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Candidates have smugly chided that they wake up every morning and laugh at Trump, his supporters and silly side shows. THE FACT IS they all wake up every morning and look to see what Trump did and each try to mimic it. Every key policy issue now adopted by the other puppet candidates were the very policy issues Trump spelled out the day he came down the escalator at Trump Plaza and announced his presidential run.

Trump is the first candidate to ever have exposed the establishment elite donors and how they own their candidates, he is the only one who has ever educated the people on the inside way the political process works and exposed the tricks the media plays challenging them all to their face. He has been the hero of the people and the proclaimed side show of the establishment elite.

The other candidates fail for one big reason.  They are looking at people as human cattle.  Poking and prodding trying to figure out how to make each get up that voter ramp to vote them in so their donors can continue their slaughter, all in return for some coveted limelight. To the establishment elite Trump is merely a bull that needs to be dehorned, for he is dangerous to their plans and ready to gore every ramp they have built!

There is only one man who can do what he has said he will do that man is Donald J. Trump!

Dianne Marshall




    1. They would sell their families for money & power. That is the reason the political system is in the shape it is in. That is all it’s about. Nothing else. God has finally said, “Enough is enough”. The muslims/islamic & obama & michele has mocked Him. He is bringing out warnings & giving everyone a chance to turn to Him before His wrath comes upon them. He doesn’t want to loose anyone.

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  1. Shela says:

    We must pray that God does it now! Not many years from now & we read in history books of our fall.

    🇺🇸 Donald Trump 2016🇺🇸
    The year Americans said , “Enough! We Are Not Gonna Take It Anymore” !!!!

    Donald Trump is only one man, he needs our help! He is using his own money, his reputation is being slammed left & right, he’s putting his life on the line for us. You & me. Yes he wants a future for his kids but he wants one for our kids too. ( ever wonder why Hillary doesn’t want one for her grandchild, what about Cruz’s 2 daughters or Rubio’s 4 children. The Bush’es grand’s and great grand’s.) have they all been promised a life time of utopia in Oz? With unicorns to ride and rain that is skittles. With a pot of gold at the end of rainbows. ….
    Are they selling out there own children and grandchildren for promised money and power? Politicans listen up! when you are no longer needed by the puppet master for their plans they will throw you under a bus! No one believes Hillary acted alone in the blotched Benghazi do they? No way! Those orders came from the top of the chain. If she goes down (and she will some how some way. Her masters will take her out. She knows too much) it will be after the threat she poses of singing like a bird. Vipers you are all pawns! They need you to do the dirty work.
    The Lord would ask you vipers, “What good is it if you gain the whole world but you lose your soul?”

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  2. Watched Chris Hayes on MSNBC tonight. He was interviewing 2 muslims who is in the muslims civil rights group. You need to watch that. It was a blessing to me. Trump is doing a great job. They are afraid of him. She was calling Trump all the muslims names in the book & he was laughing at him. So glad I watch that & hope all Americans watch it. I believe it would change many people in to voting for him.


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