Wow…what an honor to be the one PAID by the DONALD to do the unveiling of the Cruz. I just don’t know who to thank first…I guess I will start with my Lord for giving me the conviction of heart and the gift of discernment. For you see as a child my Lord was always with me. I always prayed to him for help. He always showed me right from wrong.

When my mother passed away and I was twelve years old, it was the most devastating thing I ever experienced. It was grieving. I found a special place at the school…a set of steps that led down about 10 feet to the school gym. I would walk down those steps to the bottom. It was at the bottom that I would cry out my heart. It was at the bottom that I thanked my God for all that I had and asked him how to go on. It was at the bottom that he came to me, at the bottom that he lifted me. It was never at the top.

I humbled myself before I knew I never had to. It was not until I went to church that I was told I had too. For it was my church and man made ways that told me I had too. All that I ever had to do before was go before him and ask him to come into my life and lead me. As a child he did just that…before I knew a thing about how religion was supposed to work, nor a thing about what God is supposed to be. For you see as the scripture tells us in Jeremiah…he shall gather those who the false shepherds have led astray. More than that, the Bible states, “I knew you before you were in the womb”.

Now that was told to Jeremiah. But I know it also pertains to me. How else could God have known me…before I was told he loved me.? How could I have known he did? Unless he knew me before I was in the womb?

Dianne Marshall

See accusatory link here:



  1. Liza says:

    Totally agree with everything you said, except about MITCHELL. He often tweets tongue-in-cheek, which can be misinterpreted. I assure you he is 100% TEAM TRUMP, like you and me. He even works for Trump campaign in NC. He’s on our side!

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    1. I found that out and did a public apology. He forgave me and was aware that there were scant articles floating out there about him at times. He is a very good man. I never want to be found spreading a lie, only defending those who are being lied about.


  2. Hanna Schlegel says:

    Thank you! I haven’t even hardly smiled in days let alone laugh. That story of yours had me crying!!! It was wonderful and you are such a great writer:)) I can’t say I have not envisioned similar scenario’s, but I must say none of them had Bernie in them:)) That underwear drying thing killed me:)))) Thank you again:))

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  3. Liz Eisele says:

    Diane, I know from always reading your articles that you have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. It would seem to me that Geri Ungurean does too, but as far as I am concerned, as soon as I read that Cruz’s father was a Pastor associated with Benny Hinn’s wife, which means that he is associated with Benny Hinn, Giant Red Flags went up all over! Benny Hinn, and I am sure you know, is one of the biggest False Prophets, ministers, or what ever you want to call him that is out there right now. There are so many now to keep up with, but he certainly has been around for a long time. He, his ministries, along with his wife, and so many others are leading people far away from the True Gospel, not to mention the fact they are millionaires from telling them out right lies! This makes me even more sure that I would never even consider voting for Cruz for President! It also makes me wonder about the woman that wrote this article, and her idea of what Christianity really is. Remember the Bible says that even the demons know that Jesus is the Son of God, raised from the dead, and that he is coming back, and at that time he will lock them up in the place of torment. (Mathew 8:28-32) I have to stop because I could go on, and on, in a tirade about Hinn, and all the rest of them. So I’ll just say this: If I was writing an article to promote Ted Cruz, the last thing I would do is associate him, or anyone in his family, with Benny Hinn Ministries! We can just hope that this Truth goes around, because real Christian conservatives may have their eyes opened!!

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  4. doubledenvy says:

    Dianne I open your blog when I first , am waking up , punch my tablet and read , your blog sets the tone to my day. A observation I made while reading this morning , that during this campaign the semantics of words of communication , like “What is to be a Christian , a Conservative , an American”. The definition as defined by some in the media , politicians and our representatives is totally dependent upon the context in which the aforementioned “Labels”are used. Like the Holy Spirit that you experienced on the lower step , is the same that permeates all mankind , when one has the presence of mind to accept and realize , the Truth. All are capable , all is available , when one allows their eyes to be opened. Thank You Again , Dianne. “My Life is My Message” Mahatma Ghandi TRUMP2016

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  5. She/la says:

    I went to that site. As I read my stomach felt sick. Who are they, All knowing ones? Who ain’t got sence enough to put two thoughts together without help. They think no one else does either. Then I see Meghn Kelly is still trying to get some rating by having ole’ has-been ‘s on her show. Crazy bug-eyed Beck. He was talking of what Sarah Palin said about Cruz & King. Quote, “people will say absolutely anything these days” I just had to laugh coming from a man that has & does say anything to get on talking shows. Just way too funny! After the election do they think no one will remember how they behaved for a dollar? On we will remember but like now we won’t care. If you slithered away losin Cruz, dumb blonde Kelly , RINO Rubio, kookie Kerry, criminal Clinton, bug-eye Beck, Limballburg, add this last crazy job to the list, all of Washington Cartal we would never miss you certainly never care to look for you!

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  6. Discerning This Time says:

    Dianne, thanks so much for this blog. Whew! I don’t know how you do it! You’re a fantastic writer. The verse you mentioned in Jeremiah 1:5 is one that I think of often. That is the verse that helped me to see that abortion is wrong. “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

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  7. She/la says:

    Amen! We’re all a Army for Donald Trump. We have many squadrons out there. Intellectual Froglegs, Scorched Earth, just a couple I visit many a week. I really enjoy The Marchell Report. How you write so many has to be God. The talent and ideas amazing.
    Whoo hoo so glad it’s beginning to get attention. when something is meaningless you don’t bother to mention it. Why would you? You’d just be drawing attention to it. If you do mention it is to discredit because it is already getting attention and creditable. He showed his hand that time. Love this site.

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  8. Diane I am with You On This, I To Have The Lord In My Life, He Has Helped Me In So Many Things In My Life. I Try To tell People about Our LORD, and How He saved Me, And Its A wonderful Feeling To Know Hes With You At All Times. We Need God Back Into Our Life again, He Was Taken Out Of Our Country, And Our Lives As Well. And That’s why Its So Important To Get Trump in As Our President, Because He Will Stand For The Glory Of God In This Country,And Put Back The Faith, That The People Of Lost.

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  9. Shela says:

    Dianne, what is your opinion of Roger Stone leaving. Did it effect the campaign? My goodness! Sometimes when things get stressful we just need to go take a few deep breaths.


    1. doubledenvy says:

      Shela , I know you directed your ? to Dianne , but I am a YUGE follower of Roger Stone , he is one the good guys , calls it the way it is , very similar to President To Be Trump , but he fighting all the trolls daily for Donald Trump. For Levin to call out Roger Stone as a Nixonion taint on Trump was rich , considering Levin’s fawning over Ted Cruz’s campaign , where non-disclosure of campaign funding , electoral fraud in Iowa , staunch constitutionalist (now espousing a living free form constitution re: Natural Born Citizen . If there ever was a modern Nixon in the making it is Rafael Cruz and his organization. And finally , Watergate was George H.W.Bush , who headed the C.I.A. and his plumbers dosing , Nixon was no saint , but he did not direct the weasels to Watergate , with Bush , Haldeman , Erlichman Dean , Liddy and the rest. Nixon was guilty , guilty of not being able to reel in . these saboteurs. The same saboteurs that Eisenhower and Goldwater warned of. Roger Stone is always on Savage , Alex Jones Rense and at the Stone Zone. Just my 2 cents.


      1. It is obvious all the talk radio hosts in the GOP club have been told what to be said by their sponsors. If not…they don’t think like I do at all. Nor do they reason. It would have to be apparent that they are establishment owned or they do approve of it.


      2. Shela says:

        I heard Roger Stone tweeted out about how Donald Trump could only get 20 debate tickets. He confirmed what The Donald said during the debate. All tickets went to doner’s & special interest groups. So perhaps Roger Stone is still in Trumps campaign?

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  10. Shela says:

    I heard Roger Stone first time on Alex Jones and I detected as you say that “It” factor. I used to say they are people that walk with a big stick. Something about determination, walking with confidence. I know who I am & I wont be intimidated type person….. So when I read he had left the campaign I wondered if his departure would leave a big hole. I heard him promoting Donald Trump to Alex Jones way before Donald decided to run for president. In fact he converted Alex who was a Rand Paul supporter. Alex Jones later had Donald Trump on his show and is a big supporter now. I could see that Roger Stone had many of the same qualities as Donald Trump. Not at all surprised that they butted heads. Two forceful determined men. Wheeee. ….
    I believe I read Roger got flustrated over the Trump & Kelly bickering. Personally I have been concerned about it also. Donald Trump seems to be the type personality that has to have the last word. ( which is very good in politics & deal making) but in this case Fox News is being a cheep tabloid for ratings. Every time Megyn Kelly does a show she has people on there to bash Trump. Course she pretends it is the guest and she wants to talk about their new book or movie. Everyone knows they are on the show so Megyn can bash Trump without it seeming to be her doing it. They are not all that coy. Megyn is baiting. I am praying that Donald Trump does not take the bait, that he will move on with campaigning for president. He has exposed Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Megyn Kelly in fact all of the main-stream-media (which was a wonderful thing American’s needed to know!) Donald Trump duped them. Not only did he expose them, he got all that free publicity. He taught and educated all Americans. Now move on and let them struggle for ratings……..
    I am praying The Donald will do that, but he is Alfa-male, he likes getting the last word so it will be very hard for him not to get pulled in. It’s time to put his energy and mind on winning! Oh Gosh I know he gets weary everyone coming at him from all sides. He’s using his own money and make no mistake he worked long and hard for that money. It wasn’t given to him. All he wants to do is make America Great Again! And so many people are blinded. And others want to cheat!

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  11. Ive in no way read anything like this before. So good to find somebody with some original thoughts on this topic, really thank you for starting this up. this site is something which is essential on the web, someone with a small originality. valuable job for bringing one thing new towards the internet!


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