin off my back….I am with the wheat.” I have said shaft was a play on words, but it seems everyone thinks it should be “Chaff” instead. Most people got the play on words – or so many have commented elsewhere that they did and liked it. So…for those who didn’t? It is what it is.

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  6. phil fan says:

    This is not the only site Cruzbots are swarming. They are all over and don’t deny it. Funded by Mercer and what? Goldmine Sacks+12 other Pacs. Questions about Cruz are never answered = his lack of NBC status, his pandering to “non-Wall Street donors” when he has 15 lined up. Never mentioned. His creating and allowing TPA enabling TPP. His globalist agenda with Home Schooling. His cheating in caucuses. It just get swept under the rug and the Bots answer – “…but Trump”. No. I have yet to find one Cruz supporter who tells the truth. Like master like follower.

    No one is buying the Cruzaders baloney here or in SC as you will soon discover my friend.

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      1. phil fan says:

        Beat it. You are not fooling anyone, You are smugly trolling. You are not sincere and are in NO position to critique Me, Trump or looks like even answer MY questions about your Canadian. Like all Cruzbots you got nothing but fake questions

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  7. Definitely imagine that that you stated. Your favorite justification seemed to be at the net the simplest thing to take note of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while other people think about issues that they plainly do not realize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the entire thing with no need side effect , other folks could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

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