It appears the Bush foreign policy that moved along to Obama has also somehow made it into the Cruz campaign. That policy is simply, “You are either for us or against us”.  It appears that many who have gone onto Cruz  social media sites and tried to leave have had computer problems and their computers crashed.  Maybe a virus?  I have no idea. I am only passing along the information that was sent to me with an urgent request to warn others of what is taking place. So, now I have done that. Who knows, it may have merely been a glitch in their campaign spyware data gathering information without your consent gone awry thingy? Or maybe they were on the site with their cell phone and that new app went hay wire?  I never thought to ask?

On a brighter side of all of the 2016 election – DONALD J. TRUMP is rocking the campaign trail in Tampa!  Another record attendance with thousands outside wishing they could have gotten in.  Love the Trump and everything he is doing to get his voice to the people.

Each day more and more get in line to help make America great again and believe me they are genuinely excited!  Let’s each do our part and get out and talk Trump and help get our guy in office so we can all help make America great again!

Oh, and last and most importantly – TRUMP SAYS HI AND HE LOVES YOU ALL!

trump wave 2015-12-29T021253Z_1765668652_GF10000277673_RTRMADP_3_USA-ELECTION-TRUMP

Dianne Marshall



  1. DC Lee says:

    As I mentioned yesterday I’ve received strange virus since going to Ted Cruz sites – be very careful people – they are doing something strange and I’ve got to take my computer to be debugged!

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  2. I keep Trump in my prayers & the whole election candidates. Cruz has proven his status quo (evil). Jeb Bush is also showing his true self. Kasick is not very strong. Rubio, I feel bad for because of the bad coverage he is getting from the NH debate. My heart & mind continues to tell me to vote for Trump & that is exactly what I am going to do.


  3. doubledenvy says:

    Same here , in particular , I have a 10 ln. Samsung tab. And I use in bed to browse news. For a week every visit to Breitbart was problematic( loading slow/not loading desired touch topic). Yesterday, Breitbart page froze, so I powered down, and powered back up, now Google search has been disabled. It is old (2 yes), but just the idea , that this subversion could take place is not surprising after watching the above video
    We will prevail. Molon Labe. Trump 2016


  4. Shela says:

    I have had the same problem with Breitbart and Constution rising-Rick Wells. When I pull ANY news article up the pop-up cover the article. I have set my settings to stop pop-ups but it doesn’t help. I shut the site down clear the memory pull articles back up and once again a pop-up saying you won a free iPhone click here. Usually I just turn phone off because you can’t X out of site it is froze on this. Your only option is click to win phone or X out clear memory and start over. I never can get on the site. I finally just give up. I noticed last night the pop-ups were preventing me from reading Allen West. I didn’t try to hard to get passed the pop-ups on his site b/c I’m begining to get a feeling he’s not on my side. The side of the people. What is right and honest. I’m beginning to get a check in my heart and head about him. I don’t think he’s a Donald Trump supporter. As his men began to fall as Trump Swatts them like pest i.e. Flies he might run out of false prophets and sheep in wolves clothing. He just might get on the Trumppublician Train! Kinda enjoying seeing what he’s going to say as each one of his man falls or gets caught cheating, lying, stealing. You see …Allen West claims to be a Christian. Yelp. That saying absolutely true. If you are a professing Christian people are watching your actions. Even other Christians don’t just take you at your word. We are watching. Hear that Ted Cruz, and remember all of you incoming, when Donald Trump picks his cabinet we will be watching you! I’m not saying you must reveal your religious beliefs, but you must do what is morally and ethically right. What We The the people want!

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