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If I were just starting to look at this election it would appear that Trump was running on his own party all ready.  He certainly isn’t being called the front runner or being supported at all by the GOP. He is being slammed as an afterthought that both parties must now destroy in order to win.  WOW? What ever happened to supporting the party’s front runner? That has NOT been in play from day one.

So what can be done?  Run the course…expose the fraud?  Let the people watch all the fraud, all the underhanded tactics.  Save every piece of GOP underhanded tactic….which is a long list so far, then when the GOP and DEMS finish their voter fraud, watch them either call their winner or have their brokered conventions.  Then what?

It will be at that point (or before…I’m sure he is now) that Trump will have to assess the unfair treatment that is blatantly obvious. His choice will be to give up (which Trump never does) or run third party as an independent.

The other side of the coin (since coin tosses are all fair in this election process) is that the people will demand hand ballots, a fair and balanced counting of the ballots and the real winner shall emerge fairly – the choice of the people.  If that is done, the people can accept the outcome.  If not….only time will tell if America sits back or it they rattle those pots and pans.

I have been going through mine and counting.  I found a nice one from Iceland.

Dianne Marshall




  1. Diane darlin’ – we love your posts & share them as quickly as we get them (Bob & I are BOTH signed up for emails) but I think you mean assess, not access – I’ve noticed it in several of your messages – keep up the good work!

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  2. She/la says:

    I lived in keflavick Iceland for 2 yrs. beautiful place. Those are some strong and determined people that live on that small ocean island. Their strength is unbelievable. I found my pot and a large spoon to beat it with! On a serious note: step # 1. Prayer
    Can someone tell me step # 2… ?

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  3. We are no longer Republicans we are Trumpublicans. How on Earth has the party not gotten behind a front runner with this kind of lead? It has all of us waking up to just how deep the corruption is and just how bought and paid for they ALL are not just the candidates but the party leaders. The way they have treated Trump has been disgraceful but oh so telling. They don’t care about what the voters want at all, or the party..they only care about status quo and kickbacks. I believe they would prefer a D because they can still be part of the system and still get their money. The RNC would clearly prefer Hillary to Trump. Doesn’t that tell you something?? Why would they encourage Bush to throw tens of millions in ads trying to take Trump out? Where was their threatening phone call to him to knock it off because at this point he is only helping Hillary. Now Rubio comes out of nowhere with a ton of cash and the GOP trying to anoint him? Trump should take all that money he saved so far and put it all into lawyers at as many voting booths as possible because clearly if they can’t win it they are going to try and steal it. They think Trump is aggressive? Trump can’t hold a candle to how aggressive the majority of voters are right now in disgust over what we are seeing. If the RNC tries to pull ANY crap at this convention the R party is finished. Then you will see what aggressive looks like. WE ARE FED UP.

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  4. doubledenvy says:

    “He who hesitates is lost” , phrase derivative from Joseph Addison’s play ” Cato ” The woman that deliberates is lost” a Roman tragedy play based on Cato The Younger. My point is Trump is a committed person/patriot (IMO) , I saw him in Las Vegas , and for all the media and so called political pundits and politicians , that call Trump a showman or carnival barker , are jealous and just don’t get “IT”. Trump has the “IT” factor. People that I have witnessed in my lifetime had that had the “IT” factor. Whether I agreed or knew their background really wasn’t relevant. But I knew”IT” when I saw “IT”. People that come to mind : Billy Graham , Winston Churchill , George S. Patton , John Wayne , dare I say it , even JFK , Vince Lombardi , Reagan had it , I think Clint Eastwood has it. There is something that certain personalities have(and I am tired of being put in the category of a cultist , “Cult of Personality” , get out of here , don’t insult me anymore (read:Levin/Hannity//Limbaugh/ and the rest of you desperate wannabe’s and the rest of the Lilliputians -yes you can have all the listeners and money in the world and still be small , with have your brain tied behind you , to make it REALLY obvious how much of a tool you are). TRUMP had it Las Vegas , and I saw “IT” , and if you were there and had/have been listening , he has/ have been saying how he was going to fix “IT”. I know patience is virtuous , but , keep it up MSM and GOPe and The Independent American Party is just waiting for you all. I will not vote for any establishment candidate , anymore. Been there , done that. No more. Trump and then grassroots push to vote any incumbents out that Jeff Sessions says that need to be looked at or primaries. It is either now or never America , it is our choice. Carpe Diem …P.S. I love it , CNN doing outside Trump venue broadcast , with a attractive sock puppet and this dude in the background with a placard that reads in big , bold type “DON’T BELIEVE THE LIBERAL MEDIA’ …Classic . SMH LOL …

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  5. BlueSky says:

    “Outsiders” were peddled to the American public as a gimmick. It was a distraction to be dangled before our eyes, as they shaped this process to their hearts desire. They threw in “America is angry” for good measure. This was just a construct to building a stage for their puppeteering. Unbeknownst to them America WAS really angry. Unwittingly They gathered us in a cause from sea to shining sea. “Outsider” was a story line for their ulterior evil motives.
    Look today where “Outsiders” are two down and one to go. It is deceitfully cunning that two establishment candidates were preserved in the day of the “Outsider” . All the rest no vacancy!

    Their opus magnum was to market Cruz as an “Outsider” . Never underestimate the stupidity of Joe & Joanne average citizen. It was swallowed whole cloth without being reduced to bite-size pieces! I was baffled, how could folks believe that a fast-talking-evangelist-lawyer with truck loads of ambition was an “Outsider?? Indeed, it was brilliant and now we are here. Ben Carson gone , Carly Fiorina,gone. They didn’t count on this hiccup called Donald Trump, coupled with our genuine anger. I feel that Trump may have no choice but to run as an Independent.They thought they were going to squash him like a bug. He is impervious to Ortho insecticide. I am prepared to follow him what ever he decides and if he goes back to real life then I will not vote. And Americans will deserve each and every ounce of what is to come. I am that jaded.

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  6. So this Cruz bot takes my words out of context and spreads lies. Cruz bots do this all the time. This liar is now saying this,

    FINALLY! Dianne Marshall of the Marshall Report is speaking some TRUTH!

    It’s what we all knew: If the Donald is not treated fairly (in his own mind) then he is going to pick up his toys and leave. From the Marshall Report:

    “It will be at that point (or before…I’m sure he is now) that Trump will have to assess the unfair treatment that is blatantly obvious. His choice will be to give up (which Trump never does) or run third party as an independent.” – source (Dianne – don’t try to remove the blog post because I took a screen shot of it)

    Ah huh! We knew it, didn’t we? Better cast your vote for Cruz!

    So in the article I also said -” The other side of the coin (since coin tosses are all fair in this election process) is that the people will demand hand ballots, a fair and balanced counting of the ballots and the real winner shall emerge fairly – the choice of the people. If that is done, the people can accept the outcome. If not….only time will tell if America sits back or it they rattle those pots and pans.”

    Meaning just as stated if it is fair and not rigged…I and I’m sure others will accept the outcome. But, liars never include facts. They set out to lie and deceive.

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    1. phil fan says:

      We can safely assume Everything said, done and written out of the Cruz campaign is the opposite of reality. Manipulation, lies, projection of their own evil darkness onto others. These fine Dominionist “christians” are a cult determined to rule the world with “Ted” at the head of their army. They have a vast amount of money (Mercer, Goldman Sachs) and influence in the MSM behind them. As Phyllis Schlafly says these are the ‘Kingmakers’ and they want to anoint the Cuban as king. They are organized and determined. We are fighting a cult who wants to impose their system on us and on the world. These people are evil and dangerous to our freedoms.

      The RNC will not stand up to their ineligible Cruz and Rubio so I think they should be sued to keep off the ballot. The Dems will do this but we need Donald to head our party not ineligible impostors. Look at the damage one phony foreigner, Obummer, has and is accomplishing. Not again!


  7. Shela says:

    Ah ha! We knew it! Didn’t we? Better cast your vote for (Cuban) Cruz. Words in () are mine.
    Is that not the most redicules post you’ve read on this site ….. Ahhh w.e.l.l ever? Yelp, redicules!
    What pray-tell has given that poster a ah ha moment? Exactly what is it the poster has caught you in Dianne? For poster act as if they have uncovered a plot of some kind. O.k poster NEWS FLASH…….,
    This is a blog. O.k understand. Do you know what a blog is? Assuming you do. Dianne Marshell is the creator, manager, Owner if you will.
    Dianne is a published author. So this is a articles blog. News Blog. Film clips, Political, current events, humor. We are a family you could say on this blog. We do things like watch the debates together. The blog is work for Dianne but she seems to enjoy writing, researching, sharing the facts she has found. I truly enjoy her articles and I know I can discuss at the dinner table, lunch with friends what I have read here for it is truth. ……
    At the end of the articles are a place for the reader to post comments, those are our opinions. Sometimes we have a fact to share. The blog is a learning, sharing fun blog……,,
    O.k now…. Just what was it that you caught Dianne at? What gave you the Ah Ha moment?
    The Internet is full to the brim of Trash Trump sites.
    So this is a Go Donald Trump Site.
    So what was that plot you (you just knew it) and have uncovered?

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  8. Shela says:

    Dianne I know it is terrible to be lied about, to have you sentences taken out of context. Putting interpretation to your article, words, sentences that are inaccurate. I went and looked at the articles, format, pictures, with a fresh eye. You look good girl. The work here is not amateurish like the site the troll is from. Her site is put together very amateurish home made. This site has a professional look. Beautiful graphics. That is why your being hit so hard. It looks like Sculptured Taylor Sharp work done the way Donald would require of someone employed by him. What a compliment of your work. Now the trolling is sinfull. So honey if your a Christian you need to repent. For you are surely in sin. Listen up troll! If this were ( which it is not) but if it were a paid Donald Trump site I feel this is a question Jesus would ask you. What sin has this lady committed? Is it not lawful to have this blog? Is it not lawful to write about her candidate just as your doing about your canidate? And is it not lawful for her to research and write about the facts she has found? You do research and what you write against her canidate is truth? Right? For it is sin to write lies on a man. It is lawful for this lady to write her opinion on her own blog right? For she is making it clear when it is her opinion. You do make it clear when you write against this man that it is your opinion. Right? For not to do so honey is sin. This lady doesn’t troll on your blog writing hate or threaten You by screenshots as though you were somehow in contempt of court or something does she? You don’t do that to her do you? For if you do sweetheart that is called trolling. I’m very sure it’s sin. So let’s all be careful dear and respect each other and their blogs. You see this is Dianne’s Baby! Her creation. This is about the 2016 presidential campaigns. If someone were paying her (which they are not) but if they were sweetheart what business is that of your or the site your from? Answer me if you can.
    Dianne, You Go Girl! Your Lookin Good!


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