Seriously, How Can Ted Cruz Supporters Defend This?…


3 thoughts on “Seriously, How Can Ted Cruz Supporters Defend This?…

  1. Shela says:

    I was in one of those same type religious groups for about 20 yrs. although I was apart I was a-part. Never could see exactly how the people could interrupt certain scripture as they did. About 15 yrs. ago I left that type belief. I do know that till the Holy Spirit opens their understanding no one can convince them even with scripture any different. I never believed the way that group believed in lots of ways but convinced myself that nobody believes everything alike. Most of the people don’t study for themselves they believe what the pastor says. They are really into prophecy. They will go 100’s of miles to attend a meeting where a known prophet will be speaking. So if Ted Cruz recieved a prophecy that he is the chosen one… Well, good luck telling them different. You can show them all kinds of crooked things he’s done and they will say God’s not done with Ted Cruz yet. He’s still on the potters wheel. He is working And reworking him till he is right for the job…… I do understand brainwashing.
    I posted in December of the difficult struggle I was having coming to grips with the 100% brainwashed job done on the military. 25 yrs. we served thinking we were helping people. We were told It was a humanitarian mission because cruel leaders were killing, starving ect… There own people. We were told we were going over there to fight the rebels b/c if we didn’t one day they would come here. In order to keep our homes & schools thousands of civilians, children from getting killed we must go over there and take down the cruel leaders. We wondered why in some of these countries the locals would throw rocks at us. Didn’t they understand we were there to help. Now I see…
    I just learned in October 2015 reading alternative News that we were there to topple there government and install the leaders the U.S. wanted. Same as we are trying to do in Syria. Yes, those people are different than us, but we were not invited by Syria to help them. … I said that to say don’t be too hard on those religions b/c it’s brainwashed in them. Just had a friend who is still in that religion whose sister died of breast cancer 2 weeks ago. It didn’t have to be. She knew the lump was in her breast for a long time. She was believing for healing. What do they say when someone’s not healed? Their time is in God’s Hands. It was her time to go to heaven.
    And look… We went to those foreign countries to fight so it wouldn’t come to the USA. Look what we are doing. We are letting thousands of pretend refugees, military fighting age men into our country. What we were supposedly fighting to keep out. We have opened our borders and our government has thrown out a welcome mat.


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