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Why is it that each Trump rally looks larger than the GOP convention?  BECAUSE IT IS!

Trump has a huge audience every where he goes and I am glad to hear he is now warning everyone at each rally of the dirty negative ads the other candidate’s super PAC’s are running about him!  So while the devil’s minions spew their hate ads, Trump supporters are growing in YUGE numbers!  The establishment and the  E.P.A. is shaking, because the Trump is going to undo the evil mandates on coal, carbon emissions, and all the evil lies it has written!  The people cheer because THEY FINALLY HAVE A VOICE – WHAT TRUMP WANTS IS WHAT THEY WANT!

Dianne Marshall



  1. The reasoning stated here is SPOT ON ! It IS – IS – all about “We the People” and NOT the agenda of the party. We’ve had enough of that because it does not work. We want IRS reform, welfare reform, welfare fraud punished, jobs, border security, Social Security stability, TERM LIMITS, Veterans and homeless before strangers, and other such needed actions to improve our deflated economy.

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    1. Tim says:

      Well you allll should have supported rand paul then. Trump is just a talking head saying what he thinks his constituents want to hear. The guy is the corrupt game in politics that’s why he can speak to it so well.


      1. GeneZ says:

        He is just saying what they want to hear? Do some YouTube research on videos done years ago. Trump has always seen the problems and vocalized them. Oprah on her show once asked a younger Donald Trump is he would ever consider running for president. The audience was in agreement. He told her, “no.” She asked again. “Ever, Donald?” He told her.. ” I would only if it got so bad I had to.”


      1. Blake, your another idiot liberal troll! Your opinion doesn’t mean Shit. Which is all you have for a brain! Sorry, but your gonna have to get a real job when Trump wins. No more freeloader scum like you!


      2. Carol says:

        Blake, Mr Trump isn’t a racist, where in the world did you get that? He is against people being on welfare when they could work. Against fraud, against foreigners getting benefits, while our military goes without . Racist ? NO!! JUST WANTS TO PUT OUR COUNTRY BACK ON A FIRM FOUNDATION.

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    1. remember, tell ALL of your voting age friends to make sure they get out and vote for Trump on voting day. Tell them to tell all his friends to tell ALL of their friends to vote for Trump, and so on. You get the picture.


  2. PJ says:

    Wow, I’m so afraid for Trump. He needs to watch his back 24/7/365. Think about it. Trump is a threat to the elitists’ New World Order, the North American Union, the global warming fraud, their undermining of our 2nd Amendment, the confiscation of our weapons, the slow burn of our Constitution, Obamacare, etc etc etc Making America Great Again is in direct contrast to what the elitists/progressives/communists/dumocraps have been working on for decades — the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” into a third-world, government dependent country. They want to control the masses, take away rural land ownership and move us into compact cities, micro apartments, stack and packs! There is no way the left is going to let Trump interfere with their progress. Be careful, Trump!!!

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  3. Renee says:

    The Zio’s are running terrified of Trump. The knives are coming out and The Zio owned Media will try to crucify Trump. We MUST tell everyone we know just who is running the show and for Global Dominance in hopes one day to make all free citizens of the world none more than slaves.

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  4. The Republicans lied to us. They said we need the House and do we gave them the House. They then said we need the Senate and we gave them the Senate only to be lied to again! The establishment is extremely corrupt and Trump can not be bought off unlike those others who accept bribes while selling out America!

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  5. I saw him last fall here in town, and his crowd was probably 4 times or more of the crowd that came to see Ted Cruz. He is saying things that people want to hear, and things that folks have been talking about for a long time now, like why aren’t the Republicans doing what they said they would do, and why are we letting all of these illegals stream across our border, and on & on. What good has the establishment done since they got both houses?? They are not representing us, only themselves!!, and there doesn’t seem to be that much difference between the Democrats and the establishment Republicans! People are sick & tired of it!


  6. Josephine Durso-Pinzel says:



  7. James MacDonald says:

    It’s real simple why he’s the best choice for President…He’s not a politician he’s not in anyone’s pocket he has only one agenda to get our country back…Out of the hands of a dictator and terrorist….He is the only hope we have to get our country back…If elected he will make immedeat changes to get us back on the right way of doing things….No he won’t get it all done in four years that’s why he will serve two terms in office….Go Trump Our Next President…


  8. Janet Hudson says:

    I want to see Donald Trump get into the White House because he is not a politician. He is a great businessman and that is how our country should be run. Like it is a business, he is the CEO and he has to answer to the Stock Holders (tax payers). He also knows how to play their game and he plays it well!!! And he can beat them at their own game!!!


  9. Finally a voice for the people and you can bet the media, the establishment Republicans and the donor class want to shut him up. God Bless him for loving this country enough to take the abuse they are throwing his way. I pray the people always know that he is on our side and wants to make America Great Again! Be prepared for the mud to come out of all the mouths of the career politicians with their adds from their super pacs.


  10. We the people want Mr Trump! are government has lied to us over and over! They do nothing! Mr Trump in one day skips a dum debate and raised over 6 million! Mr Trump loves the vets and wants to help the American people! All the corruption and congress does nothing ! They all just line their pockets! Sick! American people have been shit on for too long! Voting for Mr Trump He cares ! Be Brave like Mr Trump! Take back America! God Bless !


    1. Trump has never been for Common Core – he has always said education needs to be local and Common Core is gone when he is elected. Super PACs have been lying on his key issues. He hates Common Core. And he hates mandated vaccines!


    2. Sandra says:

      That is another media lie. He was talking about Jeb’s position on common core and the media is like vultures on anything they can grab a sound bite from and try to make him look bad.


  11. Chris Morris says:

    I pray everyday for Trump’s victory as POTUS. It blows me away that only one person wants to help our people first as in vets, homeless, protect our rights, fix the economy. Every nominee should feel this way. God bless Mr. Trump!


  12. Sal Vizzo says:

    I know that Donald Trump is my voice to the NWO People. They have hurt America since the end of the Reagan Era. America has gone down hill since then. Donald Trump is the salvation for America. The establishment has hurt America Badly!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. richard eddings says:

    This is the total truth. Politicians have got to go. They have destroyed our country. Now, even the Republic party is afraid of Trump, because they won’t be able to control him. These people are no better than what we have. Wake up America. No more Democrats. Unless you want our 1st and 2nd Amendment erased.


  14. Blenda Richter says:

    The kingmakers both from left and right are out to get him because they have realized by now that he would be very hard to control. Like JFK was and that’s why they offed him. Trump told them:

    “I’m in a different position than the other candidates because I’m the one candidate…I don’t want any of your money. I know why you’re not gonna support me, you know, you’re not gonna support me because I don’t want your money.”


  15. james says:

    most ot the americans in this country are fed up with things that don’t work…and that is our politicians ,,,,,,,,,,they don’t listen to the people that voted them in office …….and when that happens its time to vote someone in to try and fix this ………..10 trillion more in debt with Obama and nothing has changed ……..matter a fact it has gotten worse…..they lie about the enemployment rate and the jobs created ….they lie about everything and the mainstream media sucks it all up and are right in line to get paid ..that is how they exist


  16. Thomas Evangelista says:

    Trump is not a racist.. he just want’s people who are not here legally to become legal.. and he would welcome them with open arm’s.. and if your talking about letting a million Muslim’s in our Country being Racist.. well I guess I am a racist too.. I don’t want anyone in My country who’s religion say to kill and rape.. let them bring that back to Islam.. Our American Veteran’s are in the street Cold and Starving with no place to go.. but they come in our Nation take the free ride then think they can change our law’s and our school’s with this shit.. Not going to Happen Trump…2016

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  17. Randy says:

    I’m not able but i sure want too help Get Mr Trump elect ed President i do know one way is that i will be casting my Vote For Donald Trump for President TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN


  18. Renee Blythe says:

    The more the media and establishment talk trash about Trump the more it fires up his voters! The media calls us blue collar uneducated disengaged simpletons. SO….we are going to show you how DISENGAGED & SIMPLE we are by voting TRUMP to the White House! Let’s see who has the last word!!! “We The People”


  19. Kelly Wolford says:

    Why do I support Donald J Trump?

    I followed Donald Trump for 40 years! I was an entrepreneur! He was my mentor from afar! I succeeded from watching his success, and avoided the mistakes that he paid dearly for. Even though we have never met, I know him like the back of my hand, and he too would know me!

    He KNOWS everything STARTS in our youth! He understands the Government Stolen School Systems are indoctrinating, confusing and dumbing down our children! No more Bush’s, “No child left behind”! No more Obama’s, “Common Core”, that most candidates want to keep! Education is one of the FIRST Departments he wants to kill and send back to the States! He doesn’t want bureaucrats that simply get rich, teaching our kids while we spend money MORE money educating per child than anyone in the World, and lose to 3rd world Countries on intelligence levels!

    He has a privately owned business! He knows what the free market is all about and knows that in order to leave his own children with a chance to continue their success, he MUST save the free market, or the Government will OWN everything! In order for his children to succeed, America must succeed! America must work so they can afford the fun and luxuries that he and his children’s Companies offer!

    He wants to repeal and replace Obamacare with a free market insurance that forces insurance companies to compete across all 50 states! His plan takes the 3rd party government and expenses out of the mix, while reducing the premiums in a competitive market! You choose your plan! You pick your Doctor! You save on premiums! Yet he is also SMART enough to realize that the truly poor must have insurance too, so he will work with hospitals and negotiate rates in order for the government to pay for those that are unfortunate and cannot afford it! The savings will be more than the website alone that Obama’s friends got rich on, and received 5 billion for.

    He wants to keep the 2nd amendment as is in the Constitution, in order for Americans to protect themselves from a tyrannical Government and media! JFK and Reagan both tried to warn us of our Government! Yet 30-50years later, there are still many that just don’t get it, and it’s all plain as day now!

    He puts Americans first! He has exposed that our Veterans and truly poor are not being cared for, while we are spending billions on transporting refugees here and showing illegal aliens exactly how to come here and collect welfare. He has exposed that our College grads are still jobless, yet the politicians still want H1B visas to bring foreigners in, to take the very jobs they have degrees for!

    He wants to save the Christians and the founder’s intent of “Freedom of religion”! Nowhere does it STATE “Freedom FROM Religion”.

    He has a tax plan that is PRO GROWTH that will not take a MAJOR act of Congress to change, and will expose the very greedy rich 1%, and make them pay more, while NOT taking away from the poor and middle class! Not only will it create jobs, it will also create MORE revenues that the so called experts fail to mention! All they want to share is the income revenues compared to current markets and number of jobs! With more jobs, there will be more supply & demand, and less unemployment, and increased revenues, which in turn will create even more jobs! The adults will be able to move up to higher paying jobs, opening up minimum wage jobs for our high school and college kids for extra income while in school, and learning responsibility and starting their own life’s and careers! And this does not even include considering the corporate inversions that currently keeps money out of the Country or the trade deficits that we currently have now!

    I have MANY more reasons but I think this post is long enough already, so I will finish with this!

    If you LOVE America and your freedoms, you will vote for Donald Trump! If you LOVE the Government and the Establishment and want them to control everything and take away your freedoms bit by bit, vote for an establishment bankrolled Politician! I’m voting for Donald Trump!


  20. Carol says:

    I think DONALD TRUMP is the man for the job. We can’t do any worst – well maybe we can – Jeb Bush or hilarious Hilary Clinton. I pray they don’t get a nomination and definitely the vote.


  21. Rex says:

    I am a skeptic by nature. I am especially a skeptic when it comes to politics. Politicians are like diapers, they’re full of shit and need to be changed regularly. I also know that Trump is not a politician, but a business man. However, because I am as entitled to my opinion just as much as everyone above. Personally, I am reserving my personal endorsement right now. Do you remember 2008? The rallies that Obama had were phenomenal, just like the one’s Trump is having now. He promised change and fundamentally transforming this country, which is the only promise he’s made that he’s kept. This country and world is controlled by special interest and by the elite that control the money and everything. They shape the opinion of the people by what the entertainment industry puts out, and by every other means. It just makes me wonder if Trump is just another person who knows that the American people are pissed off, and he knows just what to say and how to push the people’s buttons and it works. So, don’t judge me just because I cannot endorse or stand behind either party Republlcan or Democrat, or any candidate. I don’t believe words, but I do believe actions of what people say and then do! I know that what he usually says he does, but here’s to you, let’s see and wait. Just remember, one man, the president is a puppet by the powers that be.


  22. Ril says:

    At first I voted for Carson because I wanted an intelligent outsider that was beholden to no one when this is all over – except the AMERICAN PEOPLE! Now I am on board for Trump because the more the WRONG people fear and hate him the more I trust he is the right man for the job!


  23. Dan says:

    Lets get rid of all tolls, red light cameras, speed lights and all the porkbelly projects those traitorous politicians and corporate thieves use, to rob us using government to help steal our money, which are just a tax without representation and an infringement on our right to free movement.


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