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While other candidates are paying millions to have so-called experts write super PAC ads and promos, Trump Supporters have out shined all the millions by writing and producing campaign ads from the heart for the man who has their voice.  One of the most remarkable truths that cannot be denied is the wave of support Trump has from the people! Experts are shaking their heads and asking why?

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None of the other GOP candidates can pack a room like Trump did in Baton Rouge with 11 thousand inside and 5,000 outside who could not get in….Super PAC donor millions can’t buy the American people!  This election is not business as usual – this election is about saving America!  There is only one who has boldly stepped forward to make  America Great Again – Donald J. Trump!

Dianne Marshall



  1. Marlene Jeleniewski says:

    I think some of what the media was trying to control backfired and the people are talking back and saying NO, not what YOU want, he’s what WE want! Something about Cruz and Rubio being pushed so much and the gaffes the media created against Trump did it…we are fed up with being spoon fed and lied to. They went too far. The trust is broken with Fox too….

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  2. Shela says:

    Standing strong with Trump! 🇺🇸 2016 🇺🇸

    Was sorry to read that the Oregon Liberty Alliance rally with over 1700 people no one was there for Donald Trump with boots.
    Michelle Malki. Trashed The Donald over eminent domain. shouted out Donald Trump for president and Michelle proceeded to bash them with Donald Trump was for eminent domain. NewsWithViews did a story on the rally about how the plan is to accuse Donald Trump of their own sins. So sad. No job could be worth lying on a man, destroying our military, killing thousands & thousands on foreign land, Bengazie, destroying America. Even destroying America for their own children and grandchildren. All to be president. I’m sorry folks the price would be much more than I would ever pay. How can this many Americans be brainwashed? I simply don’t know. Those in my own family that are brainwashed are those that believe alternative media are all Enquirer Rag news, believe America has to have a politician as president and refuse to do there homework. Just sit brain dead in front of world news every night letting them feed their brains with lies, read local newspaper as it reinforces the lies. Refuses to listen to anyone else’s opinion who have done their homework. They will fight you to believe the lies. I got plenty of them in my own immediate family. I have heard over & over you been reading that enquirer stuff on the Internet again. Apparently there’s plenty in other families out there also. You Makes you want to throw-up-your-hands. But this is just way to important.

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  3. Skylyrk says:

    Kudos to Mr. Trump for taking on this responsibility and for taking time away from his own businesses to make America Great Again. The news outlets don’t get it, the “experts” don’t get it….why. It’s really very simple, we (the people) all of us, are tired of letting the media and politicians make decisions for us that only serve the entitle, elitist, and “professional” people who think we do not have intelligent thoughts, or can’t understand the complexities of “the world”. We understand just fine, and we don’t need to be spoon feed lies, self-centered opinions that are not in our best interest. That’s right (a collective ‘our’) as in we the people. We need someone, many someone’s apparently to run our government and to stop playing politics and trying to divide us racially for political gain. All self-interest. I used to respect fox news for the simple reason they at least reported the news…all of it and one could at least know what was REALLY going on in the world, and could form our own opinions about things going on. It has become crystal clear to me anyway, that the the “elites, experts, and professionals”…translation: all those in high-paying jobs with 401k’s and fancy houses, you know…a lot to lose if the economy fails. Oh heavens, that might mean you have to live like the rest of “us”…we the people. I lost my respect for fox news recently, I still watch to know what is going on, but when I see Megan Kelly in her first question try to demonize and belittle a man over some off-the-cuff reactionary comments made long ago in conflict with someone who was provoking him, is not a newsworthy story, or the most prominent question I could think of right out of the gate to ask a candidate. Followed then, by Judge Pirro who also tried to get her “gotcha” moment with Mr. Trump by trying to pin him to a prior statement when circumstances surrounding the statement were clearly in flux and subject to change or modification. It seems to me that Fox News has it in for Mr. Trump as well as the Democrats and his running mates. Why, you ask are we the people voting for outsiders (Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump)? Because we want our tax dollars coveted, and not wasted. We want our Veterans taken care of the right way, and we want them to be honored above all else. We want our children to have better lives than we did, and to not have to struggle….with the deficit, our children and their children will be burdened their entire lives if nothing changes. Politicians have proven they can’t do the job we expect of them, they don’t work together, they don’t even take the write proper legislation, and to even read it before voting and enacting it. We are tired of being told everything is beyond our comprehension, or so sensitive that we aren’t to know all the “secrets” of what goes on behind the scenes. Newsflash, we’ve been seeing what’s going on in all the scandals that plague the current Administration. Spying on citizens, news reporters, initiating racial divide for political gain. Yes, we do know you all (government and media) are not rendering the truth, and we are all sick of hearing all your “talking points”….do you even realize how repetitive the narrative gets when you hear the same points over and over. We really don’t believe them if you repeat the narrative more, really we don’t. We just think, are we paying for that? Kind of like the Benghazi fiasco…all lies for political gain. And everyone knows the reason those people died and we left on their own, because someone deemed it ok to sacrifice a few Americans to not start a war on his watch, and so he could get re-elected to continue the downward spiral of our pitiful common lives. Oh we must be just a big ole thorn in your side, you’re heads must spin just hearing a common person speak or express any thought process at all. After all, you must do everything for us in all of your superiority, right? Bridges to Poverty, we are just dumb-dumbs that need you to show us how to live and how to spend our money. It’s the right thing to do for us poor unfortunate common people. Those bible-thumping, gun-toting rednecks….yes, that is me, and I’m proud of it too. Just think this dumb ole country gal, has no formal education. I’d hate to be uncommon, after all, my life doesn’t revolve around my pocketbook 24/7, my 401k, or other investments, because I don’t have anything to lose. Life is pretty good, when you have nothing to lose, it’s kind of like being a foster kid left in “the system of good intentions”….there is one thing I do know, you can’t motivate someone or hurt someone who has nothing to lose. Kind of like a foster kid, we the people have nothing to lose by giving a hard-working business man a chance at making the business of government work for the people for a change, instead of the people getting raped by those who have been entrusted without our best interest, our money and our well-being. We’re not willing participants anymore, we want REAL change, common sense, we want a businessman in the big house who can’t be bought, can’t be under anyone’s thumb. We are not stupid people, we just prefer a more simple lifestyle, that doesn’t mean we are willing to give up our GOD given rights, our liberty, or our hard earned money for bogus and frivolous things. We are not the charity center of the universe, we need to take care of our own before we can help others. And no one wants a trojan horse in our midst. I say that anyone that votes to allow terrorists in the country needs to have them camped out at your home, under your watch. Seems fair to me. We need to come together as a people, and a country. There is good and bad in everything in life, you can’t judge one person by another, but you can’t be stupid and take on the worlds problems and force them on everyone else. We the people didn’t sign up for that, and that is NOT who we are as a “people” We, the people, want our country, our traditions, and our security to live our lives in peace back. It will take someone born of hardship to know hardship, I believe Mr. Trump has or does know what hardship is, and how to turn it around. Unlike the “experts, elites, professionals” you must know you’ve created your own special class of people….one that wishes that the common folk didn’t have a say. Mr. Trump tells it like it is, and it is beyond your comprehension to see things for what they really are, the bare, raw reality of how you all marginalize common people and take our thoughts and needs for granted. You all think you can choose for us, and that your decision making is far superior….well, it’s not. We all have brains, hearts, minds, and hope, hope for a better country and to live our lives in peace. The more you all try to discredit Mr. Trump and/or Mr. Sanders in this election, the more entrenched the voters will be. We’re NOT taking it anymore, we are tired of being lied to and taken for granted. We are not who you want us to be, we are each unique and have our own contribution to make to society. We don’t want corrupt establishment politicians for our leaders, we want to change what the word “politician” means, as it stands now it is a very derogatory term. WE THE PEOPLE

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  4. Shela says:

    Skylark, you said it well. You have spoken the heart of the working class. I can not even call my family middle class anymore even though husband and I have collage education. What we used to call good jobs, we are also retired military. Wages have been frozen for 5 yrs. our gov’ts rejiggered on our retirement benefits. Pretty much gone back totally on the retirement healthcare benefits. (And we all know your out of luck with the V.A) hoping we stay healthy at least till 65 yrs. praying that we still have Medicad by then. Now I hear on the News that it is a projected plan to cut retirement pay by 20% how can these crooks sit in Washington and decide on our life’s so heartless? As they make high dollar paydays living in houses you & I can’t even afford a magazine showing us peasants how they live in such luxury. If I ask everyone on this blog they would say they do or have in the past worked jobs as hard or harder, hours as long or longer than any of these elites. I know everyone would say yes. We have worked hard long hours. They are getting rich off the population. AND THAT MY Friends is why they do not want Donald Trump. That is why we ain’t seen ugly yet. They got this plan. It in all these TPP agenda 21 actually more plans with numbers and letters that I can’t even remember them all. NRA TTITA I wonder if they even remember? The bottom line is to strip us of all out rights, all our freedoms, all our retirement, our constitution, our religious freedoms. We become dependent on the government, they have total control as they watch us dance to their tune. And they get more powerful, riches beyond our wildest dreams. These politicians are so power & money hungry, they have absolutely NO plan to give it up and Allow a honest election , allow we the people to decide our next leader gear up we are in for a huge strong power struggle fight. We are in for a fight the likes nobody has ever seen! Be perparing for lies, deceit, slander, it is spelled U.G.L.Y they will fight to the bitter end. They got their rich, rich, power, power utopia on the line. They been planning for this, dreaming about this for years now. There greedy evil eyes with salava ouzing out the sides of their mouths. They are hungry for this power and money. All those that are fighting so hard have been given the honor of being major player in this dream utopia. It’s close, they can almost touch it. AND there dam well not letting go. WE. THE. PEOPLE. Will have to hire legal help and literally take our country back by force! You see they think it belongs to them. After all they have used a phone & pen and got away with it……
    You know the unspoken rule by thieves………
    If I got it in my possession, if I make all decisions about it and nobody stops me, well in 2 weeks it becomes MINE! Folks put on your armor! We are in for the Battle Of Our Lives!


  5. Diane says:

    I love Donald Trump. He is not afraid to stand up, and call out the liars and traitors. It won’t be business as usual with him in our Capital. That frightens those who hide under the rock in the shadows. Donald will make our country great again!


  6. I hope we don’t let any of our Republician Senators confirm a substitute for the Supreme Court with the passing of Antonine Scalia. We have just heard of his passing and even before we have had time to grieve for him the dummies are already looking to confirm a liberal Judge to the Supreme Court. We are loosing our VALUES America and we need to wake up, grieve with those who grieve and not let the dummies do any more damage to America. Christians need to stand up, be counted and raise a standard against the forces of darkness. II Chronicles 7:14 ” says “If my people who are called …..
    Hey Christian – when was it that you took some time out to intercede for this nation, pray for our politicians, etc. I Tim: 1:7.


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