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Scandals abound….while the real scandals go unspoken.  The real scandal is the lies behind all the establishment corporate funded super PACs.  In the midst of it all someone recently wrote about another great idea.  That was the idea of having all the legislators in Congress, the Senate, all the way through the entire Obama administration and cabinet members to take drug tests?

Why not they said, the little guy has to take a drug test to work for their businesses?  They all have to show they are clean.  So, what if we the people who hire these people ask them to do the same?  Start now and any who don’t pass the drug test, well…they will lose their job just like any little guy in the work force. Rehab will be encouraged, I’m sure.

It is a novel idea and one that would obviously never make it pass the congressional floor.  That would be for a reason.  Wonder what reason that would be?  Just for fun, can we the people push this to be done?  Is it even possible?  Or will we hear from Ryan et al….”THAT’S NOT WHO WE ARE!”?

Can we at least have our 2016 candidates take a drug test?  Could we make those who fail to one pass leave the race?  If so, I wonder how many would pass?  On a side note, I also wonder how many big bankers and wall street guys would pass?  Just wondering.

Dianne Marshall

BOMBSHELL: Jeb Bush Drug Scandal REVEALED! This Changes EVERYTHING!


  1. doubledenvy says:

    Uh Oh ! ” If you want to hang out , you got to take her out , cocaine. If you want to get down , down on the ground , cocaine. She don’t lie , she don’t lie , cocaine.” Jeb , listen to me , “If you got bad news , you want to kick them blues , cocaine. Jeb , momma can’t help you now.


  2. phil fan says:

    Did I miss something? Is this connected to the supposed big announcement from Team Trump?
    By the way what ever happened to tweet about “Cruz” that was supposed to come out after NH primary (via Breitbart writer)?


    1. doubledenvy says:

      Roger Stone new book on Jeb Bush. Now I know why Stone left Trump , to work on his own , that way he could bring forth this expose on Bush Family. Co-authored by St
      John Hunt ( son E Howard Hunt) Ole man Bush ruined both parents, after Watergate Dad was a plumber Mom was a bag lady(money laundering). If MSM would cover Bush and Clinton family crimes

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  3. Shela says:

    Anyone in United States Military have to take random drug test. Never know when. The day the person brings you the lab test paper you get up right then follow the person to the lab. The lab has a person who goes in while you do your thing and watches start til finished. You are watched till it is turned in. Good for one branch of government, good for ALL government workers!


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