I KNOW…while we are in the middle of political chainsaw massacre part 8….the TPP deal is signed in New Zealand amidst the shouts of protestors who are against it. Signatures are all in place, even Cruz’s Canada. But, now they must get approval from their parliaments, and we from the house and senate.

If you are thinking…what the? You are right, we are screwed…as I don’t see our Ryan leading the way with Jeff Sessions against it. Pray that it does not pass in the house and senate…if it does we indeed are no longer a sovereign nation no matter what Cruz and establishment ilk might say. Oh, yea…Cruz is against it now…maybe he can poison pen it somehow? Do a filibuster or something? Or maybe even just miss the vote? After all, it is TPA he was for. That only led the way for TPP. (Are you seeing how he works yet?) When caught it is always, I was not for that, I was for this. Then when “this” is exposed, it’s “I was deceived McConnell (or someone else) lied to me!” That becomes this, this becomes that, then someone lied, blame, then this again and that. He is an angel.

Let me point out an excerpt from an article written in 2013 (link below):

“… to get the TPP passed, Obama needs “fast track” trade promotion authority (TPA) that he doesn’t have. Can he get it?”

Yes he got it, and remember Cruz was all for it and still is. I just hope folks are starting to see his sly moves?

Once TPP is going and foreign markets start placing their stakes in every state it is dibs on America…but first – we must pass a law and give all the land back to the states….this will lead the way for those interested in mining, minerals, and other resources they can now boldly step forward without all the trickster type hassles and merely make their deals outright or sue the government for breach of contract. I can hear it now…”Mine…NO MINE…I was here first, NO I WAS!” Then add to that the Cruz or Rubio Cuban presidency and it’s Ann Coulter’s “Audios America”.

Never the less, if we do get a Trump he can pull us out of the agreement with congress and the senate and hopefully out of the entire UN and their new world order and all of their sustainable development goals. We would then be America land of the free and proud owner of a constitution AGAIN that forbids the unthinkable predicament we are in now…because no one NOT EVEN OUR SO-CALLED CONSTITUTIONAL EXPERTS gave a dam when in office about stopping any of this.

Dianne Marshall

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  1. There isn’t anything obama does now that can’t be changed later. So people shouldn’t be worried about that. We can go back null & void everything he has done for the past 8 yrs. Since he did not go by America’s Constitution, there is nothing he can do that will prevent that. It is all just a piece of paper & can be used to light the fireplaces in the White House. The only legacy he is leaving anyway is a great lesson for the USA. It woke up the Americans to be vigilant of who come into this country & who they are voting into office. His demons will not stay either. They will be shipped back to Syria.

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      1. I agree. What is he hiding? Oh wait, I guess we already know. I have felt for months now that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With his dirty deeds in Iowa and now this, I don’t understand how anyone could support him even if he were a legal citizen–which he isn’t.


  2. Thank you Dianne for this great article! And also thank you sggreer6673 for your brimming with optimism comment. Very beautiful. Makes me think of the Donald! Always strong…always believing!
    I was so moved by Trumps strength/ optimism when I first started following him in his campaign, that when I heard he sat in church pews under the teaching of Norman Vincent Peale, I went and ordered three of Norman Vincent Peales books – and they’re phenomenal. For me he was truly ahead of his time in the way he believed, handled and taught the Gospel. Donald was filled with these ideas early, and they abound all around him today. Its wonderful really. A couple of months ago, Donald said to some interviewer that when he was in church as a boy, he didn’t want the sermons to end because they were so great. You don’t hear that every day. That was enough to influence me to want to hear what Norman Peale had to say, and I get it now! And I’m pretty particular about who I will let expound on Jesus and Christianity to me. The Gospel is called the Gospel of Grace for a reason. Thanks again!

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    1. In the mid ’70’s I was very young and found his book and I loved it. In the late 70’s I was a positive thinking book junkie and had the chance to hear Peale at a convention – it cost $25 to hear him and a few others. At the time that was a lot of money for me. Imagine listening in person every Sunday? Combined with Billy Graham whom Trump has also spoken highly of and mentioned attending his evangelist sermons in New York was his two favorites and mine too. I often felt that for our time, Graham was the spirit of Elijah for our generation. He sure made a huge difference in America. Or so I believe We are witnessing prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes. These are the days of Elijah.


  3. I was also so into church channels…then when their teachings began to be so far away from what my Bible was saying (all but the warnings of false shepherds) I started banning certain ones….then it all became a big telethon to give right now or God will punish you type of thing…..I was appalled, then the evangelical scandals became prominent around 2003 I was done. I try to listen every now and then and when they start their own junk I have to turn it off. To me, the evangelical vote doesn’t say much. Mega churches like Joel Olsteen (may have misspelled his name but don’t care) aren’t teaching God’s word…they are teaching their own version of it. IMO.


  4. One day (around 2007) I was looking at all the Bibles I had (a lot of different study Bibles with different commentaries from those like John Hagee, Scoefield, Master study Bibles, etc., Greek Septuigent etc. Then it dawned as me as I looked at the shelf….”Why are these men putting their names on the Holy Bible? Why is this titled the John Hagee Bible and copyrighted? No body can reprint any thing within this book under copyright laws? It was then that I shook my head. I never read their interpretations at the bottom they are not always right. They lead a reader to their way of thinking always. I let the Holy Spirit lead me. There is only one commentary book that I enjoy reading to see if their clarification is in line with mine. That is the Patrick Henry Commentary. He was born in 1662. He devoted his entire life to his commentary and died in 1714. He had no modern day influences of many things that are very skewed. I love reading his insights as he was writing not long after the King James Version was first released in 1611 (one generation away) at a time where the Bible was being revealed to the world after the years of not being allowed to read it and the colonies were forming in America.


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