Cruz is not the man he says he is…he is the man his actions show he is.  He is an establishment donor backed puppet who pushes the sustainable development goals for the 21st century.  The same sustainable development goals that the Clinton Foundation raises money for.  He is one of those that come into office on the republican ticket and acts like he is a conservative and a bunch of other things …so many things.  It just depends on what state he is in or who he is talking to.  He is like a chameleon that changes color on what ever he is attached to at the time.

The biggest Cruz loser is the State of Iowa.  They are now shamefully trying to rebuild their state reputation.  Cruz went in like a traveling minister touting conservative values along with his endorsee who turned town halls into Schindler’s list, even crying and begging threatening to vote for Hillary if you don’t vote for Cruz.   After shaming voters with fraudulent mailings, lying and blaming CNN for his own ousting of Carson, he took his bows and left like a bat out of hell.

The Iowa people are left with the aftermath shambles created by both the Cruz campaign and the Hillary boondoggle of coin tosses for Bernie’s win, with 90 precincts still uncounted. No one is talking about Microsoft….Rubio is just a surger.

The results can be seen by the winners in New Hampshire.  No body likes to watch the cheating, voter fraud, and under handed back stabbing they witnessed in Iowa.  No one good that is. The biggest fraud and disservice was committed to the people of Iowa who didn’t get to cast their votes fairly.  This has been a historic event. Hopefully they will redeem themselves in the general election by not allowing their state to be trashed the next time the repubs and dems decide to crash their own party’s.

Dianne Marshall



  1. phil fan says:

    I think Cruz duped the Iowan voters and stole Carsons voters while Rubio was awarded unwarranted votes from who knows where. But Iowa should clean up their ridiculous caucus system to allow Everyone to vote

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  2. Marco’s shady team jumped on the “Carson is out” bandwagon immediately and rode it for everything they could get. They pushed it out via Twitter too. They should be tarred and feathered the same as Cruz’ shady team.

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  3. Cruz was asked after getting caught in the Voter Shaming, before we learned of his dirty Ben Carson trick. Remember, the tactics CanadianCruz has employed are the same of Establishment, RADICAL, #EndJustifiesTheMeans Alinsky Obama rules,. Rule of thumb, do or say anything. That’s why folks even believed Obama was proLife. Sell it, that’s all they care about. If called out on a bad act, either apologize or ask for forgiveness (Rubio) after the fact. Because why? You still did what you wanted, and then you appear humble and sorry for your actions. They’re not, it’s just another TOOL.

    Cruz ended up apologizing for the public Carson shaming on TV. He had to then. But when he was first called out for his Vote Shaming Mailers in Iowa, what did he say? “I will not apologize for using any tool to win”. Rule 1, End justifies the means. Also shows how UNCHRISTIAN he is.


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