I swear this election is a liar contest.  I’m not sure if I can even remember where it began?  Nor do I even want to try.  It is ongoing.  Never stopping and only escalating.

campaign birthofmodernpolitics

The media lies, tabloid lies, social media lies calling people liars when they are told a few truths, it’s crazy.  Watching the candidates lie in advertisements and smirking when they are caught only apology is – that’s politics if you can’t handle the lies I throw at you how are you going to handle Russia or Iranian leaders?  The real clown show is the media, the pundits, the acts the super PACs create, and the donors.  They are the puppet masters making their candidates dance on the stage and the ones changing the bags on their liar IV drip.

If you had a friend that was a habitual liar, how many times would you ignore it?  Would you trust this person?  Would you think this person had a problem? Would you trust a habitual liar with your check book?  Your most important thoughts and goals? Why on earth would we even consider putting someone in the most important office in the land when we know they are dishonest and a repeated liar? Especially when in our everyday lives we would not trust a known habitual liar as far as we could see them.

hillary 12160-info

Bearing false witness is truly a problem.  It can destroy innocent lives, and harm others. I’m not talking about little lies here, like when you tell some one you are going to a restaurant for lunch and you secretly have another reason for going there. (that’s a lie) Then you get to the restaurant and it is packed and everyone yells -“SURPRISE!”  Your friend punches you  on the arm and says, “You stinker, you lied to me.”  Well that is a good lie.  A little one.  The problems come when it harms others, or when it becomes repetitious and no one will trust you anymore because you can’t really tell the truth.

The real problem is no one wants to really discuss this because in politics lying is what most do. I respect not answering rather than lying. That is good. And no one wants to point a finger because almost everyone has told some sort of exaggerated truth or down right lied at one time or another for whatever reason.  No one wants to be called a hypocrite.  But, I’m throwing all that off to the side.  Someone has to. I am just sick of hearing lies all the time.  Telling a fact about someone’s past and how you feel about it – is not a lie.  When hiring a president you need to look at resumes and character.  Let’s face it when you get caught lying in an interview…odds are – you won’t get the job.

In an election where you are voting for someone to run for office, why is it we always allow politicians to lie, and when we know they are lying and call them out, they still get away with it?  Or as liars do, they call you the liar.

I had thought the seated president had taken the prize for most repulsive liar that I could no longer listen too. Then, lo and behold, along comes another public figure that could be his clone.  That one is Cruz.

cruz unethical1

After watching the lies, voter fraud and deceit that transpired at the Iowa caucus, I was floored at the complete Punch and Judy show taking place -it was the most disrespectful display of what not to do, I had ever seen. And what Cruz deceitfully did to Dr. Carson in Iowa, smug with no remorse, showed me that he has no heart at all for people, nor conscience. It was bad enough listening to the Cruz/Beck liar road show in Iowa, and his smirking and gloating in his whining voice.  But to know that he is capable of things without heart or ethics has entirely made him untrustworthy, let alone far from presidential. It is scary to know that he even holds a senate seat. I have watched the man lie to the face of others and say it was your fault.  When I read his ads that lie about others, or watch his commercials that do the same, it has become so repulsive for me to even look at him let alone hear his blatant grandiose fabrications and memorized log lines.


It is one thing to defend oneself, it is entirely another to secretly, devise plots with others, full of lies and deceit to destroy.   There are many such stories in the good book.  I recall, God always has a way of dealing with them in the end.

win trump 522427346

It is very telling when we can see historically the ones who are lying. Then we see the only one telling the truth is the one all others are lying about. That one is Donald J. Trump, and that is why he has my vote.


  1. The lying and the condoning of the lies is beyond imaginable — but the one lie that is consuming me lately is the lying called election fraud…Why even do all that we’re doing if the enemy is just going to steal it from us in a computer program and call their lie the truth…Talk about a lie that hurts others…Whooooaaaa!…..And so I wanted to just ask Trump Supporters to listen to this podcast called “An open letter to Donald Trump”. —– (aka) ” Trump Must Challenge Secret Computer Counts in NH & SC”

    Copy Paste this whole link below and you’ll find it. — see menu tab on “Election Nite Gatekeepers”

    It outlines exactly how the GOP will attempt to steal OUR election from Trump and the American People through ELECTION fraud. The guy has been working on this since 1988 and he knows what he’s talking about.

    From what I’m learning -I realize that its a long shot, and maybe a pipe dream, but with a candidate as bold, real, and popular as Donald Trump (whose willing and able to CLEARLY SAY the things that need to be said – at the perfectly timed moment) And with his supporters ready and aware of their schemes – we could stop this TYRANNY just this once and foil their UNBELIEVABLY EVIL plans. See for yourself, but it looks likely that they have rigged our elections for decades – and I say its about time that we at least TRY TO STOP them.

    He has the evidence and the solutions and he’s reaching out to Donald Trump as we speak (and its likely that Donald knows much of this, and may have even known before he chose to run) But WE MUST KNOW – so that we’re ready and able to come out strong, quickly, united and educated (at the precise moment) and turn back the lies that will come from every direction if anyone dares to expose their crimes, and break their treacherous game. We’ve got one shot at this. And most Trump Supporters know that we will probably not get another one. God help us and God Bless the American People and His and their chosen leader – Donald J Trump! IJN!!!

    And God Bless Donald Trump and the American People with a GREAT VICTORY tonight in New Hampshire. That’s so big, and so bold that the schemers will be unable to alter or steal this GREAT VICTORY from The AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! Thank You! In Jesus Mighty Name! AMEN!!!

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    1. phil fan says:

      Great post Jack. I posted that link over at the Conservative Tree House as there is much concern there about voter fraud also. Like you many are rightly very worried about these lies, fraud and how deeply our system is corrupted. I add my prayers to the millions who ask God for His help and mercy on us.

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  2. Thank you Father for bringing all this to surface for the whole world to see. You have allowed these candidates & obama’s evil come to surface to open up the American people’s eyes & heart. I pray they take the disaster & open up their hearts & minds to receive the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  3. Edward Scanlin says:

    The Republican Party and its acceptance of the lies of the Bushes and Cheney is responsible for
    the state of our acceptance of lies and liars. We have protected the Office of the Presidency to
    a point of disaster. They are thieves, liars an scoundrels that have robbed the World of over three trillion dollars…….and so far… they have got away with it.

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