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To all the little “unknown bloggers” out there and all the little “unknown posters and groupers for Trump”  God is using you and has combined each little voice, and  each little fist into a YUGE sledgehammer of TRUTH!

Never underestimate the power of each one coming together.  It is a wondrous thing, an awesome thing.  Each little person’s truth is heard daily in the heavens and unlike in heaven, here on earth…it takes a shout and not a soft, solemn whisper in order to be heard. Not a mere thought.  God is listening and he is hearing the voice of the little people.  Each voice of the humble, even the thoughts of those who still read social media, but dare not post on any thing for fear of NSA and data based spy programs.  The same type of programs the SUPER PAC paid people are using.

Stand strong and know that little by little each voice here on earth shall be heard as it is in heaven!  Now back to earth and elections…we need to hold fast and tell truth and let those who are deceiving fall by the wayside.  Lift up your banner of truth and do not allow any politically correct pacifiers to shut your voice!

That is my message. Amen.  Go Trump Go! Help the man across the line guys!  He needs every one of us – together we are a sledgehammer!  GET OUT AND VOTE FOR THE ONE WHO IS STANDING UP FOR ALL THE LITTLE GUYS – THAT MAN IS DONALD J. TRUMP!

Dianne Marshall


  1. Amen…we are the little guys who are standing together one by one making up a mass of humanity that is standing up for what is right! We are numbers not to be ignored! Our hope lies in God, repentance and forgiveness and the one he has sent to lead us out of the mess we have found ourselves mired within. That man’s name is Donald J. Trump!

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  2. Kim says:

    Amen! Well said, Dianne. Thank you for sharing your devotion to informative, professional content on behalf of your spiritualism, patriotism and dedication to our country and presidential candidate, Trump! Let’s keep pushing forward.

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  3. Judith Sexton Biddle says:

    Diane Marshall, I just want to inform you…I never, ever signed up to get emails from Cruz, but nevertheless I still GET them…always begging for the much needed money he begs people to send to him FAST. But, I got curious when I noticed at the bottom of an email…the Cruz Privacy Policy. In it, he makes no pretense of obtaining information about you (us, ME!) AND, that he obtains names about others who correspond with you (us, ME!) and more that is just so sneaky and low down! Anyway, I am infuriated. Here is the link to all this. Please read it…

    Privacy Policy | Cruz for President

    P.S. He personally signs each email with his signature! I still have the last one. If you would like to see it, let me know.

    Judy (in Tennessee)

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  4. I’d must verify with you here. Which isn’t something I normally do! I get pleasure from reading a submit that will make individuals think. Additionally, thanks for permitting me to comment!


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