Once again the trolls are out.  I have several Cruz-bots who appear to be desperate to make sure that The Marshall Report shuts up.  As well as the other good sites like The Conservative Tree House, Prntly, and Red State Watcher. As was posted the other day. What day is it now?  Gee they all seem to run together in this crazy campaign full of fraud, lies, and now what is more scary…the real cult like people who viciously go after others instead of just writing about their candidates in defense.

Writing in defense is one thing…going on pages and trolling is like walking into some ones home uninvited and smacking them in the face, then running home fast and pinching your cheeks so they are very red then shouting – look they smacked me- ON BOTH SIDES!

Well….this person in the screen shots below is a Cruz supporter, and a Christian.  So it is what it is.  Apparently she is out to do some sort of her idea of the “body of Christ” work for Cruz against innocent people.  I don’t fault these Kool-aid drinkers.  I fault the Beck’s and the Cruz themselves for perpetuating the lies in the name of God type of encouraged hassling.  It is a shame.  Very shameful.

Dianne Marshall

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Those who have read the original article “I’m Counting The Pot and Pans Now” know that what was said was not a “news flash” it was an opinion piece stating options…and what ifs?   Just beware that information and articles that are smears are floating out there in numbers. If you are a Trump supporter and have these people on your sites…beware.  They are there to troll.

11 thoughts on “TROLL ALERT!

  1. doubledenvy says:

    Presidential Primary Reality Check Alert: I just read this at Lame Cherry Blogspot , titled “Crooked Cruz Crooked Clinton ” . Rated R – “Intellectual Nudity”


  2. Diane, this comment is not in response to this particular post. Just a question. TPP was signed today by the obama administration in New Zealand. I found it on the last refuge site. I learned a lot about it from you( especially October 26, 2015) I also took to heart hal Lindsey’s recap on his show and website. Now it’s law and I don’t know what to think, or when, or how the direct treachery of it will take its chilling effect. One thing I do know is that Donald will fight to undo it if he’s elected and may be able to accomplish it. But if he’s not ( which could only happen through fraud since he is widely and wildly loved) it will likely become permanent US policy and the way i understand it is that it will ( by some means) supercede our very laws ( and thereby freedoms) by an overarching set of laws and governing entity. I’m more than a little lost and uneasy about it and just thought to write this to you to kinda offset my fears in the moment, and just put the question out there hoping that you might have some thoughts on it.( Or other Trump Supporters of course) Thank you Diane and all Trump Supporters and God Bless Donald John Trump!!!!!

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    1. I KNOW…while we are in the middle of political chainsaw massacre part 8….the deal is signed by New Zealand amidst protests against it in their own land during the signing. Signatures are all in place, even Cruz’s Canada. But, now they must get approval from their parliaments, and we from the house and senate. You are right we are screwed…as I don’t see our Ryan leading the way with Jeff Sessions against it. Pray that it does not pass…if it does we indeed are no longer a sovereign nation no matter what Cruz and ilk might say. Oh..yea…Cruz is against it now…maybe he can poison pen it somehow? It is TPA he was for. That only led the way for TPP. Once that is going and people start placing their stakes in every state it is dibs on America…I can hear it now…”Mine…No Mine…I was here first, No I was!” Then add to that the Cruz or Rubio Cuban presidency and it’s Ann Coulter “Audios America”. Never the less, if we do get a Trump he can pull us out of the agreement with congress and the senate and hopefully out of the entire UN and their new world order and all of their sustainable development goals. We would then be America land of the free and proud owner of a constitution that forbids the unthinkable predicament we are in now…because no one NOT EVEN OUR SO-CALLED CONSTITUTIONAL EXPERTS gave a dam when in office about stopping any of this.

      And of course Cruz-bots will once again call Dianne Marshall a liar for saying what I just said. Smile.


  3. In the midst of the chaos and unspeakable treachery, I find your message refreshing and even laughed once or twice. I’m gonna start right now and find me a congressman to call. Maybe I can find one who agrees with me… In New Zealand or Soth Vietnam or Tibet or someplace like that. It could be a long night. So good to hear back from you! Thank you!

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  4. I was originally registered as a Republican & some years I didn’t vote because there was no one I trusted or believed. I have since then changed my voter stat to Independent so I could vote for either party. I am so happy I did after seeing what I saw this election period. Voting for a certain party because they are Republican or Democrat is not smart. I am ashamed of what both parties are doing & that they call themselves Americans. Hilliary especially, since she has admitted that she helped obama with the laws he is passing. I am sure she advised him about the Marshall Law so he could make the decision about what happens in our country. So she is another obama. I believe people who were for her finally recognized that & decided to go with the other candidates.


  5. Thank you Dianne!!! The videos are amazing and I’m only half way through them! Is Sessions the only representative we have left that is for our Great country and people. It seems so. And I do have to figuratively hold my nose while watching Cruz – or more true to my style – peek through the fingers of my cupped hand over my eyes like when I’m watching a scary movie. And frankly this is scarier than a scary movie. And I chose cold milk. And it was good. Smile.

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  6. Merienne Lynch says:

    Thank you so much for the warning about trolls. Anyone for any reason even a little supports Cruz I block them even on face book. I work as many hours as it takes to promote Trump and follow everyone I check out and see truly follows him.

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