Trump is the man. While all the others just passed on by getting their cues right, one man stood out.  The real “GOOD SAMARITAN” Donald J. Trump  made sure, Ben wasn’t going to stand alone this night.

That’s the president I want.  No one left behind.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Cooki Harmon says:

    People can say and think anything they want to about Donald Trump but one thing is for sure, he is a man among men and very caring and classy. What they did tonight on the entrance of the candidates was so disgusting, Dr. Carson standing there and no one calling on him. Trump was a true gentleman and stood with him….I’m so proud of him and pray so hard that he becomes our next President. We will once again have a grown up at the helm!!!!!

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  2. phil fan says:

    Missed the debate due to huuuge time difference here (overseas) and just saw this replay others are talking about. Yep must agree Donald has real class and compassion on display here. Great to see him stand up for Ben.

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  3. That’s why People We Need Trump, The Others Were So Rude To Carson, As They Passed By, And Yet Donald Came Through For Carson, This Was An Awesome Moment For Donald, He Truly Is A Great Man To Be President. That Shows He Has Compassion For His Fellow Man, No Matter Who They Are.

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  4. I love to see Trump standing with Ben Carlson, Trump is so compassionate man and caring i wish the people won’t hesitate to vote for him. That’s what the type of man we needed for president he is caring and helpful. I hope you guys are standing by him Trump. I like Carlson too. But i want Trump to lead our country and bring this great country to a right direction. So Americans vote for him he will lead us to a right direction like the Lord God Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our. Amen praise the lord help Trump to win the general election. Thank you.

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  5. Shela says:

    I just read a article posted at Newswithvews the writer wrote on, What A Leader! What leadership qualities Donald Trump showed American people when he saw the confusion of Dr. Carson not hearing is named called out to the debate stage. Donald stood back like a gentleman to ease Dr. Carsons anxiety. Then to stand back when Dr. Carsons name was called out on the stage & his was called as he was still walking out. Donald John Trump showed leadership by not taking any of Dr. Carsons entry moment away from him. I think many people on the other side have leadership qualities, confidence, and down right manners confused with narcissistis. After all it’s been a long, long time since Americans have seen a real leader. I miss the Reagen administration more with each election. We need leadership for American, not destroyers.

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