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Looks like Rafael Edward Cruz has his own can of worms he needs to try to put the lid back on.  Before I share the latest news from the Web…let me remind everyone I am just a “little known blogger”  this message was written by a well known site.  For what ever motives the source had (perhaps in trying to clear up a long belabored issue?) the source has been around for a while – “The Gateway Pundit”.

The Gateway writer,  just reported that Ted Cruz entered the US illegally in 1974!  In a story (link below) Mr. Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. a retired colonel with 29 years of experience in the US Army Reserve, argues that Senator Ted Cruz entered the United States illegally as a child in 1974. His parents failed to file a CRBA form which is required by US law. Ted’s parents did not fill out the required form until 1986.

According to the Gateway Pundit article, regarding Ted Cruz citizenship and eligibility to run for office:

“Exactly how and when did Ted Cruz obtain U.S. citizenship?

The fact that it is still an open question at this stage of the Presidential campaign is a testament either to the galactic ignorance of our political-media elite or their willingness to place political expediency ahead of the Constitution and the law.

There is no third alternative.”

It appears according to the article and the diligent efforts made by those researching this subject that:

“It has been reported that the then nearly four-year-old Ted Cruz flew to the U.S. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1974.

Ted Cruz could not have entered the U.S. legally without a CRBA or a U.S. passport, the latter of which was not obtained until 1986.”

So don’t shoot the messenger(s) here, just do the right thing and have Cruz show all his documents that would explain the eligibility he has so stated.

“If Ted Cruz was registered as a U.S. citizen at birth, as his spokeswoman claims, then the CRBA must be released. Otherwise, one could conclude that Cruz came to the U.S. as a Canadian citizen, perhaps on a tourist visa or, possibly, remained in the U.S. as an illegal immigrant.

“It is the responsibility of the candidate for the Presidency, not ordinary citizens, to prove that he or she is eligible for the highest office in the land. Voters deserve clarification.”

Read the full article here:

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Dianne Marshall




      1. darla says:

        i dont recall any person saying that his bc having the hawaii seal i do not believe he was born in usa never have …what people dont get you can have a usa bc and not be born in usa and it states it on bc ..i have seen this type of bc with people born in mexico…i think with obama there was an issue of the hawaii seal that none was found on his copy all bc have that seal no matter were your born and its on the bottom the pic i seen of obama bc did not have the seal..the seal is visible with a copy


      2. Truthalone says:

        Actually the hospital Obama was born in Hawaii wasn’t even built until around 1976 so all of Obama’s information is a fraud.


  1. howard and theresa allyn says:

    cruz is a liar and he commited child abuse in the ad viedo he done against trump kids explioted to lie and to violence hes not a citizen he needs to go back to canada also be charged with child abuse

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  2. Phyllis says:

    I remember my 6th grade teacher saying the Constitution requires the POTUS to be at least 35 years old, and a natural born citizen of the United States, he emphasized “not a naturalized citizen!” That was back in 1956…so who changed the Constitution?!

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  3. Tony says:

    Cruz is dotch bag. Liar misrepresent fraudulent documents to sway voters to him. Pretty pathetic to take Ben Carson voters disregarding the truth by persuading his voters that Ben Carson is permanently suspending his campaign. Do we really need this kind of abusive candidate run our country. Our country needs true leadership who holds eithics to the highest of standards.

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  4. Who Is This Sandra Spinniken? and Who Was That Meant For ? As We All Know Ted Is A Liar, Theif, And Dishonest As Well, He Uses Kids In His Ads To Discredit TRUMP, That’s How Low He Is, Just To WIN VOTES, That’s How He WON IOWA. By CHEATING, AND STEALING VOTES, From Carson And Trump. I Would Like To E Mail That CRBA, MYSELF AND Ask Them What WE As AMERICANS CAN DO TO STOP HIM FOR RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT ? I AM GOING TO TRY AND DO It Tomorrow And See If I Get Any Responce From Them.

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  5. I’m a fan of Dr. Sellin and of Family Security Matters, but I believe he has erred in some of his conclusions.

    Were passports required of children when crossing the border in 1974?

    If Cruz’s mother didn’t file for a CRBA in Canada when Cruz was born she could have filed for a certificate of citizenship for Cruz when they came back to the US. That’s what I think she did. I don’t think Cruz has a CRBA, I think he has a certificate of citizenship and I think the date on it will show it wasn’t issued until Cruz was back in the US.

    Cruz was issued a US Passport. He had to show proof of citizenship to get that passport. What was that proof of citizenship and when was that documentation issued? That’s the burning question.


      1. darla says:

        funny i have crossed the canadian and mexician so has my children did not need passport nor birth certificates i used my youngest child bc in mexico as she was under years but just got passports two years ago so why people say in 1974 needed passports when my oldest born in 1983 i have never used our passports


  6. Carol says:

    Canada did not allow dual citizenship until 7 years after he was born. So he was only Canadian until 2014, AFTER he was already sitting as senator. You mean we had a foreigner as a senator? YES! The Constitution requires a person be a US citizen for 9 years BEFORE being senator. He knows, he doesn’t care, he will do anything illegal for his power grab.


  7. Pat says:

    So if a woman is a US citizen, goes to another country to work a job contract for a few years, her child isn’t a citizen or is eligible? I got it. Never mind focusing on the cultural, foreign policy and economic issues we face as a nation. Instead, let us pass a law that says no American mother is allowed to get pregnant if there is any chance they have to leave America to do a job for fear that there children wouldn’t be “natural born citizens.” Yeah, go liberty!


  8. Janet says:

    You can’t be illegal when you enter the US with your US citizen parents as a youth. If you have US parents, you are a US citizen no matter where you are born. Please people, please. Read the law and understand it. This is just distraction from the real issues. Cruz’ relationship to Goldman Sachs, who just paid a 5.1 billion dollar fine for unethical selling of mortgage bonds they knew were faulty should be more of a concern.

    Doesn’t it bother you more than there are over 40 top policy makes in the US government that have DUAL Citizenship with secular Israel? Where do their allegiances lie?
    There are way more serious things happening in the US, but you are all distracted by things that are not even true.
    Wake up!


  9. gseattle says:

    That anyone even votes for Canadian Cruz shows how stupid Americans are today, that he can even get on the ballot, since he’s not eligible, pretty disgusting.

    The Obama question is not whether the birth certificate is real, it’s whether the “Father” was a faked/payed stand-in to hide the fact that Malcolm X was his real father, height, mannerisms, all makes sense including that a handful of smart people watched/groomed him patiently for the task.
    About the only way I can think to diss them in this game is to point out they ignored X’s daughters. Hmmpf. Sexists!
    I think that’s a three-pointer.


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