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How many in this photo are perfect? How many have never said a swear word, never drank, and never smoked, how many have never sinned?  Good luck TO  NEO CONSERVATIVES IN SORTING ALL THAT OUT!

Good grief.  I sure want to know where all these people are who are supposedly this or that.  Last I saw America is a land full of all sorts of people, nationalities, backgrounds, faiths, and ideas.  So good luck pushing for evangelicals, Catholics, protestants, ethnic groups, minorities, pink people and those who like chocolate bars.

If we are to believe the only person who has ever said a bad word was a candidate and all the people in state A, B, or C have never heard nor said one…good luck with that thinking.  If we are to believe any of the conservative bla, bla, bla on what type of people live here or there….then why in the world did Obama ever get elected, and why on earth is it that Bernie Sanders and Hillary are getting half of the states votes across the land?

WAKE UP this is AMERICA – and guess what…people drink, smoke, swear, and vote.  People who drink, smoke, and swear also help others when they need help. They also go to church and ask forgiveness. They donate to charities and they volunteer when the town gets flooded to fill sand bags.  Last I looked Iowa and South Carolina had taverns and still serve alcohol in fancy restaurants.  So much for the labels.

I am tired of the names, classifications and other such political correct junk.

My vote goes to Trump because I love America and want to make her great again, and because I do not want the UN goals of leading me and my children and future generations into a one size does not fit all new order of everything.  I am a proud American and I want to keep America and restore her back to the greatness she once stood for. The America that was admired by all and a thing called the American dream where hard working people could achieve their goals and raise their families in freedom.


Dianne Marshall



  1. Shela says:

    Jesus said, “He who is with out sin let him cast the first stone. ”
    The men slowly one by one dropped their stone and slowly walked away. Jesus said, “woman where are your accuser?” The woman said their are none. Jesus said, “Neither do I accuse you. Go, and sin no more”.

    Why I ponder do these people continue to search this man out hanging onto every word he speaks. In fact if they like his words & the people like his words they adopt them as their very on. They act as though they thought of the brilliant words. People think about it…. Has their ever been a man beside Jesus that was so loved by many and hated to the point they want to kill him. Ever before in our lifetime? Or for that matter ever! I’m by no means taking anything from our beloved Jesus. I said that because as much as the evil men tried to take down Jesus in the people’s eyes they couldn’t. Jesus grew more and more popular. Donald is no way, no how, even close to our Savior, but regardless of what moe hill is created the evil men make a mountain out of it. And Donald Trump’s popularity increases. Donald Trump is truly God’s chosen man 🇺🇸 Donald Trump 2016 🇺🇸

    This has nothing to do with my post subject but…
    I am listening to the Lou Dobbs show. These guests talking to Lou are almost hysterical. This man I didnt catch his name is talking . His voice is 3 levels to high talking 90 to nothing excited. Finally Lou stops him and says, what are you talking about? Of course he was talking about Donald Trump. Their fear level is off the ratings scale. Wow! All from one man have them hysterical! 🇺🇸 Donald Trump 2016 🇺🇸

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  2. phil fan says:

    I too am a proud American though retired in a foreign country. America is my home and is where my roots and my heart lay. Donald represents that to me and that is why I support him 100%. People who want to attack Trump are no friends of mine or of America. Perhaps they are haters or perhaps they are uninformed about Trump. Time will tell now won’t it? Nothing will change what America represents to me and to many around the world. The ‘world community’ is an abstraction devoid of substance or reality except to those who want to place themselves on top. These people have no place ruling America or the ‘Globe’ of their fantasies.

    America first and always.

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  3. Shela says:

    I am one of those “dreamers” ok everyone I feel all those eye Rolls 👍🙄🙄
    Your thinking oh no she’s one of them. Well I confess I’m one of them. The Bible clearly says in the last days you old men will dream dreams. The Lords been speaking to me too long in dreams to debate this. So now I will tell you what I dreamed. I dreamed the UN blew up. Now in the dream it literally blew apart and pieces were falling from the air blocks away.
    But… That is dream language. Kinda like charades. It could be in real time the members could get into situations they cannot reconcile and it desolves. I stated I pray Donald Trump if elected will pull the U.S.A out of this evil group. I dreamed it blew apart before we knew anything about the Donald. I pray this is truly a message to us from the Lord! Pray with me if you agree that the Lord will destroy this evil group.

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    1. I do believe that. I was told this morning from the Lord, “This fight is mine”. So I know the Lord is working in the camps. In the Bible when that happened, there were confusion in which they turned on each other. I am a Christian, however, I still believe Trump is The Lord’s choice. Since his running, there are a lot of things that have come to surface of the Godless in our government that would not otherwise the Americans would not have known. The executive order should be changed or abolish so the President has no power over the Senate & Congress or the American people. The delegates & super-delegates should hold no power over the voting process than any other American. The voting process should be changed free from internet interference & no control at all. There should be no political parties, establishment or any other entity that will speak for the American people. This does not include those who are aliens, immigrants or refugees into America. Must be American born. This is what the Lord is trying to teach America. What has arose from this chaos is too much love for money & too much power. That is the way it will have to be to recover our great nation. It is going backwards in laws, however you have to realize how many times the laws have changed since the beginning to gradually work up to this.

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  4. I drink. I smoke. And I can cuss the paint off from a brand new car.
    Sorry, but I put this response on the last writing of yours. Trump is moving forward like an unstoppable train. And I, for one am glad.


  5. Shela says:

    I firmly believe Donald Trump is God’s man for president. Has anyone ever seen The Lord so plainly and so strongly get involved in a presidential election before? Even when Sarah Palin was running we did not see God fight for her to win. He protected her life but did not fight for her as He is the Donald. Sarah is a great woman, I have read her books, the evil in Washington hit her hard. She is a strong woman but had no choice but to drop out. She loves the United States and would have done everything in her power to rescue her, and protect her but as we saw those evil career politician would have destroyed her. Had she been the one chosen by God that would not have happened…….
    Now we have The Donald! He Stands head and shoulders above all the rest. In strength, love, intelligence, integrity for U.S.A, with bull-dog determination, and power from the very hands of God, quick witted, can think fast on his feet, and knows the Art Of The Deal. He is Not afraid to call wrong out! Is he a Christian? That seems to be Teddy Crooked, lying, stealing losin Cruz million dollar question that he keeps trouting over & over. Well Crooked Cruz, I see no signs from “ANY” of your actions or deed that you are one. So we the people ask you that same question. Are you Ted Cruz a born again blood washed Christian? If so you need to come before the people of the United States of America humble yourself and repent of your wicked ways. Then you are required by the Lord to Repent to those you’ve wronged. Dr. Ben Carson would be a good place to start. I understand you have many co-workers in the Senate that you owe apologies to also. ….
    Now.. Is Donald Trump a Christian? Only him and God really know for sure. By his actions not just in this campaign but his life. The last say… 40 or so yrs. what I see is the fruits of the Holy Spirit in operation in his work, play, family life. No he isn’t trouting his Christianity in rallies wearing it like a badge of honor to get evangelicals votes. He is letting his very life speak to the evangelicals. He’s doing as the Bible tells us. He’s letting his light shine. In my 35 yrs. as a Christian I’ve never seen a more humble man. HUMBLE your shouting at me! Yes humble. Do you see his love for country, his love when he touched the veteran with no arms face, his love when he speaks of his family. That is a humble, loving and compassionate man. Where does love come from? God is love! No he isn’t shouting his salvation from the rooftops for votes. He doesn’t have to. Folks it shows in everything he does. Is he perfect? Not by a long shot! There is only ONE perfect ONE and he walked on water. I haven’t heard of any candidate being able to do that. There are some things The Donald holds dear to his heart. His personal relationship with The Father and his family. He will not trout either on a stage at rallies for votes. You see he knows this life is but a breath. Like a flower it blooms then quickly dies. Ahh but eternity. He is a visionary person. He sees far beyond this world into what lies ahead. There are at least 2 things I see right off The Donald will not sacrifice for votes. His Heavenly Father and his beautiful family.
    So Ted Cruz you go right ahead trouting your god & your family for votes. He doesn’t resemble what Donald’s and my God looks and acts like at all. Our Father doesn’t approve of lying, cheating and stealing. Our Fathers requires repentance when we have done wrong. Of course Donald Trump doesn’t like having to say I’m sorry to the Lord. That is because just like all children of the Most High God. We do not like to displease or hurt the heart of the One we love. Had you been a Christian yourself you would have understood what he meant by the statement he made about not liking to say he’s sorry to God. You would of understood immediately!
    Ted Cruz, I ask this question for all Americans…..
    Where do you stand with the Lord? Are you Saved? Where will you spend eternity should Jesus return today? We can not tell by your actions ( your life) your light is not shinning. Ted eternity is just that eternal!


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