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Trump spoke common sense and won hands down again tonight.  The biggest applause of the night was given to Trump in the beginning when he spoke of not allowing Obama to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice saying to “delay, delay, delay!”

The media is busy now working for the establishment donor money trying to spin things as usual. What I heard tonight was good common sense from Trump. He answered boldly to obvious truths that we all know.  Trump called out the liar (Cruz) for his lies.  Cruz attacked, as expected, trying to put words in Trump’s mouth which Trump would not allow and interrupted correcting the blasphemous rhetoric remarking that now he knows why this guy Cruz does not have one endorsement from any of his fellow senators.

Trump worked overtime to stop Cruz lies, as it is obvious now that anything not defended is subject to the truth no matter how big of a lie it is.

Kasich was busy trying to make his record look good, in spite of the fact he has said recently in New Hampshire, that those who don’t want cuts in their social security need to just get over it and expect to take the cuts. Kasich is trying hard to look like an all American candidate, yet his record from those living in Ohio is another story.  Most liken Kasich to a new world order mandated governorship reigning over Ohio.

The writing was on the wall for Rubio that it was obvious he was still on the bottle when some of the questions raised involved his opinion.  (Not talking alcohol here…talking milk.) Rubio is not well seasoned and when he did not have his 25 second speeches memorized he was once again proven to not know how to hold a serious 10 second quip on the issue.

Jeb relied on his mom endorsing him so now all of America should get out and vote for him for that great reason and Trump quipped, “She should be running.” of which every one ran past that one real fast. Why?  I think that would have been an exciting topic.

So when that didn’t work Jeb reminded the audience that his dad was the biggest guy in his mind…expecting all to not remember George Senior’s words of, “It is a big idea, a new world order….”

Carson needed to be reminded that the only one on the stage that had come to his defense in Iowa was Trump, but he seemed to ignore that and just go for it on his own trying to be the guy America needs.  Which fell flat.  Thanking moderators for asking him a second question is just seeming to fail and not adding to any strong points at all. It on the other hand adds to his own quandary that he is not considered important.  Yet, Carson continues to do that to himself. Why?

Kasich is just a shill stand in for the other donor candidates that may lose, although he is hopeful that all the backers are sincere and seems to believe he is now the chosen one.

So, there it is people…who is in the drivers seat to lead America?  A Canadian whose campaign is based on lies and trashing others in the name of God, a Cuban anchor baby, another child of the Bush NWO goals, a Kasich who has Ohio up in arms pushing establishment goals, a Dr. who needs someone else to defend him, or DONALD JOHN TRUMP WHO WANTS AND HAS ALWAYS STATED THAT HIS PLATFORM IS TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?

My vote is for Donald John Trump….for as an American, my march, my voice, my vote is in making America what it was and is and stands for.  It is easy for me, for you see…I am an American.


Dianne Marshall




    1. Shirley says:

      Why will no one say
      “New World Order ”
      They are the biggest enemy we have. George Soros their frontman is our shadow president he tells Obama what to say and do to bring about their World domination. Say it New World Order. Rothschilds are the head of the snake. They have over 500 trillion in gold alone and they own everything else. These people say they are Jews but are not. Kahzarian Mafia that’s what they are. Please look it up and educate yourselves.


  1. Trump won again. Post debate poll is rising in Yuge number’s for Trump. What i find interesting how obvious the political establishment , media types are so locked into their elitism group think , that they don’t see or sense what is happening in this country regarding the electorate. On the democratic side Sanders the fascist (he is not a socialist , he want’s socialism for the masses and total government control of industry). That anyone on the left would prefer Sanders over Clinton is the tell, No more Clintons. On the right it will all be revealed soon. Cruz is not electable Rubio ,the ice creme man was typical , spewing his McCainesque neo-con Russia can’t do this Russia can’t do that , Really Marco , just what you going to say to Putin when he slides pictures of you naked at the Miami Foam parties , and I would say that exposure through this presidential campaign , it could be argued , those two might not be re-elected. Kasich , meh , he is a political wonk and go will go back to K street. I do agree with Kasich , when he said a couple days ago , “Jeb is ruining Family Legacy” , personally Jeb has done a Bush Back To The Future , Marty , i mean Jeb , you just look at him losing his composure in the heat of the battle , and I think and see a grown man….Sad, not really. No More Bush’s. Trump2016 COLD ANGER GROWING)

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    1. Why are “they” ignoring the YUGE elephant in the room…….hoping it will go away…..NOT GOING TO HAPPEN……DEAL WITH IT….WE THE PEOPLE have spoken, WE THE PEOPLE found out what the liars in DC were doing and NOW we have a leader in DONALD J. TRUMP, you preservationist will never get us 2 the promise land……..according to TRUMP, but TRUMP will lead us and WE THE PEOPLE……WILL follow!


  2. President Trump is the only one who says he loves us,and he will be working for us in every rally and debate you don’t hear anybody else say that. And he’s all constitution. Build the wall. Against illegals and put a hold on migration, bring back jobs, support vets,and on and on and on wake up AMERICA this is the next and only. #GO TRUMP.

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  3. TrumpFanFLA says:

    Thanks for the Debate coverage & commentary/critique. 🙂 Well done, real & humorous descriptions of each candidate.

    There’s not enough hours in a day to keep up with all the Debates, Trump Rallies, Interviews, etc., so blog articles like this are much appreciated!

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  4. Here in Arizona, we have a very big problem with illegal immigration, and none of the candidates, except for Trump seems to care about any of that. This is a fight for the very soul of our nation. If we don’t see it and do the right thing by voting for Donald Trump, then we, as a nation are finished, I’m sorry to say.

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    1. I totally agree. We are at the crossroads of losing America to corrupt, evil politicians that are part of the New World Order. Trump has exposed the massive corruption in our broken system. Obama wants to bring us down to a third world country. Illegal immigration is the # 1 issue in this election. We don’t want to end up like most of Europe.


  5. I want to thank the Marshallreport for their wide-angle lens…..looking at this new TRUMP Movement and addressing the issues that a lot of people(lay) don’t recognize. I appreciate the candor and the way things are written about in this blog…..and I WILL be back…..thanks…


  6. ccharley51 says:

    Excellent writing, Dianne, and analysis of the debate,too. I thought it might have gone to a fist fight the way it was allowed to go on like that. The worse liar, as you described, was Crude Cruz’ calling out Trump that he’d be going after our guns when Trump is a lifetime card member of the NRA, like I am, and a legal permit to carry handgun carrier, like me, & we who support him know how many times he’s stated at every rally that our Second Amendment is SAFE with him!! I want to point out that the Crude Cruz campaign has been showing how disdainful they are by making this despicable TV campaign ad, too the most deliberate, exploitation of children of the century, that we’ve seen at least 4 times a day since last Thursday here in SC, of these 3 kids smashing a doll house screaming, “Eminent domain! “Eminent domain!” I doubt they even really know what they are saying, as we know that these ads are “practiced” as the adults tell them what to say without explaining. So I would like it if you, or anyone reading this, who have kids of that age in that campaign ad, which look about ages 7 – 8, or maybe 6, to go and ask any kids what they think what “eminent domain” means and post it up here. Don’t tell them their answers are wrong, just get their honest first responses, sort of like doing an “Art Linkletter Kids Say the darndest things”, anyone remember that? If you do, you’re likely my age!! I just want to get the REAL truth out, not an act done by actors getting paid. And there’s more to that disdainful attack of Donald Trump’s ” eminent domain” squibble squabble….that elder lady’s multi-room house was also offered by another buyer in 1970, not Donald Trump, for $1million, which she turned down, then Trump offers her from $1.9 – 4.5 million in 1993, including a room in any one of his Trump Towers for LIFE, she also turned it down, went to court, which judge threw it out, saving Trump $4.5 million, & she eventually had to sell for $550,000 , losing out what could have been a better deal!! So, you see what they like to leave out, using negative ads that will ultimately ruin their chances for a nomination. I vote for Trump, too, the only one left that makes any sense. Trump is a Statesman, the others are just politicians. We’ve been looking for a Statesman for a long time and Trump fits the bill as a Statesman. #VoteTrump!


  7. Just a thought. Mr Trump wants to build a wall, I think that is a wonderful Idea, But give the building of it to the useless Illegals, have the Homeland security buses, deliver them to the building spot, and let them build the damn wall. Have the cost of the wall taken out of their income taxes, or pay, and put them all in pink uniforms, and house them in tents. As to the wall, it should be a 2 part thing one wall with 75 degree roof, and a mote, then the other part with an opposing 75 degree roof, and put them far enough apart so they cannot be breached, and if some should try they will fall into the mote filled with alligators. Alligators love mexican food. Just a thought from an engineer, whose dad was a builder.

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  8. Yvonne says:

    Trump won the debate big time . The others are bought and paid for by the system and Carson needs to get out period. Wake up America there’s only one man that will do what he’s promised and that’s Donald J. Trump. This election should be a landslide for him.


  9. Unemployment Has Increased From 46 million Under Bush To 94 Million Under the Obama Administration ! 22 million People Were Receiving Food Stamps In 2008 ! Today , 2016 There Are 46 Million Receiving Food Stamps ! America Is Fed Up And Are Embracing A True Job Creator And That Person Is Donald Trump !
    I Am An Independent Veteran Who Endorses And Will Vote For Donald Trump ! I Am Tired Of The Liars And Washington Wimps ! Vote Donald Trump 2016 !


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