3 thoughts on “Regardless Of The New Hampshire Outcome The Establishment Republican Party Needs To Be Destroyed…

  1. phil fan says:

    Excellent article by Sundance, owner of the Conservative Tree House also know as The Last Refuge. He really lays out all the history of betrayals by the GOPe leadership, McConnell, Boehner, now Ryan , etc who have the nerve to call themselves “true conservatives” and question Trumps legitimacy. These people are evil and would destroy our country for power, fame and buck. They must be FIRED!


  2. Both the Republican & Democratic establishment parties should be demolished. Bernie Sanders is in South Carolina with none other than the evil Al Sharpton. If blacks stand behind him, they will have the results in America as what obama did to their race. They don’t even realize that the group BLM group is ran by black muslims. They could care less about the race factor. Their first & foremost agenda is their muslim/islamic faith. This group will take the black child or adult if bullets start flying & pull them in front of them to use them for their shield. There are going to be more blacks dying with this group than in history. obama has already set them back 50 years. Al Sharpton & BLM will push them back to the time of slavery.


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