truth 702789_1051458831572747_1306045084_n

… bold words to live by in my opinion.

Ted Cruz is NOT eligible to be elected President of the United States.

The man literally may not even have become a US citizen until he was a teenager.

That his campaign refuses to put out the documents that could kill this well founded speculation is pure insanity.

If they had it they would release it.

Honorable men are stepping forward and putting their reputations on the line saying Cruz is not eligible.

It is those voices I am listening to not some Canadian charlatan with no damn papers.

Written by John Miranda


  1. Shela says:

    Donald Trump already knows the truth. He’s got to many people working for him discovering hidden secrets like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rubio, all their hidden lies and secrets. Donald’s warning them to come clean before he exposes. He would rather they tell the American people the truth and come clean. Being the man he is a man of truth , he has no other choice he “must” expose. None of these men are who they say they are.

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  2. Sarge99 says:

    This Just Show The Level Of Corruption In American Politic’s??? And The Control The Foreign Investor’s And Corporate Elite And The Washington Establishment Will Go To Great Length To Keep Control Of There Puppet’s??? Trump Is His Own Man Not Bought And Payed For By Outside Influence??? Trump Is For Making America Great Again! Trump Potus 2016.


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